Time management is a significant issue for everyone but especially essential for Christian people whose heart shows God’s love for spiritual or practical needs. If you are serious about managing your time intelligently but are confused about where to start, these 5 Christian time management books might be most useful for you.

God created time as a tool. We spend a lot of time using this tool. Christian time management indicates we will use time as God wants us to use it effectively. A huge amount of time goes to waste without any purposeful activity being accomplished in a person’s daily life.

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Why You Will Read These 5 Christian Time Management Books?

There are 6 reasons behind the causes of reading these books:

      • The 5 Christian time management books are basically for the people who want to value their time effectively.
      • You will be in control of your personal and professional life.
      • It will make you more planned and pragmatic rather than being impulsive.
      • You will be able to chalk out the schedule in an efficient way.
      • You will be highly focused on a time management exercise.
      • Fixing up your goals will enhance your day to day performance and routine.

1. Time Management for the Christian Leader

God gives us 168 hours a week. Some of us use this time efficiently, and others use it frustratingly. Sometimes time management for Christian leaders is very challenging to evaluate the goal. But proper time management practice can bring an effective improvement.

Christian Time Management BooksKen Willard is an author, speaker, coach, and certified church consultant. He discloses the ways of inevitable waste time in this Christian time management book. This book is important for all pastors and church leaders who want to organize their time and planning under God’s perspective.

In this book, you will get a step by step solution for time management. This book is very much enjoyable and easy to read.  Most importantly, this book is full of messages and very effective for Christian people and their lives. The quotes alone in the book are worth your pay for the book.

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2. The Richest Man in Babylon

This timeless classic holds all the keys to your success and beloved by millions of readers. This is the book that reveals the secret of personal wealth.

Christian Time Management BooksAll of the readers got countless help from the “Babylonian parables.” Here have all of the inspirational works, financial planning, and personal wealth. It is easy to read, and the language is as simple as the bible with a timeless message. These attractive and enlightening stories create a sure path of enlightening with joy.

This book is also effective for young people (14-25) because it doesn’t take up greed like think and grow rich. It simply teaches that you already have the capability to raise your prosperity from where you already have.

In this new era, this best seller offers an understanding of a personal and professional solution that will guide you in your whole life. This book will reveal your secrets to hold the money and making more.

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3. 15 Secrets Successful About Time Management

Kevin Kruse is a New York Times bestselling author who represents remarkable findings from his study. This book is highly motivating, with short sentences that can be easily digested.

Christian Time Management BooksKevin Kruse writes this book, which one of the bestselling books for time management. The author starts the writing with the idea of 1440 and the importance of being conscious of our 1440 minutes of the day.

This book is necessarily important for Christian leaders and also general people. Because you will learn how successful people use their time [with 15 secrets]. This is based on survey research and interviews.

The research samples were billionaires, athletes, students, and other 2000 entrepreneurs- including Pat Flynn, Kevin Harrington, James Altucher, Grant Cardone, Mark Cuban, John Lee Dumas, and Lewis Howes.

They answered the simple question, “what are the secrets to intense productivity?”.

This book comes with a set of fantastic downloadable reference links at the end of every chapter. So you will get free resources from these links.

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 4. Divine Time Management

Time is a precious gift of God when you use it appropriately; it provides valuable, remarkable joy and success. If you spend it unfruitful way with your daily obligations and expectations, you may feel overwhelmed, rushed, pressured, anxious, stress, etc. Also, it will manage your exhausted or empty feeling.

Christian Time Management BooksThe author Elizabeth Grace Saunders is an internationally recognized time management expert. She contributes to everyone by helping from busy mothers to business owners and corporate recorders to succeed in their lives.

She believes various apps, books, and useful methods can help to be self-disciplined, organized, and successful, but these tools cannot bring true freedom from the stress of dysfunctional time management. Elizabeth is often considered as “Entering God’s Best.”

This book will guide you to explore yourself, your identity, your relationship with God and others, as well as how to get a fruitful life. Elizabeth shorted every topic excellently with her personal stories, experience, and struggles.

She writes the book causally like a casual conversation with you, making the book easy to read and understand. So, this is one of the best Christian Time Management books.

With her longtime research and faith, she unlocked the power of Divine Time Management. When the traditional time management methods do not work, she discovers a transformative sense of peace by exposing God’s plans. Pursuing God’s wisdom in time management, she revealed that she could bring pleasure and success by trusting him.

Divine Time Management will teach you a path of deeper intimacy with God centered on trust in him, trust what God wants for your life, how to set priorities, biblical and personal encouragement to embrace your God desires, effective ways to take appropriate decisions, and proven time-saving methods.

God delights for his children, experiencing his best. Divine Time Management will help you to align your life with God’s desire.

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 5. Enemies of the Heart: Four Emotions That Control You

The book Enemies of the Heart is an influential time management book for psychological and emotional well-being. First, it was published as the name of “It Came From Within.” Pastor and author Andy Stanley says four invaders of heart: guilt, greed, anger, and jealousy. These types of emotions sabotage life daily and destroy our relationship with God and others. But Stanley assures the listeners have hope.

Christian Time Management BooksThis important Christian time management book for Christian stuff. In this smart, engaging, and popular trademark style, Andy Stanley examines where the powerful force comes from and discovers an effective strategy by overcoming healing and maturity.

This book is one of the teachers without being “peachy” and teaches the lesions that can make life more peaceful, happy, and lighter.

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These are the best Christian books on time management. These are also the best time management selling book ever. After discounts, you can buy all of these 5 resources only for $36 that is full of worth. A time management course also can be devised with the basic aim of gaining a stronger hold on your time.

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Where to Find Online Time Management Course?

A time management seminar is one of the ways to learn about the basic principles (some offer crash courses also). The best means to improve and be more productive with your time are online resources.

Besides, many web portals also offer time management advice for free and equip you with tools as and when you need them. These devices and tools play a vital role in a time management course.

How to Get Advice on Choosing a Free Time Management Software Solution?

You can get free time management software for free over the web, so why pay for it? The advantages of a free and online tool are overwhelming, but the only negative aspect is that you stand the risk of losing all information if the service goes down when using an online tool. So before choosing a free time management software, make sure that you have access to it at all times.

With an in-depth understanding of time management principles, you will be able to balance personal and professional life very smoothly. At last, I desire you could accomplish even more in your routine life.

Above all, these 5 Christian time management books will help you to relieve the stress and fear of deadlines. These books will help you when you want to identify areas where you are wasting time and how to invest that time in doing something fruitful.

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