Orgone Pyramid Benefits & Reviews-2022

Orgone pyramid is the spiritual unit that helps us to create an energy field for the spiritual growth and development of consciousness. The Orgone pyramids are built as a series of cubes stacked one on top of the other. The number of layers of energy cubes is sometimes called the “size” or “height” of the pyramid, similar to geometric shapes. There are also pyramids of different sizes and shapes, the shapes being pyramids with flat tops or pointed tops.

The Orgone Pyramid is the newest addition to the Orgone Energy Research Center’s collection of energy-generation devices. The pyramid’s main feature is transforming the energy within the etheric plane into the physical plane.

Orgone Pyramid Definition & Meaning

The Orgone Pyramid means that the nine lesser Orgone vesicles are not to be feared or worshiped. They are simply Orgone substances that can be used for the purpose of self-development.

No one should be afraid of them or become obsessed with them. They are not evil, nor are they gods. They are simply substances that are being used by the human species to manifest a certain level of consciousness.

The Orgone Pyramid represents the relationship between you and the Vril in your body.

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Purpose of Orgone Pyramid

The Orgone Pyramid Purpose is a system of self-improvement that will help you overcome obstacles in your life while improving your relationships.

Effects of Orgone Pyramid

The effects of the orgone pyramid are especially strong under the best circumstances. A pyramid made of orgonite can release and absorb enormous amounts of orgone and other subtle energies and can therefore be used for healing or purification purposes.

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Orgone Pyramid Healing Properties

Orgone is an earth-friendly, natural health-promoting energy field with exceptional healing properties that bring the body a sense of well-being and vitality. It is not a drug but an impersonal, invisible force that we all have access to, both consciously and unconsciously.

The property of Orgone can be used to heal and balance the mind, body, and spirit. People who are ill can also benefit from it. The positive energy of Orgone may be used to stop the effects of negative energies that are affecting the body. A disturbance may cause negative energies in a person’s mind or from some external factor affecting the person.

Orgone Pyramid Benefits:

Orgone Pyramid has been around for many years. Still, it has recently been reintroduced to a new following of health enthusiasts, and we are happy to report that the Orgone Pyramid is still as effective as ever!

The Orgone Pyramid is a combination of two different types of energy. It’s an external structure that allows the person to utilize the pyramid’s energy for a specific purpose. Using the Orgone Pyramid during meditation allows the person to feel the energy of the GoE pyramid, similar to a Zendo.

Here are the top 14 useful benefits of orgone:

  1. Clear negative energy
  2. Understanding the Potential Benefits
  3. Improve lucid dreaming
  4. Reduce stress & anxiety
  5. Radiation from EMFs can be neutralized
  6. To help with meditation
  7. Detoxify the water
  8. To enhance plant growth
  9. Helpful for healthy sleeping
  10. Purify the environment
  11. It can be a potential gift for everyone
  12. Improves spiritual and psychological growth
  13. Decreases radiation and sensitivity to EMFs
  14. Balanced moods

History of Orgone Pyramid

Wilhelm Reich coined the word “orgone” for his orgone energy concept. This energy, he claimed, was responsible for the living and the non-living. Reich believed the energy could be harvested and developed a number of devices to do this, but eventually, this led to his persecution by the United States government.

The history of orgone pyramids may contain a bit of myth, but it is not without truth. In 1931, Wilhelm Reich published the book “Orgone Accumulator,” which contained a great deal of theory regarding orgone energy and its role in health and disease. He believed this energy could be measured and analyzed, be used to heal and be used to effect change in the natural world.

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Shape and Size 

Orgone Pyramids are pyramid structures consisting of many small pyramids built on top of one another, slowly forming a larger one. A common method of creating an Orgone Pyramid is to stack smaller pyramids on top of each other, creating a structure that slowly increases in height.

A pyramid is a three-dimensional geometric structure with a single base, a triangular body, and a triangular cap. A pyramidal structure is defined as a three-dimensional geometric structure with three bases, a triangular body, and a triangular cap. The pyramid structure is commonly used in architecture and is the shape of the first and third volumes of the Egyptians.

The pyramid’s pyramid top is composed of six, 1″ diameter, photovoltaic solar cells (PSCs), which are covered with a layer of silver-nickel aluminized polyester (SN-95) over a substrate of anodic alumina.

The pyramid’s base comprises a series of 24 photovoltaic solar cells (PSCs) with a layer of silver-nickel aluminized polyester (SN-95) over a substrate of anodic alumina.

Orgonite is a type of energetic matter or orgone popular among certain groups of people in the New Age and UFO-themed New Age subcultures.

It is sold via mail order, often in pyramid-shaped containers, which contain a combination of orgone and other healing energy. It is also sold as a tincture or in pendants. As such, orgonite is often sold by companies that sell similar energetic materials such as pyramids, crystal balls, beads, and even amethyst crystals.

Since orgonite is an energetic substance, it is not manufactured like a mass-produced chemical substance but is created with formulating, crystallizing, and energetic healing processes.

Orgone Pyramid Price

The most expensive quartz pyramid of all is the G.O.D. Pyramid, which sells for $10,000. The G.O.D. Pyramid is used by people who want to raise money for their cause or project or raise money for themselves. You can buy another orgone that may range from $10-$350 from any online or offline marketplace.

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How To Use Orgone Pyramid?

There are many ways to use the orgone pyramid, but the most common is to place the orgone pyramid inside a ball that is being charged so that the orgone pyramid is charged by the orgone ball and will remain charged for a longer time.

How To Make Orgone Pyramid?

Making an orgone pyramid for powerful orgone energy is certainly a do-able project, but it’s not necessarily easy. To make an orgone pyramid, you need to figure out a few things: first, how many orgone pyramid stones you want.

You can make a pyramid out of a single block of (or a single piece of) quartz, with a single or double layer of quartz, or with a single layer of quartz and one of bloodstone, or a double layer of bloodstone.

You can also make a pyramid with multiple blocks or layers, each of which will require a different amount of orgone energy to make.

Next, you’ll need to pick up a few items: Three materials constitute a true Orgonite:

  1. Metal shavings (a conductive material) are bound in resin and separated. At least 50% of a piece must be metal.
  2. Crystal stone (usually raw quartz crystal, but any genuine crystal will do) creates the electrostriction effect that greatly enhances the transmutation potential of these compounds.
  3. Resin (not conductive). Metals and resins are best combined in equal proportions (by volume).

How To Charge Orgone Pyramid?

It is important to Clean an Orgone Pyramid before charging. You can use Flowing Water, Daylight, Mental Filtration, Incense & Sage, Lay it on the Earth, Moonlight, etc.

After cleaning it, you can use “your energy” to charge your orgone pyramid. As you charge your orgone pyramid, place your hand over your fist so that your thumb is underneath your fingers while charging your orgone pyramid. The orgone energy is charged every few seconds as you exhale. This procedure can also be used to charge and clean healing stones.

As far as we know, the orgonite is a living being, and like all living beings, it must feel love. Orgonite sometimes feels like it wants us to pick it up and play with it. If you show them more love and attention, they’ll serve you better. Sensitive people can feel the tickling energy flowing through their hands as if it were silk from the very beginning.

Orgone Pyramid Reviews

Let’s check the best Orgone Pyramid.

Lapis Green Jade

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The Lapis Green Jade was found in the 16th century in Burma and was called the “King” or “Queen of stones” at the time.

It is an excellent stone to guard all the negative energy that rushes into our lives, so it is helpful to use it to purify and cleanse our energies before meditating. Lapis Green Jade works as a stone of growth and balance and as a stone of protection.

It helps improve mental clarity, and it is also helpful to heal insomnia, headaches, and muscle pain. Lapis Green Jade is a very effective stone when used with other healing crystals, and it can also enhance concentration and productivity.

Rose Amethyst Clear Quartz

Charged Gemstone Large Orgone Pyramid – Certified...
479 Reviews
Charged Gemstone Large Orgone Pyramid – Certified...

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Rose Amethyst Clear Quartz is a type of Amethyst that is usually clear and colorless but occasionally may have a white or rose tint. It is often mistaken for Amethyst, but differences are that clear Quartz is usually larger and has a sharper, more distinct edge than Amethyst. The shades of Amethyst are usually more varied.

Tiger Eye Malachite

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Tiger Eye Malachite has long been considered the primary stone of protection and strength. It is an elemental stone that protects energy and sustains vitality and is also beneficial for accessing the “third eye.”

It has become a popular metaphysical stone for luck and romance, especially for attracting a mate and enhancing business success, and being a stone for self-development.

Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz

GEHECRST Amethyst Healing Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid with...
170 Reviews
GEHECRST Amethyst Healing Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid with...
  • [Crystal Sphere Orgonite Pyramid] The orgonite pyramid is exquisite...
  • [Tree of Life Symbol Meaning] The Tree of Life is associated with...

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Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz is a type of Black Tourmaline, a mineral that comes in a variety of colors. Clear Quartz, in particular, is a clear, crystal clear variety of quartz that can give an energetic and calming effect. Clear Crystals are also known as Crystal Quartz, Crystal Hawk’s Eye, Quartz Crystal, and Crystal Hawk Stone.

Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz is an energy amplifier and is often referred to as the gift of the stone. This stone is wonderful for the overworked and tired. It is also an aid to astral travel and a stone of protection.

Black Tourmaline Clear Quartz is excellent for promoting physical and mental healing. This is a stone of love and is used to attract a loving relationship in all areas of one’s life. This crystal also attracts prosperity and a feeling of being well-off.

It helps to set the heart’s intentions and keeps those intentions in harmony with the Higher Self. Spiritual teachers and healers have used this crystal to balance the chakras and their associated energies.

Black Tourmaline Amethyst

Large Orgone Pyramid | Black Tourmaline Stone Pyramid...
205 Reviews
Large Orgone Pyramid | Black Tourmaline Stone Pyramid...
  • Natural - Crystal Pyramid has authentic Black Tourmaline Stone...
  • Usage : Protection, Paperweight, Yoga, Meditation

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Black Tourmaline Amethyst is a variety of amethyst typically found in black coloration. It has distinct striations when it is cut, similar to how a drop of water looks when it hits a rock. This particular black tourmaline is rare, as it is only found in a few locations in the world.

Black Tourmaline is not just a pretty name. It is a wonderful healing stone that is a member of the Quartz family. It has beautiful healing energy. In fact, it is a good stone for treating depression, which is why it is often referred to as the “stone of sadness.”

Black Tourmaline helps you feel better by clearing the way for new ideas, goals, and the ability to take on new challenges. It also helps you find new ways of doing things and develop new skills.

Tiger Eye Red Carnelian

Opulent Crystals - Attract Abundance ORGONITE Pyramid -...
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Opulent Crystals - Attract Abundance ORGONITE Pyramid -...
  • This Abundance Orgonite Pyramid includes various stones, each aiding...
  • Green Aventurine - Known as the Gambler's Stone as it represents luck,...

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Tiger Eye Red Carnelian is a stone with a rich history. It is also known as Red Flame, Mountain Fire, and Red Garnet. It is often called the Stone of Fire because it promotes clarity, insight, and luck. Also, it is known to help one look down into the void and see the light of the spirit.

Tiger Eye Amethyst

Rockcloud Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid Tiger's Eye Crystal...
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Rockcloud Tree of Life Orgone Pyramid Tiger's Eye Crystal...
  • Tree of life Orgone Pyramid: Tree of life the meaning as a spiritual...
  • Healing Crystal: The pyramid is made of healing crystals chips, copper...

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“Tiger eye amethyst” is a highly sought-after gemstone. It is often found in Sri Lanka and is associated with the color purple. The “eye” refers to the center of the stone, which often resembles a very large cat’s eye. The gemstone is named for the pattern of bright purple veins that runs through its center.

Rose Quartz

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Do you know that some of the most perfect and beautiful gems on earth are also the most toxic? That’s right, the lowly pearl and the luxurious diamond contain toxic elements that can be a real problem.

However, the gorgeous gems themselves are not toxic—only the chemicals used in their creation are. This is known as the “inherent toxicity” of certain gems, and it does not apply to rose quartz. This precious gem is free from the effects of any inorganic elements and is safe for everyone to enjoy.


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The birthstone for February, amethyst, is a good choice for those whose chart is ruled by the planet Venus. Amethyst strengthens love and protection and provides a protective shield for those who need it. It helps to keep you centered and grounded and adds a calming, soothing aspect to your life.


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Labradorite is a group of beautiful, dark-colored, hydrated silica minerals that have been used as gemstones and ornamental stones in jewelry and decoration since ancient times.

The word Labradorite is derived from the Latin word “Labradore,” which means “from/from the land of the Labrador people” about the Avalon Peninsula where these rocks are found.


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Turquoise is one of the most common mineral deposits in the world, and turquoise jewelry is popular among the high-end jewelry markets. However, turquoise’s status as a precious stone has not translated into its standing as a gem—indeed, it has none.

Turquoise has no gemological value because it is only found in small amounts—about 10 percent of the world’s supply of the mineral.

Lapis Lazuli

mookaitedecor Lapis Lazuli Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid...
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mookaitedecor Lapis Lazuli Crystal Sphere Orgone Pyramid...
  • Handmade Orgone Pyramid: Orgonite is a mixture of resin with Obsidian...
  • Size Details(Approx): They are both 2.36 inches in width and height....

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Lapis Lazuli is a popular stone that has been used in jewelry for thousands of years. The name comes from the Latin word that means “blue stone.” The stone has a blue color formed by the presence of lazurite, which is a copper silicate mineral.

Despite its blue color, lapis lazuli is not actually crystalline. Lazurite’s blue pigment is so well-developed that the stone appears almost entirely blue.

Rose Clear Quartz Amethyst

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Rose quartz or rose quartz is the name given to a class of transparent to opaque quartz varieties, which are most often rose in color. They often display a pinkish color due to various impurities.

It was referred to as the “stone of love” in ancient times and was thought to have healing properties. It first appeared in European art in the Middle Ages and has since been mined in many countries, making it a popular choice for jewelry.

Rose Quartz Black Tourmaline

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Orgone Pyramid Crystals and Healing Stones – Orgonite...
  • Our Rose Quartz Orgonite Crystal kit comes with 1. Spiritual jewelry...
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Black Tourmaline is a type of mineral that is produced in a variety of colors. The most common types of Black Tourmaline are black, purple, blue, green, brown, pink, and yellow. Because Black Tourmaline is a gemstone, it is often used in jewelry and the manufacture of other gemstone jewelry. Black Tourmaline is found in North America, Africa, and Central America.

The mineral rose quartz is widely known as the stone of love and romance, but few people know it is also one of the richest sources of man-made pink tourmaline. Rose quartz black tourmaline is the dark pink variety of rose quartz, which is a stone of love, balance, and harmony.

It is known for its ability to assist the wearer in achieving feelings of contentment and peace. The stone is also believed to promote the positive emotions of love, gratitude, and charity and enhance emotional awareness, particularly in times of stress.

Black tourmaline is said to help reinforce intellectual and physical abilities, as well as helping to prevent laziness, enjoyments, and daydreams. The stone is also believed to protect.

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In conclusion, the Orgone pyramid is a powerful tool for healing from the “killer frequencies” of malignant electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by the wireless internet, cell phones, and televisions. The Orgone Pyramid provides a natural energetic environment conducive to healing, developing your intuition, and manifesting your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Earth Energy?

 Natural Earth energy is the most powerful form of cosmic energy, and it resonates with Schumann’s global fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz.

Q. What is the duration of making a pyramid?

Prior to their carefully packaged journey to you, each sacred Orgone Pyramid is made over the course of 3 days.

Q. What is the best EMF protection product?

HOORAIN Shungite Orgonite Pyramid for EMF Protection and Negative Energy Protection.

Q. What was Reich’s libido?

Unlike Freud, whose solipsistic notion of mind held that unconscious and inherently selfish primal drives (primarily the sexual drive, or libido) were suppressed by internal representations of parental figures (the superego), Reich’s libido was a life-affirming force that society suppressed.

Q. What are the legal ramifications of orgone?

Orgone, also known as geothermal energy, is a form of alternative energy. You can think of it as nature’s electricity. Its a natural, organic source of energy that is found all around us. Some people refer to it as a type of energy or spiritual energy, but it’s not magic. Orgone energy manifests itself in many ways and forms (like me, right?)

Q. What is an energy dome?

The orgone energy that goes out of your head dissipates, but if you wear an energy dome it is recycled.

Q. Do you think that energy domes will be a trend?

There are people out there who wear energy domes night and day — which I don’t do, but there are some who do, not too many but there are some.

Q. What are the benefits of orgone accumulators?

In any case, it comes back down and showers on you again, and you remain manly, if you like, probably for another 150 years of your life.

Q. What is Orgone?

Metal shavings, particles, or powders are mixed with catalyzed fiberglass resin and poured into molds adhering to strict specifications. Orgonite is a substance made of resin, metals, healing crystals, and quartz that balances and harmonizes our bio-energy.

Q. What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone energy (also called etheric energy or geomagnetic energy) is the ancient energy that flows through the universe in a continuous cycle, carrying information and life in the form of light and heat. It is the energy that makes the universe possible and is the “fluid” substance that fills the universe.

Q. What are the benefits of orgones?

The pyramids have the ability to balance your energy and what surrounds you.

Q. What are the dangers of electromagnetic fields?

Headaches, anxiety, depression, loss of libido, and feeling drained of energy are some of the symptoms.

Q. What are the benefits of using Orgonite Devices?

If you keep Orgonite devices around your home or on your person, you will be protected from negative energies.

Q. What is the Gemstone Money Tree?

Crafted from genuine gemstones, our Gemstone Money Tree is designed to bring luck and prosperity to your life so that you can achieve all your goals and desires.

Q. What is the difference between a Quartz crystal and an inorganic material?

To understand what is the difference between a quartz crystal and an inorganic material, you need to know a little about their basic characteristics.

Quartz is a mineral that is made up of silicon dioxide. It is formed from a compound of silicon and oxygen, known as silica. It is a polycrystalline mineral and is considered a piezoelectric crystal. Piezoelectricity is the property of materials that generate an electric charge when subjected to mechanical stress.

Inorganic material refers to substances that are not naturally found as minerals. They are made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sometimes other elements like phosphorus, sulfur, and silicon. Inorganic materials are generally found in nature as various minerals.

Q. What is Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz is the finest emotional healer.

Q. What are the benefits of Rose Quartz?

Rose quartz releases unexpressed emotions and heartache, and transmutation of emotional conditioning that no longer serves.

Q. What are the benefits of Amethyst?

The healing powers of amethyst apply to physical ailments, emotional problems, energy healing, and chakra balancing.

Q. What is Blue Agate?

Blue Agate is a soothing, nurturing stone that brings calmness and peace of mind.

Q. What are the benefits of black stone?

As it absorbs electromagnetic pollution and negativity, black tourmaline makes you feel secure.

Q. What are the benefits of peridot?

Pedot relieves jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hatred, and greed. Reduces stress and guilt.

Q. What are the benefits of Aventurine stone?

In the gemstone world, the aventurine is known as one of the lucky stones because of its symbolic meanings of abundance and wealth, empowerment, hope, joy, and purpose.

Q. What is a psychic reading?

We have carefully screened and selected a range of gifted, compassionate psychic readers to provide clarity and new insights into your life.

Q. What is the Aura?

The Aura is a mysterious part of the body that allows the human body to interact with the universe and with other people. The aura consists of seven different energies which balance one another. However, when any one of the seven energies is blocked, the body suffers as a result.

Q. What are the benefits of using Brazilian Crystal Quartz?

Brazilian Crystal Quartz is a natural type of quartz that is prized for its power to transform negative energy into positive energy. Consequently, it is a great material for use in crystal grids, which are used in energy cleansing or energy healing.

When it comes to jewelry, you can find everything from pure silver to diamond, gold, and platinum in a plethora of styles and lengths. However, Brazilian crystals are a type of mineral that has a very unique and distinctive sparkle due to the way in which they are cut. This makes them a perfect choice for jewelry making and finding various types of Brazilian crystals can really jazz up your outfit.

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