How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively: Book Review

You can learn how to read the Tarot cards intuitively by studying the images on the cards. Many tarot card readers will say that the images provide a visual guide to your intuition. But what do the images mean? How are they different from each other? More importantly, how are they different from the images in other types of card reading?

To answer these questions, you need to know how the cards are drawn. Then you can learn how to interpret the images.

There is good news! It is possible to learn to read the Tarot cards. This book contains a very simple yet powerful method to read the Tarot cards intuitively.

The article provides full information about the book’s highlights, advantages, disadvantages, past users’ experiences, etc. Let us dip into it.

How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively: Secrets of Reading the...
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How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively: Secrets of Reading the...
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  • Somerville, Carole (Author)

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About Carole Somerville (The Writer), Michael Beattie (The Man Behind the Photos)

Carole holds a degree in Psychology, Education, and English Lit and is a certified astrologer. She is also a Reiki Master in training. Carole’s main interest is astrology. Carole has been attracted to writing since she was old enough to grasp a quill, and she considers herself fortunate to be able to earn a profit doing something she enjoys.

Michael Beattie illustrated the thoughts of Carole Somerville with a remarkable bunch of photographs.

How to Read Tarot Cards Intuitively Review:

This book provides directions and lectures on becoming familiar with a deck, and it’s very useful for individuals who are new to Arcana.

  • This book provides information to those who are beginners in playing with a tarot deck.
  • The book has an explanation with an understandable concept.

The book was published on March 23 in 2017, by Create Space Independent Publishing Platform. This book has 106 pages and a dimension of 0.24-inch length, 6.0-inch width, 9.0-inch height.

This is a book based on new age concepts, so it is easy for the readers to understand. This paperback format belongs to the series of Psychic Horizons Workbooks and Workouts and ranked as the sixth. The book is written in English owns a rating of 4.6 out of 5.

Previous Readers’ Experiences:

  • This booklet is dedicated to understanding how someone, including ourselves, can connect with the deck.
  • This guide will teach us on an exciting voyage into the material and social meanings of the cards, demonstrating that we do not need to be endowed to interpret cards.
  • Conventional tarot explanations, as well as instinctive tarot deck definitions, are covered in this publication.
  • Some readers say that tasks, reflections, and queries for the users to respond to are included in this volume.
Pros: Cons:
  • The book is thin and light-weighted, and easy to hold.
  • The book is pretty informative.
  • There is a lot to learn from this book.
  • The book has exercises for the readers to implement their learning.
  • The beginner is friendly.
  • The readers who are not interested in the Tarot deck might not follow.
  • Readers may need a journal before starting to read and understand the book’s concept properly.

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Readers will have a thorough comprehension of the standard and instinctive interpretations of the tarot cards and the courage to read the tarot for themselves and others after reading and completing the activities in this booklet.

Happy shopping!

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