I Ching Vs. Tarot | Which Deck is Best in 2022?

Are you getting confused between the I Ching and Tarot? Well, we have provided the differences between these two decks. These are gonna remove your confusion.

The I Ching is one of the oldest known books globally, with origins that date back over 3,000 years. It is an oracle used to answer questions and make decisions. The Tarot is much newer, having been created in the 15th century. It is a deck of cards used for divination. They look very different: the I Ching is a complex system of ancient symbols, and the Tarot is made up of illustrated cards with symbols.

I ching and tarot are both used for divination purposes. Moreover, I Ching is Chinese divination that is called cleromancy, whereas tarot is European divination known as cartomancy.

I Ching Vs. Tarot

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I Ching Deck

I Ching Tarot card reading is a form of divination and a way to predict future events. It is often used as a way to make decisions, particularly in business. The I Ching Tarot card reading is based on the I Ching, a Chinese text written in the 4th century BCE. The book is called “The Book of Changes” or “Book of Divination.”

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The card’s title refers to the Chinese I Ching, or Book of Changes, one of the world’s oldest books. It’s a divination system of 64 combinations of six solid and broken, or yin and yang lines. When you’re doing a reading, you throw three coins six times to get the I Ching Tarot card’s lines, which are fundamentally about change.

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What is I Ching Deck meaning?

I Ching is a divination text known as Western Zhou. Zhou literally means changes. The changes involved are defined as the hexagrams, the number obtained from their lines or predictions.

The “I” in I Ching is also known as the Yarrow stalks. The I Ching Deck meaning is how the 64 hexagrams are read. Each hexagram has a picture and short lines that explain the significance of the hexagram. The lines are broken down into two parts, the upper trigram and the lower trigram—the upper trigram deals with the things happening now, while the lower trigram deals with the past. The upper trigram is the key to the lower trigram.

The deck consists of 64 hexagrams, arranged in a hierarchy of eight primary trigrams, each composed of three lines, each line either “broken” or “unbroken,” representing yin or yang, respectively. The trigram names combine the basic trigrams, indicating a larger cycle. The trigram names, in turn, combine to form the hexagram names.

I Ching text advises people on creating a pattern even when they are in a chaotic situation.

I Ching is accessed nowadays by tossing the 3 coins and recording the number of tails and heads that result.

Tarot Deck

Tarot is a pack of cards used for cartomancy or playing purposes. It was first used in various parts of the European country in the mid 15th century. Tarot cards have existed for hundreds of years, but there are still many misconceptions about these beautiful objects. The word tarot comes from a card game called Tarocchi, which originated Italy in Italy in the 1500s. Tarot is first known as trionfi. Later it is known as tarocchi or tarock.

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Tarocchi evolved from an even earlier card game called Triumphs, which was spread throughout Europe. Tarot has a set of 78 cards. The game spread to France, where it was altered to include the four suits we know today: cups, wands, swords, and pentacles (the French name for the suit of coins, or “counters”).

What is Tarot Deck meaning?

Tarot cards are an age-old divination practice that has been used by most of the world’s major religions, and even today is still used for fortune-telling.

Some of the most common Tarot card meaning is for a person’s love life, their finances, or simply of a situation important to them. (There are also more complicated and deeply hidden meanings used for high-level spells and rituals.)

Some people choose to use a Tarot card meaning given to them by a reader, while others claim that they should choose their own card meaning.

It has many decks. All the decks help us to gain insight through the occult practices.

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Review of the differences between the I Ching and Tarot

I Ching a divination text called the Changes of Zhou, whereas tarot is a Divination card known as trionfi or tarock.

I Ching is a Chinese divination tool, whereas Tarot is a European divination tool.

Tarot is used by shuffling, whereas I ching is used by tossing the 3 coins and recording the number of heads and tails that appear.

I Ching advises people on creating a pattern, whereas tarot conveys messages to the people through images.

I Ching reading refers to the current situation, whereas tarot provides events to any situation.

Both the I Ching and Tarot are methods of divination, which is the practice of gaining insight into the future or the unknown by using occult systems. Both practices can be used for entertainment, but many people believe that tarot and I Ching readings provide insight that cannot be gained by analyzing the situation rationally. They believe that both the I Ching and Tarot are extra-rational methods of gaining insight.


So, we hope that you have known and understand the differences between the I Ching and Tarot. Both are used for divination. But we will suggest you choose the tarot deck. In use for cartomancy, tarot deck is better.

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