Seven of Coins Meaning, Ideas & Explanation

Seven of Coins, commonly known as Seven of Pentacles, are part of what tarot card readers call the Minor Arcana, generally used in Latin suited card games, including tarot decks. Across Europe, where the games aren’t known, tarot decks are used for divinatory purposes. The interpretation, meanings, and symbolism of Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles are derived from the original Rider-Waite tarot deck.

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Seven of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Long-term view, sustainable result, perseverance, investment, harvest, rewards, results, growth, progress, patience, planning, things coming to fruition, hard work paying off, profits, payouts, the manifestation of ideas or goals, inheritance, cultivation, growing, gestation, nurturing, reviewing, taking stock, questioning, crossroads, approaching retirement, finishing what you started, long-term success.

Reversed Keywords:

Lack of planning, poor management, laziness, delay, impatience, lack of long term vision, limited success or reward, unfinished work, procrastination, low effort, waste, lack of growth, setbacks, bad business/ financial management, not finishing what you started, aimlessness, not putting effort in, cash flow problems, frustration, postponed retirement, workaholic, not taking stocks, lack of reflection, change of plans.

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Seven of Coins Description

On the Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles card, a man is seen leaning on his hoe, gazing at his abundant amount of crop in front of him. The imagery itself shows that the man has worked hard day and night for the seeds to grow and flourish. Now, he has a thriving garden. So, he may take a moment or two of leisure and relaxation to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

It is to be noted that certain fatigue and tiredness is dawned on the man’s face as he gazes upon his success; as he has worked very hard, he’s very tired and maybe even a little over it. But he was able to reap a successful harvest because of his hard work and patience, but this card also portrays that with the intention of doing the best, one mustn’t overdo it to the point that one may exhaust themselves.

The colors and symbolism in the Seven of Coins card image portray a lot about its situation. In the first look, the farmer man in the picture seems a little disappointed in his clothing of bright colors in orange and blue, representing aspiration and inspiration. But at the same time, his head hangs low, and upon further examination, it can be determined that his look of regret might actually be upon the cause of exhaustion or relief. As he’s finally reaping the harvest of his hard work of what he’s sown into the ground, he looks quietly at his success. The six coins or pentacles are adorned on the vines, and the last and seventh coin or pentacle rests soundly between his feet. The six coins on the vines represent the vast and a large amount of success he was about to secure, and the one coin between his feet indicates his reward. That for his hard work, the reward will also be equally satisfying for him.

At the same time, the farmer isn’t touching his harvest or reaping them off all at once as he intends to save it and use it for later. This indicates investments and long-term succession planning. He saves his reward for himself and saves the other coins on the vines to invest in others later. The imagery indicates that this farmer intends to grow his crops with careful planning and hard work for the long term.

General Interpretation of Seven of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Meaning:

Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles relates to investment, effort, hard work, grit, long-term planning, etc. The Six of Pentacles somewhat influences the central theme, which refers to the end of financial hardship. If you put in a reasonable amount of work and effort into your goal, it indicates that you’re efforts are paying off quite well and continue to be paying off well in the future.

Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles also encourages you that you put in your time and effort into something well-planned and sustainable for your own benefit. It’s important to know what you’re doing and how this will profit you in the future, and if it’s suitable for long-term success or not. Blindly following any work or putting in much effort into fruitless work will cause you pain and frustration. That’s why it’s important to work hard, but it’s more significant to work smart at the same time.

The third and last message of the Seven of Pentacles in the upright position is that it’s always important to look after yourself first. No matter how important the work is, never exhaust yourself as harming yourself can only cause you to distress in the future. Wearing yourself out will result in you not being able to work fruitfully in the future. So, remember to take a moment of rest from time to time to look at the bigger picture and relax.

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Reversed Meaning:

In the reverse position, the Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles convey a negative message. It indicates that you may have been putting in a significant amount of work and getting only little pay and recognition for your hard work. This also indicates that someone is wearing themselves out or doing too much. This trope refers to the workaholics and work addicts. This is very harmful to your mental and physical health. The person who’s working for a great amount of time with little reward may feel like he’s the one getting little to nothing while the others seem to get what they desire.

Although in another context, in the Minor Arcana, these cards of Seven of Pentacles can suggest a certain lack of work and procrastination. This means that the amount of work required isn’t fulfilled, and that’s why the person is suffering. This laziness and aimlessness leave the person without work and development.

The card can also indicate the change of plans or lack of direction, meaning that you’re not taking the steps necessary to move forward and having setbacks towards reaching your goal. This impatience might cause delay, frustration, and not finishing the work that you’ve started.

Seven of Coins- Yes or No

The Seven of Pentacles indicates that your ‘yes’ is coming very soon in a’ yes’ or’ no’ reading. As the card indicates that you’ll be able to reap your harvest soon, it also suggests that you’ll have your hard work paid off soon handsomely. The only thing you’ll have to be open-minded and willing to accept is the offered help.

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Numerology & Astrology of Seven of Coins


The Seven of Coins card depicts the lucky number 7.


Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles is connected to the Zodiac sign Taurus and ruled by Venus. The planet and sign both refer to attraction, beauty, and abundance. The card is also associated with the element Earth, depicting materialism. But the card also refers to someone who’s a generous nurturer and concerned with stability and security.

Seven of Coins & Some Important Card Combination

The interpretation and meaning of the Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles can change with the effect of the cards surrounding it in a reading. That’s why it’s important to know about the different variations and how their meaning can change.

  • Seven of Coins & Justice:

    This pair suggests that you should look where you are in the present and assess the situation to set a course for your future. If you think you’re on the right track for your career, finances, and love life, you should go along with your current plan. But if not, think about what you want to be and what you want to do and write down your goals.

  • Seven of Coins & Judgement:

    This combo is similar to that of Seven of Coins and Justice, but the card of Judgement actually calls for a decision rather than just assessment. If you are on the verge of something, swapping between possible options can only cause you pain and frustration. So, it would help if you made a choice.

  • Seven of Coins & The Hermit:

    The Hermit heavily emphasizes alone time and solitude. But when this combo comes along, it suggests that money is involved in it, indicating the possibility of future investment. The possibility doesn’t have to be an official one, but a project you’ve worked on personally. So get ready to reap the harvest of your hard work and risks.

  • Seven of Coins & The Knight of Pentacles:

    The Knight of Pentacles card is all about action and getting things done. The combo urges you to go after what you want in life when paired up with the Seven of Coins or Seven of Pentacles card. Especially in the case of career and jobs. It can be a job search or your intention to move into a different field. However, the results will come out likely positive.

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Hard work, passion, and grit is the driving force of human beings, and for that reason, it is fundamental discussion of a person’s life. For that reason, it’s essential to address these issues and talk about them, and that’s exactly what the card Seven of Coins does. Its teaching can be very beneficial to anyone’s life.

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