Halloween Tarot Deck Review & Book Set- 2022

The Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set puts a surprising twist on the traditional tarot deck and book. The 78-card set was designed by magician and artist Karin Lee and is based on the Halloween tradition of wearing costumes on Oct. 31. We have provided a detailed review of The Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set in the article. Check them out below.

A special book contains traditional tarot spreads, instructions for performing various Halloween rituals, and instructions on using the cards multiple times throughout the year.

Halloween Tarot Deck Meanings:

The Halloween Tarot is for readers who love Halloween (and love tarot). In “Halloween” tarot of the legendary tarot reader, Karin Lee, she guides you through the 78 cards of the Halloween Tarot.

Each card comes with a meaning, a storyboard, and a brief history of the Halloween Tarot. In addition to 78 cards, you’ll also get an illustrated book that explains the history of the Halloween Tarot and its creators, plus a little something extra.

Halloween Tarot Deck and Book Set
307 Reviews
Halloween Tarot Deck and Book Set
  • Lee, Karin (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About Author:

This Deck was created by the authors Karin Lee and Kipling West.

Karin Lee is a filmmaker from Canada. She teaches flame as an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia. Her documentary, made in China, won a Gemini Award in 2000.

The Halloween Tarot Deck & Book Set Review:

This Halloween deck comes with a 78 card deck & an instructional guidebook.

Black cats, ghosts, and jack o’lanterns provide enchantment and lighthearted perspectives in this lively tarot deck and book set. The book has 148 illustrated pages that provide all the details on this Halloween tarot deck.

The Halloween Tarot Deck- Features and Specifications:

This deck was published by the U.S Games Systems Inc. on March 01, 2003. This deck arises in the English language and has 148 pages of a paperback. It weighs 1.05 pounds and has 5*1.75*7.5 dimensions of inches.

  • This deck feature includes Halloween characters and symbols.
  • Its book includes a history of Halloween and its traditions and additional information about the deck.
  • The deck is nice and included a kitty along with it, and its book had some great information, including touching it on Halloween’s roots.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Its cards are nice and great fun to read; no nudity is provided.
  • The book included is so detailed, and the reading went so smoothly.
  • I love the whimsy of the cards, and it is a fun deck, not silly, and it keeps on traditional meaning.
  • This deck is easier to understand than the other tarot decks.
  • This deck shows the story in beautiful artwork and through the companion book.
  • Some buyers claimed they were disappointed with the order, not finding any book in the box, and inaccurate item descriptions.
  • The set is perfectly packaged, complete with a book, deck, mini booklet, and even a spreadsheet.
  • The deck of the colors is vibrant and very easy to interpret.
  • Its images are based on the Rws and don’t take time to adjust to traditional suites.
  • The deck is made from outstanding card Stock, nice and thick while not too stiff or difficult to shuffle.
  • Its card has a nice, smooth, pleasant feel and feels like a card rather than plastic.
  • The deck is bright and has many white, orange, reds, greens, yellows with black borders.
  • Each card features Halloween characters. For example, the Empress is Frankenstein’s Bride.
Pros: Cons:
  • This deck comes with a book set beautifully, making an excellent addition to your collection or a lovely gift for someone else.
  • This deck of cards depicts all the symbols and characters of Halloween.
  • Its images are loosely based on the Rider-Waites, which helps guide you to the meaning of the cards behind all the crazy images.
  • Its cards are of good card stock, not too thick, and are easier to shuffle.
  • There are some inappropriate descriptions provided.


Halloween has always been a time of the year to celebrate our favorite things, especially our favorite characters. So, we hope that you have understood all the details on The Halloween Tarot Deck that we have provided in the article.

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