Mild Autism Symptoms for Children

Mild autism is referred to clinically as PDD or Pervasive Developmental Disorder. In this particular case of PDD, some of the autism symptoms can be discerned in the victim, but not all autistic signs are displayed in the child or the adult.

Mild autism is often related and associated with Aspergers Syndrome, as, in the latter, one finds fewer development disorders and inabilities, just like in the case of PDD. Aspergers Syndrome is considered to be hereditary and is often diagnosed alongside bipolar disorder as well as depression.

There are multiple syndromes of mild autism or PDD, and if one goes through the autism checklist, he or she will not have difficulty understanding why this is called a mild form of autism.

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In the case of severe autism, the child will signs of the disorder even before he or she has turned three, but in the case of mild autism, the signs get displayed in the child when he or she has reached the age of three or even a little older than that.

The mildly autistic child will have an average IQ and might not appear to have any abnormal behavior in the first few years of his or her life.

But gradually, as the child begins to grow up, the parents can see that they are having difficulty mixing with other children of the same age and having problems communicating with them and the others.

When this child is admitted to school, they will have trouble understanding the teacher and the other students’ discussion.

Some children who tend to talk too much or never talk are often mildly autistic, and the parents and the teachers need to notice this. Avoiding eye contact with others has always been considered mild autism.

Some mildly autistic children talk on unrelated topics and keep repeating lines and phrases that they have heard before.

Other Mild Autism Symptoms:

Another important symptom of mild autism is that the child will appear to be deaf or blind to a second person’s presence and thus continue with their own work with utter concentration.

At times, they will stare at an object for a long stretch of time and have real difficulty understanding and grasping the meaning of another person’s words or gestures.

Mildly autistic children go through severe mood swings even at a very early age, and they tend to get distressed over tiny issues. At times, they lack to understand other people’s emotions and feelings and fail to get another person’s perspective.

Some of these children have poor motor skills and habits like walking on tiptoes. Some show extreme interest in the minute details of trivial matters; for instance, they may find every detail of a particular object to be very grasping.

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These mild symptoms are to be discovered by the parents so that timely diagnosis can help the child or become severely autistic shortly.


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