Where Can Study Psychology in Bangladesh?

There are various reasons why people study psychology in Bangladesh. Some choose to do it because they want to work in the field, others simply want to improve their personal life, and some do it because they believe it can help them in their future career.

Many people consider studying psychology as a career. A few percents consider that psychology is not a job at all. But others think of it as a full-time job. Studying psychology in Bangladesh is very interesting for a better career. It is a challenging career as well. It is a very demanding career. Also, it is a very perplexing career.

If you are thinking about studying psychology in Bangladesh, you must have one question in your mind: What is the best university for psychology in Bangladesh? We will provide all of the possible answers to this question. So, you are requested to read the whole article attentively.

The purpose of the Psychology department in Bangladesh at universities is to provide a place for people to learn about psychology, study psychology, teach psychology, and use psychology.

The department provides a resource for students to learn more about what psychology is, what it is like to be a psychologist, and how it all fits together.

The psychology field in Bangladesh is still in its early stages of development. Consequently, there is not a lot in the way of resources, manuals, and other texts that can help students learn and understand the subject.

However, a few resources provide information on the subject of psychology, and psychologists who live and work in Bangladesh are starting to produce their own materials.

What is psychology?

Psychology is a social science that studies the human mind and behavior. It includes many different areas, including cognitive psychology, social psychology, personality psychology, developmental psychology, and clinical psychology.

The field of psychology is an academic discipline that uses experimental and empirical techniques to study the mind and behavior of individual people and groups and develop principles of practice for mental health professionals.

The term psychology in itself is ambiguous. It can mean “the scientific study of the mind, personality, or behavior.” For example, the definition of clinical psychology has expanded to include a general study of psychiatric disorders (e.g., personality disorders) that are not part of traditional mental health disciplines. The first recorded use of psychology as a term of art was in 1843.

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History of psychology studies in Bangladesh

As in many Asian countries, psychology in Bangladesh is one of the most recent sciences to have been introduced into universities and colleges as a separate academic discipline.

In the University of Dhaka, psychology was established as an independent department in 1965, with the Master’s degree in the subject being started in 1962.

In the 1960s, psychology started in some reputed colleges for bachelor or undergraduate courses. In the USA, North American psychology had a significant influence on developing psychology as an academic discipline in Bangladesh.

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Why study psychology in Bangladesh?

Are you thinking about why you will choose psychology? There are many causes to be a psychologist after taking proper training and a degree in psychology. Some of the causes are:

  1. Psychology knowledge can help you to make a good decision-maker.
  2. A psychology degree and experience can help you to get a good career or job.
  3. This degree can help you to become a better human being.
  4. The knowledge of Psychology can help you to get a good relationship with your family.
  5. The knowledge that possesses by psychology can help you to get a good relationship with your friends.
  6. This education can help you to have a good relationship with your colleagues.
  7. A psychology major can help you to become a better citizen.
  8. With the upcoming psychological research field, you can keep a significant contribution.

Psychology in Bangladesh

How to build a career in Psychology in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is in the very early stages of development. Once, It was not easy to build a career in psychology in Bangladesh.

The reasons were many: the field of psychology was not recognized as an academic discipline in Bangladesh, and the education and training required for becoming a psychologist were not straightforward and well-defined. So, it was not easy to find a job in this field.

The good news is that it is an emerging market and has a strong potential for increased career opportunities for the right person. At present, authorities of various universities, clinics, private hospitals are appointing professional psychologists.

So, how can you be the right person to be succeeded in psychology? Well, you can if make yourself potential, effective, and knowledgeable in psychology. You should take various training workshops, practical experience after and between your psychology honors and master’s level studies. Various trainers come from various places in Bangladesh and abroad. They provide training and workshop with various approaches.

Salary of psychologists in Bangladesh

The salary of a professional psychologist can be ranged from 25,000tk-1,0000tk in Dhaka. People of Bangladesh could understand the emergence of psychology after the Rohinga issue.

After completing an academic degree in psychology, people easily get jobs in cox-Bazar to work with Rohingya refugees.

Various international organizations appointed psychologists. Some of the organizations are The International Organization for Migration (IOM) and UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) etc.

These organizations provide salaries in dollars. So their salary is much smart in Bangladeshi taka. Psychologists who are presently working with Rohingya refugees are getting a salary of 50,000tk-2,70,000tk. 

How to study psychology abroad?

Raju Akon, Counseling Psychologist
Raju Akon, Clinical & Counseling Psychologist. He is providing Counseling & other Psychological services at SIBL Foundation Hospital & Diagnostic Center. Dhaka, Bangladesh. To get his appointment call: 01715-187832

When thinking about studying abroad, most people imagine living in a different country, meeting new people, and even leaving the comfort of their home country. These are all great things, but what about what you spend your time doing?

To study psychology abroad, you must first do some research on the subject. You need to know the basics of human psychology and the human mind for your time abroad.

A lot of students choose to study psychology at an international university. The reasons are many – the great part-time jobs, the freedom of learning and working from home, and the opportunity to get free counseling. But the study itself is also a real challenge.

One of the things that most students can forget is to follow instructions on the course they are studying or to stick to the timetable. For example, if an exam is due in three weeks, you should study for the exam every day.

If you have other commitments, you should only study for the exam on the days related to the exam. You should also not postpone the exam for too long.

How to apply psychology in life?

Psychology is everywhere. It explains why men can’t seem to get along with women and why some people are obese while others are skinny.

Countless professional attempts have been made to study the human mind, and every psychologist has their own unique take on how things work.

Over the last few decades, psychologists have made great progress in understanding the basics of human behavior and how it affects people.

Psychology is essential in understanding the human mind, and it can help people improve their lives.

Where can study psychology in Bangladesh?

Following are some Bangladesh public universities that are best for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology. Some of these universities provide professional degrees like counseling psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, school psychology, industrial psychology, etc.

  1. University of Dhaka
  2. Jahangirnagar University
  3. University of Chittagong
  4. University of Rajshahi
  5. Jagannath University
So, which private university is best for psychology in Bangladesh?

Following are some private universities that are best for the psychology department.

  1. North-south
  2. East-west
  3. Brack University

You can also get various psychological short courses in Bangladesh through these universities.

Besides these universities, National University also has psychology departments. Many colleges under the National University are playing a vital role in the field of psychology in Bangladesh.

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