Do Tarot Cards Bring Spirits? 6 Expert’s Opinion

Do Tarot Cards Bring Spirits: Yes. The tarot cards found in almost any shop are a dead giveaway that the store owner is a witch, fortune-teller, or even a medium to those of you who are accustomed to using tarot cards in your everyday life.

You are probably wondering why I am so harsh with this statement. The truth is, not all tarot cards are bad. The truth is, there is a difference between a tarot card deck and a tarot reader.

A tarot reader is a person who uses tarot cards to reveal the future to the audience and make a profit. A tarot card deck is when the person has no knowledge about tarot cards and can only use the deck to fake their

Tarot cards are a kind of prophecy, which literally means working with the spirit or your higher spirit. The ultimate purpose of the Tarot card is to qualify.

Tarot cards follow a huge almost Sanskrit and even spread into the mainstream of mystery, spirituality, curiosity, thirst, and some decks of the kind that each card represents.

What is a spirit deck tarot?

The Spirit Tarot is a great deck with various colorful images that evoke our minds in a higher level of consciousness.

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How to read tarot cards correctly to attract spirits?

  • When starting tarot card lessons, you need to be able to use the cards correctly and safely.
  • It is important to know the meaning and interpretation of tarot cards.
  • The best way to do this is to deck a suitable tarot for yourself.
  • When a newcomer first starts working on a tarot, the most helpful element is the tarot deck.
  • Tarot decks serve as guidance for you to use the Tarot Deck as a guidebook to learning all the different meanings and interpretations of the card.

Are tarot cards dangerous to attract spirits?

Tarot cards are never dangerous, but the definition is a bit different when it comes to attracting spirits. It involves both good and bad because where it is good, there is bad.

Tarot cards cannot attract evil spirits unless you tell them to come, just as using cards is not bad or dangerous. You can read the cards using your own (internal) power like any other tool you want.

If you think that reading cards can be dangerous for you or there is a risk of danger, using such tarot cards depends on your plan. As long as your motives remain positive and good, the results of using your tarot cards must be good and satisfactory.

I will also mention my 6 friends who are also experts and tarot readers. We’ll see what they say about the tarot cards that can bring spirits?

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1. Amit, 4 years as Tarot Reader

Yes, of course.

I will say, however, that it depends on the intuitive power of the person who is working on it. Let’s say you’re trying to read a simple tarot. You don’t know much about cards, but just put the book away and put certain cards away like death/devil or just thought they didn’t fit in your text.

Suppose you get a card, like the ace of cups or nine pentals. This will give you a beautiful feeling after reading the book.

Moreover, when you want to know a secret question or an important subject when looking at tarot cards, it may make you feel trembling, and somewhere you may feel that you have received some message because the reason is probably to get a third eye insight.

You have opened your mind (you may not be aware of it). But you can’t tell if the insight is valid or not and whether it’s from an angel or someone else.

So yes, spirits connect to the Tarot reader, and sometimes it is unbearable. So if you don’t want to go into such a thing, he should avoid reading Tarot himself.

I’ve been connected to many entities myself, and it’s tough to deal with. However, I was curious about spirituality and connected with many positive things, finally finding a way to get rid of negativity or get rid of the good spirit.

2. Lydie Cerantola-Eid,  The Hermetic Science Specialist (2018-present)

The tarot cards everywhere do not attract spirits but chant and make choices in a meditative place.

Most people will call you as a much higher power (“Great Spirit, God, Jesus, Universe,…).” They will only get better and tap/channel good things or your future; I’ve seen them go down regularly or Goes to a height that seems unnatural to me (to me).

  • My point: If it is a good thing and done properly, it strengthens you – your peaceful inner energy spreads the warmth that looks and feels.
  • Tarot is a tool, and like any tool in hand, it will express the person’s thoughts and attitudes – especially in cases where it is used as a prophetic tool.

So, what is the alternative to considering the Tarot as an incredible source of insights?

Either draw a card (it’s best to move it off the deck as soon as it changes) or use it with calculations for psychological evolution.

If you’re not familiar with it, it indicates your recurring patterns, your life mission/purpose, what gift or functional situation it gave you, what your quest is..! You always have 14 powers and you either surf them, or they surround you. You know what addresses to give when things are easy to turn and uncut.

3. Adrienne Austin

What might surprise you is that the channels open up to our own intuition when we use them to focus when entering meditation. We feel and even see things in our mind’s eye that amaze us because we as humans are new to learning about our skills and the amazing functioning of our brains.

We don’t think anyone needs a card to complete this access, but our effort to explain this natural skill is strange when it is a new experience.

Also, we can think along the lines of fear. We can get prejudiced. And then there is the problem of our ego, which can mean that we are emotional or strong, magical or vice versa, we are cursed or our going against God or under a bad spell or attracted to evil.

The ego is a liar that clouds our insights within itself. It creates our fear of exactly what our brains should do to keep us safe and lead us to happiness.

  • Cards are a great way to connect with yourself through symbols and beautiful images.
  • Owning more than 35 of my decks, the latest addition is “The Secret Language of Light.” It’s so beautiful!

Cards aren’t supposed to predict the future (although many try to apply them) but give you ideas for thinking about what you want to create in the future! They provide thoughtful food. They inspire, and even they can be surprisingly useful.

Don’t let your imagination ruin the fun or deprive you of philosophical thoughts that can help you grow as a person. When there is severe damage to the brain of the forearm or the forearm, it is strictly wired in everyone; sometimes, it takes a trigger to detect it and use it.

4. Wesley Poteet, 6 years Tarot /Intuitive insight into reading Oracle cards

Tarot cards do not instinctively attract spirits.

Tarot cards and other tools related to meditation, intuition, insight, and divination (e.g., tarot cards, runes, talking boards (ouja boards), tea leaves, screeching, etc.) do not attract in and of themselves.

You can manage them, own them, and learn about them as a tool, book, or reference material without fear of unusual or miraculous activity.

Tools related to divination and formality can follow the spiritual path of those who recognize such things in magical activities. These require training, understanding, practice, personal responsibility, and a clear purpose to effectively use magic.

Any impact occurs due to the handicraft, the amount of practice, the quality of any of the practices involved, and the practitioner’s intent, energy, and effort spent on learning.

5. Tara Suk, studied at Instituto Tecnologico de Santo Domingo (1998) 

Spirits are all around us. You don’t have to draw them. You become aware of their presence when you go into a meditative state. These forces can affect you during sleep because you can access the frequency from which you can communicate.

A negative mental state attracts the same, so it is advisable to stay calm and positive so that no negative spirit bothers you. Loving minds and hearts will ignore negative forces—a meditation on love and empathy.

A friend of mine taught me to read tarot cards 20 years ago. Lack of proper spiritual training can do more harm than good.

The problem is that you can anticipate possible future consequences that may scare you, but you may not be ready to deal with them. And also, no predictable wastewater cause future is set, but it depends on many factors. It can move from one moment to another.

Sometimes, I understand the readings after the reality because they showed things that I am not ready to accept.

6. Simon Fernandez has read and studied various systems of tarot since 2004

The Direct answer is No,

The cards are just cardboard and ink. The cards have no power; the power is in you. If you really want to attract the soul, you have to practice magic, and it is not so easy. But possible.

The church will make people believe that the Tarot attracts evil spirits. It’s useless. The Church has always had a vested interest in protecting access to the teachings of the Church. That is why it has taken centuries to suppress magic with repressive measures.

You can’t attract spirits with tarot. What a tarot can do is especially if you invest more in tarot, but you may have any mental problems ex some people interpret it as cheerful. But in fact, it is not.


Tarot cards are never able to attract spirits unless you decide to invite them. They will not be attracted unless you are reciting the Tarot to attract spirits. Tarot cards have no power of their own, depending entirely on the person who uses them to attract the soul.

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