Sacred Power Reading Cards Review & Guide

Sacred Power Reading Cards are a series of inspirational reading cards that can help you connect to higher wisdom, intuition, and the ancestors’ wisdom through the use of sacred geometry, color therapy, and other tools for self-healing. Today, we will provide Sacred Power Reading Cards review from this post.

The Sacred Power Reading Cards is a book for people who want to read but cannot read. It gives you a key to understanding and insight into the meaning of the cards.

Sacred Power Reading Cards Meaning:

The Sacred Power Reading Cards is a book that gives you guidance that you need to read. This book will help you and your soul understand the meaning of the cards and how to use the cards for your benefit.

Each card of this book is designed to gently awaken your inner consciousness, triggering a healing response in the body, spirit, and heart.

Sacred Power Reading Cards: Transforming Guidance for Your...
591 Reviews
Sacred Power Reading Cards: Transforming Guidance for Your...
  • Stark, Anna (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About the Author:

Anna Stark is a metaphysical healer and instructor who leads her pupils into the primal, celestial, and cosmic worlds to discover archaic traditions of psychological recovery and enlightenment.

Anna has a bachelor’s degree in history and sociological concepts and certifications in cognition, Usui Reiki, healing art, and divine reiki therapy.

She goes widely, offering her expertise as a classical tarot card reader and spiritual therapist to instill significant changes in her trainees.

Sacred Power Reading Cards Review 

This tarot deck involves three ways of transformation, affirmations, intimacy, and Rainbow Dragon. Having some talks with oneself promotes deep transformation and closure of old habits and behaviors.

An excellent relationship is founded based on emotional attachment. It becomes harder to keep the poise of a relational system if one has yet to be able to open and engage with their spouse on an intimate level.

The rainbow dragon enables links to our true self, the core sun, celestial, and evolved ruler worlds while grounding us at the moment by delivering the Golden Ray’s frequency. This card will disclose our inner self to fresh opportunities and direction by reawakening our soul’s pathway.

Together with the companion handbook, the Sacred Power Reading Cards deck is certain to unleash our great creative energy. It offers platitudes, meditation, and simple exercises to boost our abilities.

  • To solve specific queries or provide detailed understanding, the decks can be utilized in a classic divination or tarot interpretation fashion, in basic or intricate layouts.
  • To guarantee its therapeutic effect, each card is non – linear and has multiple layers.

The Sacred Power Reading Cards deck contains 36 cards that weigh 15.2 ounces. The companion book is written in English and has 88 pages in total.

The item dimensions are 5.25 x 1.25 x 7.75 inches. This tarot deck ranks 508 among tarot card ranking. Rockpool Publishing published this deck in October 2017.

Previous Users’ Experiences:

  • The key phrases are plenty for the users to attach to the essence of the deck, but there are no concise meanings stated on the face of the decks like the Holy Spirit deck.
  • For more information, the manual includes very useful interpretations.
  • There is a lot to “view” without seeming excessive.
  • It comes with a stylish casing that closes automatically through magnetic force.
  • The card stock seems to displease some users.
Pros: Cons:
  • The artistry and concepts are both incredibly moving.
  • The guidebook is easy to interpret.
  • The cards are big.
  • Comes with a gorgeous container.
  • Easy to shuffle and bend.
  • The card stock is thin, which is very disappointing.
  • The cards are easy to bend, and that might cause sometimes.

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Any tarot cards or therapeutic equipment that we employ is an emotional expansion of ourselves. This tarot deck will help us find the meaning of our souls.

Happy shopping!

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