Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit Deck Review-2022

The Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit is easy to learn and enjoyable tarot deck that explores the power of love and its connection to the material world.

Jack Sephiroth and Jaymi Elford have always been passionate about astrology. The Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit is our attempt to bring the cards to life for anyone interested in using them.

Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit provides a glimpse into the cards’ symbology and gives you the tools to use them to make your interpretations.

We have provided all the articles’ details on Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit. Check them out below.

 About Author

This Heaven Deck was created by the authors Jack Sephiroth and Jaymi Elford.

Jack Sephiroth, an artist who works within the Fantasy field.

Jaymi Elford is the Triple Goddess Tarot’s creator, writer, tarot coach, and fire spinner. She has deliberated for Portlandia Fortune tellers in Portland, Oregon, and teaches tarot classes at the Bay Area Tarot Symposium and many other places.

They have multiple inventions of all the modern and updated tarot. Let’s check their unique tarot decks.

Heaven & Earth Tarot Kit
876 Reviews
Heaven & Earth Tarot Kit
  • Sephiroth, Jack (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit Cards Meaning:

The Heaven and Earth Tarot is a unique deck that is highly detailed and visually stunning yet still easy to use.

It provides a refreshing look at the classic meanings of the major arcana and adds a new spin on what each card could mean in a modern business setting.

The deck is based on the Saint-Germain-en-Laye School of cartomancy, and it is a great tool for networking or professional development.

Heaven and Earth Tarot Kit Cards Review

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Artist Jack Sephiroth takes the structure of the Traditional deck rider waite system to new heights of expressive beauty.

The images in this deck evoke a sense of mythical curiosity, helping to convey the deeper meaning of each card for all and sundry lessons. In this Heaven & earth tarot deck, the spiritual elements are woven together into a hanging of symbolic knowledge.

The deck of each 78 cards is of good quality and too glossy. The deck also provides reversibility at the back of the cards. It includes a guidebook that gives tremendous insight into the meaning of each card. It explains all the details, including philosophical symbolism and practical interpretations. The deck consists of a storage box too, and its cards are in the normal size that is thick.

The deck is a blend of rider waite smith deck and Thoth deck.

This deck, Heaven & earth tarot kt, was published by the Llewellyn publication on October 08, 2020.  It has a 160 pages guidebook, and the deck weighs 1.43 pounds. It has 5.38*2.01*8.25 dimensions of inches.

Heaven & Earth Tarot Kit- features and specifications:

  • It features a 78 card deck which is 2.75 into 4.75 -inch of card size.
  • The deck includes 5/ ¼ and 8/ ¼ inches of a magnetic close cardboard box.
  • Its 160-page booklet provided each card’s information and meaning and reversible card meanings.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the card is sturdy and durable and is easier to shuffle.
  • Its guidebook provided all the written information that is easy to read and understand well.
  • The cards have glossy artwork, and the back offers reversible meanings.
  • The deck of the magnetic closure box is sturdy and perfect for storing cards.
  • The deck of the card is small, which makes it difficult to read all the valuable information without using the magnifying glasses.
  • The guidebook provided descriptions on minor cards but didn’t attach pictures.

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So, we hope that we have understood all the details on Heaven & Earth Tarot kit we have provided in the articles. This tarot kit is a unique deck that combines the most famous RWS and Thoth decks.

Feel Free to choose this interesting deck. It will be worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

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