Best Love Tarot Spreads for Beginners in 2021

Are you searching for Best Love Tarot Spreads for Beginners? Tarot is a mysterious tool that has been used for centuries for decision-making, prediction, and self-investigation. Once done correctly, a love tarot reading can give you new insights that you may not have accessed before in your relationship. This creates the conditions to take charge of your insights to get more clarity about a particular area of your life.

♻  How to use these Love Tarot Spreads…!

The spreads we are focusing on here today were meant to gain a different perspective on the love and relationships in your life. For the most part, we focus on romantic relationships, but some can also be used for relationships in general or adapted for use that way. We are going to list them in order from simple to complex.

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We hope these spreads will be used to assist you in your journey. Without further ado,

♻  Consistency love tarot spread

This tarot spread focuses entirely on the dynamics between the two partners and analyzes different aspects of your relationship that could be points of contention or integration.

◾ You want-
  • What are you looking for in a relationship?
  • What do you need from your relationship to consider it a success?
◾ Wants partners 
  • What does your partner want in a relationship?
  • What do they need to succeed?
◾ The difference 
  • Is there a difference between the two of you in two parts of life?
  • What are the possible issues of disagreement?

◾ Match 

Where do you find similarities in life? What brings you together?

◾ Emotional compatibility

  • How emotionally compatible are you?

◾ Physical Fitness

  • How physically fit are you?
  • How would you identify your physical relationship?

◾ Mental compatibility 

  • How consistent are you mentally?
  • Do you see similar things being intellectually stimulated?

♻ Tarot spreads love for general questions

Sometimes, we are not sure what we want. All right! If you want to consult the cards for insights into the power of your love, try spreading any ordinary tarot love spread below:

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⏩ One card spreads tarot love.

The single card you are pulling out reveals the melody of your love life right now. Most of the time, this card doesn’t surprise you. Many of us at one point in our lives pulled out three swords, heart cards and sighed, “Of course.”

Like all tarot readings, the big thing is happening to you if you pull out a Major Arcana card. It may get out of your control – doesn’t that sound like falling in love?

You may be responding to major changes in your life, such as the emergence of a new theme or the outcome of a decision to take you and your partner together.

◾ A minor arcana card usually refers to a small feeling, conflict, or conversation.

◾ In general, cups and pentacles suggest enhancing sensitive connections and relationships. Wands Energy brings something new, either exciting or excessive.

◾ And swords do not always mean strong love; If they attend a love lesson, they can help you understand how your communication style and personal truths affect your love life.

⏩ Tarot love of three cards.

If you have someone else in mind (potential love interest or partner), then a three-card tarot spread is a great option.

In the three-card Tarot love expansion, the first card represents you, the second represents the other, and the third card represents your current state or potential together. Some readers place the first two cards around the third card, which is fixed between them.

✔ For example :

Imagine that you are pulling the following three cards in order:

(1) Temperance.

(2) High priestess and

(3) Hierophant.

As for Temperance, you are balanced and protected. If you are unmarried, now is a good time to welcome healthy love. If you are in a relationship, this card suggests that the union helps you access your new parts.

The other person in your lesson, the High Priestess, probably values spirituality and creativity, especially in love.

The card that connects you, Hierophant, is a card of the structural union. Her presence could mean a literal marriage, or it could mean that this connection is publicly recognized and lasting in some other way.

⏩ Tarot of five cards spreads love.

  • For some more information, add a card representing the past and a card to represent the future in the basic three-card layout. Place the past card under the three main cards and place the future card on top of them.
  •  A three-card spread raises some questions for you and can provide clues or ideas to clarify what’s going on when two extra cards are pulled.
  •  Suppose you read the above three cards and think to yourself, “Very surprising?”. I just met this one! Why in the world is Hierophant already?”
  •  In this case, the ace may be an idea that you have been holding for a long time but have not been able to create anything else.
  •  Three gives you a hint: Perhaps this person will be part of a collaboration that helps you bring your idea to life.
  • This kind of reading clarifies that you can be a great creative partner but not necessarily a romantic partner. Even teaching a love card can point you in the other direction!
Love Tarot: The answer to love-related questions brings many people to Tarot.
  • Am I in the same situation with my partner?
  • Will I find new love, and what kind of love will it be?
  • What can I expect for my future relationship?

Meaningful interactions between the cards often explain the effects of love for tarot card lessons. However, several cards on the Tarot deck often reveal positive transformations in your love life.

♻ The High Priestess Love Tarot Card

The high priestess is a ‘self’ card more than anything else, so he usually attends love or social/friendship lessons when you need to pay more attention to your own desires and needs.

If the High Priestess Tarot Card presents you with reading, you can feel dissatisfied with many aspects of your life with love. If he represents your partner or friend, you probably think you can’t achieve intimacy no matter how hard you try.

Thanks, there’s an easy solution to both problems. Stop trying! We are not talking about giving up life or your relationship, but take a step back and expand what you already have.

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♻ Temperance love tarot card

Temperance is one of the most promising Major Arcana cards, especially when pairing lovers with cards.

Temperature represents harmony, which means a peaceful and beneficial relationship to the horizon. If you are unmarried, be prepared to show someone who is a suitable part of your puzzle. If you’re already committed, a new wavelength is getting ready to hit your partnership.

The only exception here is when you are involved in a relationship or marriage where there is a lot of fighting. If so, you need a much different approach than what is currently happening. When things are not going well, we point fingers at our partner and complain about every fault and error. This is unnecessary since we do not have the power to change anyone else.

♻ Hierophant love tarot card 

Hierophant means full commitment, so hierophant is a perfect sign of a love affair. It involves a conventional and strong relationship and indicates that you and your partner are on the same page about almost everything. It’s not just a common relationship, but it seems to be “meant” and almost sacred.

If you’re unmarried, the hieroglyphs of the Tarot love lesson indicate that someone in your inner circle has your eye! It may be friends, you were interested in a while, but it seems like it’s not out of reach. Ready for one of your friendships to be transformed into a romance full of romance and fidelity.

♻ What are the ideas and explanations given by the tarot experts?

Let’s check what 4 tarot experts suggest spreads for the Best Tarot card spread:

1. Seth Avery Vermilia, I’ve been reading Tarot for 30+ years.

I think the answer to your question lies in the intent of the querent.  These issues can be about relationship improvement, abandonment, or protection. They may be centered on sexuality, sexuality, gender identity, and sexual preference. Although these sub-topics may appear in one reading, the clarity of what one is actually trying to solve when reading “love” can make a difference in relieving someone from a domestic violence situation or improving communication.

That being said, I try to make sure the expansion reflects the question and the purpose.

For example:

If someone came to me about a relationship lesson and I discovered the reading of the discovery of how couples are going to improve the sexual nature of their relationship, I would use a body spread (I could have made this name… and it follows the chakras loosely).

Sometimes, I would spread a body for each person in the relationship depending on the time allotted for the reading. As well.

This can be really involved in the relationship is multifaceted. But just because I don’t have a vision for each person and what they are bringing to the relationship, I can compare different parts. For example, what is he thinking, and what is the other partner thinking? How do they appreciate or neglect each other? Basically, you find out where the challenges are… maybe they’re thinking the same thing, but their communication is successful.

If someone comes to me and thinks that their partner is not completely truthful, I will use it to spread the shadow of the relationship. I probably made this name too. I create spreads according to my needs.

Let or say someone was interested in moving forward in the relationship because they felt that their efforts had yet to produce bad results. I’ll use a Hagel spread – I’d call it a conversion spread call Rachel Pollack designed it for my favorite deck, the handle tarot.

2. Tarot Card Reader (2017-present) at Clarevi the Tarot Queen, Spiritual Counselor /Tarot/Oracle.

I do a heart for a love reading. Where is the relationship now

  • Her feelings. His feelings
  • Her issues. His issues
  • What can she do? What can he do?
  • How they can work together to solve issues.

Or…you can use my Fair Lenormand deck with the grand table. It spreads a wide range of details, including lots of enlightened information about love, men and women, what is around them, and what is in them. Here’s an example of how much information comes from the Grand Table.

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3. Guinness McVeigh, Tarot reader from high school 

I like two cups, but they are also – at the risk of being clear – The Lovers overs.

I put a boyfriend’s card next to my bed. On the sidewalk one day, I literally found it. This is a version of Perseus and Andromeda: a beautiful naked woman with long blonde hair chained to a rock, but a hero with a sword and a sword flew from the clouds to save her as if rising from the sky.

Shortly after finding this card, I found the partner I had for ten years, so there.

4. Mary Gray, MPhil Philosophy, Politics, and Economics and Sociology, Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom.

Depends on what you say in particular but in general:

Boyfriend (sixth)

Cup 2 or Cup 10 refers to a bond, which means deep commitment or reaching the next stage of your relationship. It can also sometimes indicate a family connection, such as marriage.

◾ 4 of wands, which usually signify a joyous time and celebration. It shows that your relationship will enter a happy, harmonious moment or even point to celebrations like weddings.

◾ The empress/emperor can sometimes represent a mature bond in a serious, long-term relationship, from puppy love to true selfless connection.

◾ Knights and Queens can represent new lovers coming into your life.


Lovers represent relationships and preferences. The temptation of the heart or the choice of potential partners. The presence of its expansion indicates some decision about the existence.  Often Quinter has to give up one aspect of life; One graduate may abandon the lifestyle and acquire a relationship (or vice versa), or one potential partner may be chosen when the other is rejected. Whatever the choice, it should not be made lightly, as the spread will be permanent.

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