Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Reviews

We all are human beings. As human beings, we have emotions. And emotion makes a person distress, discourage, or overwhelmed, especially for those in a bad emotional place. So, the emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a road map for them.

In every people’s life, there are so many problems. There’s not a single person who has no stress or tension. This stress makes a man sad discourage in life. Some people become helpless to overcome that problem. But people need to know that if we want to live life, then we have to face every single problem we can’t ignore.

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So those who face this problem should learn about EFT because it gives rapid relief from pain, fear, anxiety, etc. In this situation, you’ve to be stronger. You’ve to take a stand for yourself because nobody can help you with it. But they can advise you which thing you should do and which you should not do.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) Research

There is various research and evidence on EFT. A recent study shows, people who get very emotional in every normal matter must follow its technique because it makes a man very depressed for a long time. If you don’t try to overcome, you’ll lag behind. After few times you’ll be very weak you’ll get afraid of everything even you’ll not be able to think positive things. Your mind will always think about negativity, which is very harmful to life because, in any situation, you’ve to be positive.

Over 100 studies demonstrate and show EFT as an evidence-based self help therapeutic procedure to treat emotional disfunction:

There are some people who get emotional. They go into serious depression, fear, pain, and anxiety, then in their minds, bad things are always running. They can’t get rid of negativity. Some people hurt them some people attempts suicide. And who becomes more emotional they are even dying by themselves. They are losing their lives for a wrong decision. A wrong decision can take a person’s life. So instead of doing these things, think positive always and try to be positive and if you get emotional, then do what makes you happy.

Some people don’t get any support from their family, friends, or partners. Some can’t express their feelings with them, so they face their problem alone. But emotional freedom is a way to clearing out feelings. With it, they can feel relief because it feels like a burden. They fight with themselves to solve to overcome some can get rid of it some can’t get. So they choose the wrong way or makes the wrong decision. For this, if you can’t handle it alone, then take help from anybody who is the well-wisher of yours who wants a better life of yours, then take advice from them.

But if anyone wants to solve your problem, then know the techniques of emotional freedom. It is a revolutionary treatment method, which offers healing from physical and emotional pain and diseases. This is an easy technique. And it could be used anywhere virtually.

online psychological counseling

Example of emotional freedom technique:

As we know emotional freedom technique (EFT) is new, and it’s not yet known to some doctors and patients, too, but this is spreading slowly. More than 250,000 have downloaded free training manually published by the EFT founder on the official website.

For example, if anyone wants to tell themselves that it’s better not to make a mistake in your presentation at your work. You’ll feel anxious, and then mostly, the anxiety comes from telling yourself if you are ignoring your own needs and not taking care of yourself. You’ll feel depressed and distress.

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How emotional freedom technique work?

Normally imbalance of energy leads to sick health. According to the emotional freedom technique tapping on these parts with the fingers, it restores energy balance. And it also resolves the emotional and physical issues. It can also work for our minds. It can help us as a mental distraction from the issues which are causing stress and anxiety.
The EFT works by tapping on acupressure release blockages.

However, this is used by tapping the body in various places using fingers. And if the blockages are released, the problem can be released and move through the body. To start its process, the person should say something like, even though I fear the time I was criticized for being sad or clumsy. But at last, I do completely accept myself as I’m.

EFT is actually very effective. Because if a man follows the technique of it, they can clear out their feelings, and if an unwanted feeling is gone, then more positive beliefs about themselves can emerge that time they can tap on a feeling any time they want to move out of a painful feeling from their life.

The emotional freedom technique normally works on any negative emotion, including those which is from a trauma, a limiting belief. This process requires some past events which are remembered for the purpose of healing. And it is this exposure that allows the process to work. But as you can imagine being exposed to uncomfortable memories, if you forgot those, then it can refresh your mind.

EFT has been known to relieve physical and emotional distress, pain, fear. In the process, one may experience this intensity. If you want to choose these or any other scripts to practice the emotional freedom techniques, you are fully responsible for any kind of outcome, and either I’ll or any other founder or practitioner can be held liable for the results that you’ll find unsatisfactory. And of course, you also can create your own scripts or language just like I have.

How emotional freedom technique increases the probability of wellbeing? 

So from the EFT techniques, you can easily get rid of any fear, pain, depression, or discomfort. And because it’s very new to all of us, doctors’ patients are all unknowns to this problem and can’t easily find it out. So they can’t give any treatment to this problem.

It is usual to see the level of intensity drop. Many people find that the problem of emotion is completely destroyed with major work. Sometimes, the work we do in the committee is adjusted, and that emotion will never come.

The emotional freedom technique is not dangerous

EFT therapy, not the way to manipulate people. An EFT treatment brings to saying a sentence and tapping several body parts and is without any effective safety risks. It helps people to overcome trauma, pain, depression. With this, they could be happy and able to know themselves by clearing out their feelings.

Effects of emotional freedom technique

The EFT was more efficacious than physical interventions, such as diaphragmatic breathing and psychological intervention. The health care workers could also found a study significant wane in depression after the EFT. Sometimes psychological gifts can be more effective in treating negative emotions. The EFT Manual is a great book that can help you to deal with negative emotions.

Stage of Emotional freedom technique

There are no emotional freedom techniques such as identifying the friction, then identifying the cycle where friction is fleeting, then entrance to the unconfessed emotions, etc.

To add, emotion-focused therapy can be identified as a type of therapy. Based on the bonding and attachment theories. That destination helps people to gain a greater awareness of their emotions. And also change their emotion.

Emotional freedom therapy

The EFT is a form of psychological acupressure. The basis on the same energy therapies used in need, not without the needless to clearing out the emotional block. It’s a simple tapping by using fingers onto specific points to input kinetic energy on the body. At the same time, you think about your voice, positive assertation, and trauma.

Exercise of emotionally focused therapy

It is a medicine accession that motives to help the consumer to become aware of viscerally expertise, express, accept, utilize, and change the emotion. It asserts that other forms of psychotherapy have overmarks understanding consciousness and have undermarks the preamble of emotional change.

Emotional freedom technique for depression

By studying this, it evaluates EFT for people with anxiety and depression. Some other researches focus on the EFT for those things with depression. There are few effective books on depression.

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Emotional freedom technique for anxiety

In some research, students with anxiety have reported that the EFT helped them feel calmer and relaxed. The EFT also helps to improve heart rate, blood pressure, and stress. Students also reported improvements in happiness and respect too.

It also helps young and old every people. Because of how much older you become, you always have a heart. You’ll face a problem. You’ll always be in depression, distress, pain, etc. You can’t get rid of it. If you think that you can be happy when you are old or older, then you’re wrong because none have no problem in their life. So emotional freedom technique helps everyone. Every people should follow this to be happy and to be strong.

Emotional freedom technique tapping for anxiety

It is also known as tapping. It is a therapeutic intervention that puts together both physical and cognitional elements. EFT tapping therapy has been exhibited to improve the potentiality of several mental health issues, including depression and anxiety.

Body tapping for EFT

The EFT is a substitute treatment for both emotional distress and physical pain. It is also alluded to as tapping. People who use this technique believe that tapping the body can recover an imbalance in your treat pain and also energy system.

The important point of the EFT

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a form of intervention that draws on different medicine theories, including neuro-linguistic programming medicine, energy, and thought area therapy. Eft tapping chart can help you know about the body’s specifics organs to explore the emotion source and managing procedure through acupuncture. If you search on youtube, you will get various tips and tricks about acupuncture.

EFT Practitioners are very efficient in dealing with emotion-related disorders. They will need long experience, study, and research to treat people with emotional-focused psychotherapy.

Emotional freedom technique benefits

This tapping is a substitute acupressure therapy treatment method used to reclaim balance to your disrupted energy. It’s been an approved treatment for war veterans. And it’s a treatment for depression, anxiety, physical pain, and insomnia.


The main question is whether emotional freedom technique psychological upshots are generalizable has been appealed in several studies. The EFT generated a greater decrease in severe fear of small animals than a balance breathing postulate.

Tapping time

There’s no tapping fixed time whenever you want. Start yourself healing with bland tapping on natural comfort spots. In a day, tap at least 3 or 4 times for few minutes. And it makes you strong from the outside and inside. The emotional freedom technique can take steps towards the energy, so you do not need to feel lethargic.

Tapping for healing

Healing is also known as tapping. The EFT is a self-controlled healing technique that assuages negative symptoms and also emotion. The emotional freedom technique emerges in modern psychology and the energy system by tapping on earmarked points on the face or body. At the same time, concentrating on a problem them its possible to go from the stress reaction to the resting response.

Physiological markers

The most exposed studies of physiological aspects of the EFT have tested its epigenetic effects. Demography of veterans along with PTSD received ten EFT sessions. Physiologic markers genes associated with scalding and salvation.

Emotional freedom technique tapping weight loss

There’s an adequate amount of research to think that tapping might help people lose weight. Squatted cortisol does have a relationship with weight gain and bender eating patterns. So if EFT tapping stagnates your cortisol level, it may help you lose weight. Choose a correct way to gain weight as well as to lose weight.

Tapping solutions for weight loss and body confidence can just go down as a game-changer in history when it helps to lead women out of weight loss.

Emotional freedom technique tapping

It is an alternative treatment for definite physical and emotional conditions. Some research indicates that it may be feasible for pain, anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD though more investigation is needed. But self-treatment for this with tapping can help few people to feel better.

However, it’s also needed to seek professional help for emotional and physical pain or issues. And if there’s anyone who’s considering using the EFT, they should speak to the doctors first.

People want to refer to EFT tapping. Then it is an alternative therapy for depression, anxiety, pain, traumatic stresses, and many other conditions.

According to the EFT developer, tapping on the body of different parts helps balance energy, emotional pain, and physical pain. Those who practice EFT treatments for themselves are also using this technique.

People normally search for these kinds of techniques so that they can practice this tapping process at home. And by practicing this, they can treat themselves easily.

Emotional freedom technique advice

Everyone should keep themselves out of these problems, but they shouldn’t be tensed about it if they somehow get involved in this. Try to be normal, take it easy, and try to solve the problem after finding out the exact reason behind your depression or emotion. Then clear it out. It’ll feel like out of the world. And keep it in mind always that every people have their own problems and fears pains, none who have no pain fear or any reason to go into depression.

So always keep following the techniques of emotional freedom. Know thyself very well. Never take any wrong decision or don’t take any issue seriously. Try to take it easy and try to make it easier to solve it. No one can help you to overcome this fear, pain, or emotion. You’ve to stand by yourself. You’ve to forget about the problems which make your life difficult.

No people can’t help you with it just they can give you advice but not more than this. Do the thing which makes you encourage, fearless, and makes you happy. Do the things mostly which makes you happy instead of sad. Encourage yourself.

Always try to think or feel positive and spread positivity everywhere. Never give a chance to your mind to think negatively and keep following EFT.

Tapping therapy really works

Tapping therapy is good for everyone. Some doctors and patients are unknown to this problem. So that they can’t suggest anything, but if you try to find out about the problem and solution, then you’ll find it for sure. And then you’ll also start using the procedure of it, and also you’ll get the result too. And an improvement was found in about 90% of patients who received tapping therapy.

Tapping sessions were needed before specific anxiety was reduced. It’s an easy way to be stress-less. So keep following and doing it whenever you are in depression or distress.

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Tapping Your Way to a Great Big Smile!: Emotional Freedom...
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Emotional Freedom Techniques and Tapping for Beginners: EFT...
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The Tapping Solution: A Revolutionary System for Stress-Free...
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The Tapping Diet: Discover the Power of Emotional Freedom...
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Emotional weight loss

There are many ways to do this. But if you’re following it exactly, then you’ll get a better result. So instead of wasting time, first know and learn about it. You can follow these things like check less baggage. Whether it’s with a friend or by yourself, then start to speak, write, sing, dance whatever it takes to express to comes out your feelings. And obviously, try to get help, don’t be judgemental, don’t judge, and move your body. So it’s totally up to you how you want to be stress-less and happy. Make a good choice and try to keep yourself happy.

Emotional freedom technique certification

Suppose you’re passionate about EFT and willingly want to put it in the time, effort. Then it’s needed to become an efficient, professional emotional freedom technique practitioner. EFT international trainers offer their certification for well-deserved candidates.

Final Thoughts

The emotional freedom technique has been broadly viewed for depression and anxiety. Patients can take treatment by themselves with the help of EFT. It makes a person happy and stressless. They can clear out their feelings without any hesitation. They can be free from the pain which hampers their mind and insists the mind to think negative. But EFT reduces negativity. It spreads positivity in every man. And of course, it gives a man stress-free and painless life to lead a happy and prosperous life.


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