Tarot Card Meanings Workbook: Review & Guide

This is the first edition of the “Tarot Card Meanings Workbook.” This book will provide you with interpretations of your Tarot card reading in a variety of ways!

We have provided the details on the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook in the article. Check them out below.

What will you Get from Tarot Card Meanings Workbook?

Tarot Card Meanings Workbook is a book that gives readers a look at tarot card meanings in a fun and easy way. Instead of having to memorize a whole pile of tarot meanings, readers can rely on this workbook.

The author Brigit Esselmont has broken down each card by the tarot elements and has provided a brief description of each card to help readers better understand their meaning.

Readers can also rely on the handy table of contents, which lists all the tarot cards grouped by their element. Tarot Card Meanings Workbook will be a valuable resource for beginners and seasoned tarot readers alike.

Tarot Card Meanings Workbook
189 Reviews
Tarot Card Meanings Workbook
  • Esselmont, Brigit (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About Author

This workbook was created by the author Birgit Esselmont.

Brigit Esselmont is a professional Tarot reader and teacher, intuitive business coach, and spiritual entrepreneur who is well-known worldwide. She founded the Biddy Tarot, which inspires over four million people each year to live more mindful and enlightened lives through the Tarot.

Tarot Card Meanings Workbook Review:

The Tarot Card Meanings Workbook will guide you by creating your own descriptions for the Tarot cards.

This is not a case of being informed of the meanings of the Tarot cards. This is about determining the meaning of the cards for you.

You’ll use your personal experiences, Tarot readings, and – most importantly – your intuition to create powerful Tarot card interpretations that make sense to you and provide the clarity you seek.

The Tarot Card Meanings Workbook contains the following:

  • Advice on how to decipher your unique Tarot card interpretations
  • Worksheets for each Tarot card, with space for you to record your personal keywords, Tarot card symbolism, upright and reversed meanings, and interpretations for love, work, career, finances, well-being, and spirituality.
  • Images in black and white of the 78 Rider Waite Tarot cards will help you better understand their symbolism and significance.
  • Blank keyword charts allow you to create your own quick-reference guide for Tarot card interpretations.

If you’re having difficulty memorizing all of the Tarot card meanings or find yourself constantly referring to the book to determine what a card means, the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook is for you! This is your chance to finally establish a strong – and meaningful – connection with the cards, ensuring that you nail every reading, every time.

Features and Specifications:

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform published this deck on August 24, 2017. It comes with 334 pages of paperback and weighs 1.72 pounds. It has a dimension of 8.5*0.76*11 inches.

  • This deck features included a workbook that provided all the information on tarot card meanings.

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Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The book of the pages is labeled with lines so you can write your interpretations.
  • The workbook is useful and helps tap into one’s intuition and build one’s own connection to the cards.
  • This workbook is great to get familiar with the cards and their meanings and help get past trying to memorize anything.
  • This workbook gives so much space and information and freedom to explore the cards independently by using a combination of research and our own intuition.
  • The book is perfect for those who are serious about learning Tarot.
  • This book is perfect for accelerating further learning of tarot card meaning and enhancement of tarot knowledge by giving an organized format to record the personal experiences of each card.
  • Some buyers claimed that it’s 343 pages and not heavy. It is bulky, and its cover is thin and flimsy and binding thin the glue overlaps, so when opening it, pages tore on the spine as they were stuck together.
  • Some buyers claimed that this book should have a much stronger front and back cover, and it should be ring round.
Pros: Cons:
  • This workbook provided much information and was great, with plenty of space and subheadings for each card to fill our interpretations.
  • The workbook provided a quick reference section to fill in keywords for each card in the major and minor arcana.
  • It helps us read to be more powerful, insightful, and accurate by tapping into our own guidance.
  • Some buyers claimed that the workbook that provided details is basic.


Each card in the Tarot Card Meanings Workbook is accompanied by a detailed description of the card’s meaning. The book can also be used as a quick reference guide for beginners. So, we hope you have understood all the details of this workbook that we have provided in the article.

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