Set Aside Prayer Process, Steps & Benefits-2022

This is a helpful prayer once you end up in a position where you think you recognize everything or start judging others or the way things are run. During this prayer, you’re asking your abandoning, let God Higher Power ignore your ego for touch while so you’ll learn and grow and have a replacement experience. Ideally, Setting aside Prayer can provide you with a spiritual experience.

You can’t free up and grow if your mind is closed off. When the mind is closed, the guts are closed. How is your Higher Power alleged to assist you then? Say this prayer. It helps!

Set Aside Prayer

God, today help me Set aside everything I feel I do know about You, everything I feel I do know about myself, everything I feel I do know about others, and everything I feel I do know about my very own recovery, so I’ll have an open mind and a replacement experience with of these things. Please help me see the reality.’ These words define the Set-aside Prayer. It’s also called Lay aside Prayer.

Process of ‘Set Aside Prayer’

Generally, 12 steps are followed for the Set aside Prayer consistent with the big book taken into account because of the Bible of the Set-aside Prayer. These are,

Step 1:

  • Please help me see the reality of my physical craving after I start to overeat compulsively.
  • Please help me see the reality of my mental obsession before I start to overeat compulsively.
  • Please help me see the reality of the unmanageability of my life.

Step 2:

Please help me see the reality about my coming to believe an influence greater than myself, which you’re either everything or nothing.

Step 3:

Please help me see the reality about the failure of my life run on self-will and my decision to show my will and my life over to the care of God.

Step 4:

Please help me face and be obviate the items in myself that block me from you, people, and myself.

Step 5:

  • Please help me see the reality about my got to have the integrity to admit to you, another person, and myself the precise nature of my wrongs.
  • Please help me possess the integrity to admit to you, another person, and myself the precise nature of my wrongs.

Step 6:

  • Please help me see the reality of character defects, which block me far away from you and are an obstacle to my recovery. [People. Place or Thing].
  • Please help me be entirely willing/ready to possess you to remove all my character defects.

Step 7:

Please help me see the reality of my humility to ask you to get rid of my shortcomings. Holding nothing back.

Step 8:

Please remove my fears and show me the path of Truth. Please show me all the harms that I have caused by my behavior and make me willing to make amends to them.

Step 9:

Please remove my fear and provide me the strength, courage, and direction to try to do the proper thing, regardless of what the private consequences could also be.

Step 10:

  • Please help me face and be obviate the items in myself that block me from You, people, and myself. Once I am wrong, please help me admit my mistakes and promptly make amends for any harm.
  • Please help me to think less for myself and more often for others. Please show me how you’d have me be.

Step 11:

Please, grant me the disciple to still seek your will through prayer and meditation, and give me the facility to hold it out. May I hear the still quiet voice inside and seek only to grow in understanding and effectiveness.

Step 12:

Please help me hold the message of Truth and principled living to others, especially other addicts, and practice these principles altogether in my affairs.

Try to adapt and make your own personal Set aside prayer means to you! As with everything, take what you would like and leave the remainder behind. To get set aside prayer pdf file, you can click HERE.

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Benefits for ‘Set Aside Prayer’

The Set-aside prayer is employed in twelve-step group meetings for those recovering from addiction. The groups help those that have struggled with food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and other dependencies.

The Set-aside prayer may be a powerful aid for several people. There’s tons of wisdom in it even quite first appears! This text will examine many of the prayer’s most vital aspects that make it helpful for many.


The Non-Judgmental condition of the mind generally defines mindfulness. Here the ego and the own logic will prioritize the other logical reason. Setting aside Prayer can control this type of behavior.

Beginner’s Mind

Adults are often charmed and captivated once they watch a toddler enjoy something for the primary time, whether eating spun sugar, twiddling with a puppy, or playing a replacement game because the experience is so new and interesting for the kid. Within the Zen tradition, a child’s mindset in these situations is named “beginner’s mind.” It refers to openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions, even as a toddler or a beginner would.

Zen is concerned with the childish mind because that freshness of perspective is valuable. Suppose we are ready to Set aside our preconceptions about something and knowledge it as if it is often beginner’s mind for the primary time. It’s a process in which prayer and meditation can help us. The Set aside prayer very directly and helpfully points us toward this mindset.


The Set-aside prayer makes us practice humility in two important ways.

It reminds us that we’re not perfect. What we expect, we all know, could be wrong. It’d be right, of course, but setting aside certainty for a short time can help us stay open.

We practice posing for help from something bigger than ourselves because it’s helpful to admit to ourselves the bounds of our abilities to navigate recovery. This prayer is usually mentioned as a better power, and this higher power is often whatever is most meaningful for you.

The ability to invite assistance is important for all folks, whether we’re in recovery or not. The Set-aside prayer helps us practice that in a small way.

Letting Go

Somewhere between humility and mindfulness is letting go. Letting go is a crucial skill; it leads us closer to accepting the items we can’t control. How does it do this? By helping us achieve serenity.

In the serenity prayer, we pray for the serenity to accept the items we can’t change. We will achieve that serenity more quickly and reliably by practicing our ability to abandon. Once we abandon our attachment to something, there’s a sort of peace that replaces it. The more we practice letting go, the more serenity we are likely to possess.


We all have ways of thinking. We all know what’s best. And sometimes we do. However, if we’re not careful, this confidence in our ideas can become a sort of inaccurate arrogance. And arrogance doesn’t help recovery. Sometimes the simplest antidote to arrogance is an open mind.

To sum things up: the Set-aside prayer is useful in some ways. It reminds us of the worth of humility, the worth of a fresh perspective, and, therefore, the value of letting go. This shift in mindset can put us in a better place to continue our recovery.


We know that an open mind equals open hearts, and an open heart keeps your mental health sound. On the other hand, Set aside prayer supports you to keep your mind open. This process can control you from extremism. Setting aside Prayer can be a better choice for mental satisfaction and other problems.

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