Goddess Power Oracle Cards Review & Guide

The Goddess Power Oracle Cards is the deck that is said to help you with your decision-making. The cards help you “make your own rules” and to “be your own boss.” This article is the Goddess Power Oracle Cards Review with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, product specifications.

To the world, we are all one. Things like race, religion and class distinctions are merely stepping stones to achieving our true potential. We are all the same. This is the universal truth that underpins Goddess Power Oracle. The Goddess is all that we are and that we will become, and she is to be adored, honored, revered, celebrated, sung, and danced.

Goddess power oracle cards meanings:

The Goddess Power Oracle deck is made up of two decks. The first deck is based on your fortune and is used for readings about money, love, family, career, etc. The second deck is based on your Goddess power and is used for readings about Goddess power, Goddesses, Goddess energies, psychology, healing, etc. Each two-deck set includes a guidebook that contains the meanings of all the cards.

About Author

The author of this tarot deck, Colette Baron-Reid, is experienced in her field, whose reach spreads from and to various subjects regarding spirituality and divinity. With over 30 years of experience, she’s internationally well-known; her students for her school of divinity and card reading, ‘Oracle School,’ have students from over 26 countries. She’s also an expert in spiritual intuitive, psychic medium, and educator. Being an oracle expert, her books regarding oracle reading are bestselling and translated in about 27 languages.

The illustrator of this tarot deck is Jena Dellagrotta glia, who lives in New York. She’s a self-taught artist who’s influenced by electric styles and uniqueness.

Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook
2,169 Reviews
Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook
  • Baron-Reid, Colette (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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Goddess Power Oracle Cards Review

To draw upon the spiritual and symbolic energies of the goddesses from the cultures around the world; to reflect it upon any individual for their personal and spiritual development, ‘Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook’ is just the perfect match.

If we close our eyes and look closely at our own reflection, we’ll see the energies of the goddesses flowing all through us. They are here to guide us and empower us. Even if we close our eyes, we’ll see the divinity of this power through the goddesss’ charisma and the flow of the universe.

Regardless of our origin, this tarot deck helps us to realize the divine power from around the world; be it a goddess from a widely known religion, minor ethnicity, historical or traditional, it shows us the empowerment the universe allows for individuals, and we can also see ourselves through these.

Let’s Check Out the ‘Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook’ Full Review:

This tarot deck provides-

  • This standard edition of ‘Goddess Power Oracle’ features 52 tarot cards describing the unique goddess from a culture.
  • The deck also comes along with a 3.5’’x5’’ guidebook and a portable, sturdy storage box.
  • The guidebook comes along with various information about the tarot card goddesses, their origins, and information about reading and spreads; it’s about 126 pages long.

‘Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook’ were first published by Hay House Inc on 18 February 2020. It’s available in the language of English, and it costs about $14.90 on Amazon. It’s the portable, convenient edition. It weighs about 12.9 ounces and has a dimension of 3.94 x 1.68 x 5.44 inches.

Pros: Cons:
  • It is a portable edition, it’s very easy and super convenient to handle, and the sturdy box adds to its protection measures.
  • These cards also serve a great purpose of community care as the author of these tarot decks proceeds to social-justice causes and education.
  • The cards have rich diversity as goddesses of different cultures combine together in a single tarot deck.
  • They’re also very accurate and informative for spirituality, divinity and the author describes it as the gateway to connecting to the universe.
  • The customers have also claimed the cards to be very beautifully and uniquely illustrated.
  • The content of the tarot cards is designed to reign an instant connection with the users awakening the force of the universe within them.
  • Some customers on Amazon had claimed the cards to be significantly thinner compared to other cards.


There’s the force of a goddess within each of us. The ‘Goddess Power Oracle (Standard Edition): Deck and Guidebook’ can drive us positively in our lives, utilizing our emotions and guiding us through the divinity of the goddesses.

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