Archetype Cards Vs. Tarot Cards- Which is Best?

Are you getting confused between the Archetype cards and Tarot Cards? Well, we have provided the differences between both the decks in the article.

Archetypes are ancient, universal patterns of behaviors known as “collective ignorance” by Carl Jung. It helps to connect with sacred parts and leads you to achieve greater insights into your life.

In the context of tarot, an archetype is a recurring theme in society that can be seen in all human groups and societies. For example, a mother archetype we commonly see reflected in humans, in the form of a mother figure, the goddess archetype, the god archetype, and so on, are all archetypal concepts.

Tarot cards are a divination tool that has been used since the mid-15th-century in most of the parts of European countries. It helps us to get insight into our past, present life by questioning, drawing, and interpreting cards.

Archetype Cards Vs. Tarot Cards

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Archetype Cards

Archetypal cards are based upon the work of Carl G Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who is most famous for his theory of the collective unconscious. Jung believed that all human beings possess some sort of psychic energy or “archetype” that is passed down from generation to generation.

Archetype Cards
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Archetype Cards
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When a person encounters an archetype, their psyche transfers this information to them and helps them make sense of the world. With this in mind, archetypal cards are usually seen as a tool for self-reflection and warning rather than fortune-telling.

Archetypes Cards Meaning:

The word archetype comes from the Greek word arches, meaning “first, original, or elementary.” It refers to the image, character, or story of the template or pattern from which something is formed. For example, in psychology, an archetype is a deeply ingrained thought or feeling that influences our behavior and how we react to certain experiences. For instance, the idea of the mother figure, often associated with the mother archetype, may influence how a woman reacts to being pregnant even more than the actual experience of having a child.

Archetype comes with an original pattern and has a primitive image that was inherited from the earliest ancestors. These cards are created by the author Caroline Myss. It is an oracle deck. It comes with 80 archetype cards. Each card is illustrated to provide basic light and shadows. The deck also has six extra blank cards in which you can create your archetypes. The deck has a guidebook where all the instructions and information are provided to gain insight into your life.

Tarot Cards

The tarot deck is a deck of cards that depicts images that represent different possible future outcomes. The cards are based on the Roman pagans’ oracle, in which each card has a symbolic meaning denoting a possible future outcome.

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Tarot Cards Meaning:

Tarot cards are often used as a tool to assist in decision-making and help guide you through life. The cards are often used for money, love, career, and other things. Many people do not understand the meaning of tarot cards.  They are used to give the true meaning of the tarot cards to the reader. Tarot cards are fortune-telling cards also used as playing cards.

Nowadays, it has become very popular and is used all over the world. Tarot cards come with a set of 78 cards that are divided into two groups Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. The Tarot card has many decks. Each of the decks has individual functions. All the decks convey messages through images. One can get clear guidance through tarot reading. It is a type of cartomancy. Tarot cards come with a guidebook too that provides all the details.

Review of the Differences Between the Archetypes Cards and Tarot Cards

Archetype cards are one type of oracle card that provides the message of what is going on, whereas tarot cards provide messages by providing more details.

Archetype cards come with a different number of cards, whereas tarot cards come with 78 cards.

Also, Archetypes cards have an extra card, whereas tarot cards don’t come with an extra card; 78 cards fix it.

Archetype cards are independent; they don’t have any rules, whereas tarot cards come with rules.

Archetype cards provide positive messages, whereas tarot cards provide both positive and negative messages.

Again, Archetype cards help connect in our sacred part of our life, whereas tarot cards help give insight into our journey of life.

Archetype cards may contain messages through goddesses, whereas tarot cards don’t provide messages from gods or goddesses.

Archetype cards have their own functions, whereas most of the tarot cards are based on the Rider Waite deck.

We have all seen Tarot cards in-game stores, book stores, and a few strange places. The cards themselves have a very distinct appearance to them. They are different than your typical playing cards, as they generally contain a pentacle instead of a picture of a king, and are more often than not, dark in color. Archetypal images are, more often than not, found in the background, and most of them are found in the center of the card.

Despite having dissimilar functions, both the decks help to insight through occult practices.


So, we hope that you have got the differences between the Archetype cards and Tarot cards. Both the decks are used for divination purposes. Both cards are perfect following their functions. You can choose anyone according to your wishes.

Feel free to choose. Happy Shopping.

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