Autism Thrush symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Autism Thrush and yeast infections of various types are often the results of a bacterium called Candida Albicans, it is a bacterium that is found within the body naturally but an overgrowth of the microorganisms can have several harmful effects on the body.

Autism Thrush or Candida symptoms

Such attacks by Candida have symptoms and side effects like:

  • cystitis,
  • food and environmental allergies,
  • concentration and memory problems

Candida Albicans remains a reason for Autism Thrush in children and the disturbing fact is the incredibly small amount of people who know about the yeast infection and its effects, especially on autism.

Under normal circumstances, all human beings have this bacterium inside their body’s digestive tracts from birth which actually helps the digestive system and the intestines to perform their function. But an excess use of antibiotics can lead to the mutation of these bacteria and they become capable of permeating the mucous membranes in this mutated stage, thereby getting into the main bloodstream.

Causes of hypersensitivity of an autistic child

The results of this exposure of the bacteria to the bloodstream are related to the extreme allergic reactions and sensitivity of the body found in autistic individuals. This condition creates hypersensitivity among the autistic through food like:

  • citrus fruit,
  • milk,
  • corn,
  • wheat and sugar

These are all known to cause varying amounts of allergic reactions among the autistic over the years.

Thrush is a yeast infection seen in the form of white spots on the face in some autistic children; however, it is after quite an amount of research that the physicians are now considering the yeast called Candida as a serious reason for autism among individuals.

The thrushes may not be just simple signs of bacterial overgrowth, in fact, it can be the signs of the very thing that causes autism and therefore these are often called Autism Thrush. Immunosuppressant drug therapy and hormone treatments are also the reasons for the mutation of Candida Albicans; it absolutely thrives wherever there is an abundance of sugar.

As it is impossible to eat a one hundred percent yeast free diet, anti-fungal treatment may be essential and sometimes autistic children react very positively to such treatments. Since there are certain physicians who consider certain autistic children to be the victims of extreme Candidiasis, therefore anti-fungal treatment and yeast control can indeed help the autistic, according to them.

Dr. William Shaw observed that such yeast treatment has indeed resulted in improvements like decreased hyperactivity, stereotyped behavior, aggression and also increase in concentration, eye contact, and even proper vocalization.

Autism Thrush or Yeast treatment

There are about thirty to forty types of Candida, and the treatment may vary according to the type, but here are a few on the counter drugs for yeast treatment like:

  • acidophilus,
  • Caprylic acid,
  • colloidal silver,
  • garlic oil and
  • certain other herbs that are ancient in their use as a yeast killer.

Nutritional supplements with intestine-friendly microbes and antifungal medications like Ketoconosal, Nystatin, and Diflucan are popularly used against Candida under suitable conditions.

While looking for products that can rid you off Candida, you can check out this bottle of herbal, yeast treatment called ‘Candidate’, what this does is that it helps to balance the Candida levels in the body and also to maintain the pH levels at the proper levels.


The tonic is purely herbal and has no side-effects, in fact, it also works well as a digestive tonic that stabilizes the metabolism and curbs sugar cravings. The re-energizing drink can be given a try if you have someone with the signs of Autism Thrush or just plain yeast overgrowth problems as it has been specially designed to fight the mutated Candida.


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