How to Get Best Yaba Therapy in Bangladesh?

If you search for the best Yaba Therapy in Bangladesh, then this post will help you a lot. Yaba or Yaba (Pfizer) is a psychotropic drug manufactured by Pfizer in Bangladesh, a derivative of the coca leaf. Yaba is manufactured for its psychoactive and stimulant effects.

It is made using a process called the “Himalaya.” It is sold in the form of tablets, pills, extracts, liquid, powder, and syrup.

Yaba tablets and syrup are usually taken orally, while pills and liquid are usually snorted. Yaba powder is usually injected as a solution.

Moreover, Yaba tablets can be bought at the local market and also some online stores. The locals of Bangladesh use Yaba. The locals are mostly ayurvedic doctors for the treatment of their patients.

Yaba, a Thai word for ‘crazy medicine,‘ may be a recently emerged substance of abuse in Southeast and East Asia, including Bangladesh. The speedy rise of its popularity and use in the younger generation, particularly in affluent circles, maybe a great concern for the oldsters and society.

It’s estimated that there are about 4.6 million regular users of Yaba in Bangladesh, and therefore the number is increasing alarmingly every day.

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What is Yaba?

Yaba or Yaba tablets are a popular recreational drug in Bangladesh. The yaba tablets are made by mixing the plant Commiphora wightii with china wood and then drying in the sun. Yaba tablets are then crushed and sold in tablet form which is taken orally.

Now, a lot of people are concerned with Yaba Therapy in Bangladesh. However, there are many things that you need to know about it.

One of them is its history. In ancient times, Yaba was a popular drug in most Asian countries. However, with the decrease in the popularity of Yaba, people have started to use it differently.

In recent times, Yaba is used for the purpose of curing many health issues.

How Does Yaba Therapy Works in Bangladesh?

There are 2 types of therapy for Yaba. 1. psychiatric medicine and 2. psychotherapy or counseling.

A psychiatrist can provide suitable medicine for Yaba taking people after proper diagnosis and assessment.

On the other hand, professional psychologists can provide psychotherapy and counseling.

Sometimes the person with Yaba addiction may need to take a hospital or rehabilitation center to get rid of it.

Yaba Therapy in Bangladesh

Side effects Yaba

Yaba has longer-lasting effects than cocaine. This is because cocaine can be metabolized in the body more dangerously than methamphetamine. Effects produced by Yaba will be some side effects include:

  • Irritability and aggression
  • Decreased appetite and nausea
  • Hot flashes, dry mouth, and sweating
  • Harms to the blood vessels within the brain.
  • Increase alertness, wakefulness, and physical activity
  • Increased heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature.

On the other hand, effects of chronic abuse include:

  • Tremors
  • Hypertension
  • Hallucinations
  • Psychotic episodes
  • Paranoid delusions
  • Violent behavior
  • Hyperthermia and convulsions
  • Agitation, anxiety, and nervousness
  • Mental Confusion & memory loss
  • Psychosis similar to schizophrenia (characterized by paranoia, picking at the skin, self-absorption, and visual and auditory hallucinations)

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The Responsibilities

This problem should be prevented. But unfortunately, they will hardly find any answer. The departments of narcotics control, police, BGR, etc., either don’t work or/and even somehow are related to drug smuggling/business.

Consistent with the discussion with the concerned people like drug abusers, guardians, teachers, police officers, it’s clear that behavioral modification of the abusers isn’t enough to check the spread of drug-taking and drug traffic.

The concerned people gave the subsequent suggestions to regulate drug addiction:

  • Law enforcement should reshuffle the concerned administration. Culprits are hidden within the police, BDR, and narcotics control department must be punished. At an equivalent time, Authority may declare rewards permanently performance.
  • Leaders of social institutions should come to the fore to build resistance against drugs.
  • The NGOs can play an excellent role, especially in the awareness and rehabilitation processes.
  • Rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Mass education.
  • Stop drug selling without the prescription of a registered doctor.
  • Universities & Colleges got to do more to protect our young adults and educate them about the risks of illicit stimulant use.

Why is Drug Addaction is Increasing in Bangladesh?

Therefore, focused attention and resources should be marked for substance abuse. In addition, drug abuse may be a significant medical problem with extensive legal, social, and even political issues.

A person made tolerant to an outsized dose of narcotic is also cross-tolerant to several of the consequences of another narcotic. For example, to collect money for the drug, the addict often turns to prostitution or crime.

The bulk of drug victims are neurotic individuals who are mentally unbalanced. An average person does not tend to become a drug addict and is most unlikely to become one, even when all the facilities are available.

Hereditary factors, abnormal mental conditions, frustrations in life, anxiety, chronic tension, physical inability to try to employment, curiosity, etc., are some of the causes of drug addiction. Addicts fall into groups:

  1. those that are used the drug initially for some disease and thus have acquired the habit and
  2. those that use the drug for its narcotic effect alone.

The inability to discontinue medication utilization could also be due to either a desire for satisfaction or anxiety to avoid the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms or both.

Interdiction is that the country’s current main strategy for preventing Yaba use. But while ‘Stop the drug from reaching people’ sounds good within the air, if we glance to our own experience and other countries, the sole fair conclusion about interdiction is: It’s a failed premise.

The supply chain, availability, the addiction capability make it a destructive drug. So it’s imperative to place all options on the table to chop demand. The disaster that’s our ‘treatment’ regime comes from an unfortunate confluence.

In most countries, the quality of look after the white plague is outpatient care within the community. We might see 30-50 walk-in clients every week and send maybe two per month for inpatient rehabilitation.

So for a whole city, you’re talking about under 5 percent receiving inpatient care.’ For the overwhelming majority, outpatient care is preferable on various counts: it can reach more people, it’s less costly, it can employ more people, and, perhaps most significantly, it doesn’t remove patients from their community, their jobs, their families, and their social network.

In line with this, outpatient counselors and therapists can coach patients as problems arise in dealing with their daily lives.


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