Tarot Cards Meanings List to Read in Order-2021

Tarot Cards Meanings List can be easy to read if it becomes a sequence. Tarot cards are a foretelling method, which literally means working with the divine and one’s higher self. These cards help to know what needs the person to do in a special situation. This is the exact purpose of tarot cards like yoga. Desks are popularly being used to explore inner wisdom and direction. To know details about tarot card definition, Click Here.

To define tarot cards, Psychologist Carl Jung first coined the tarot card meaning from a psychological perspective, which is a parallel condition of the events. These cards work moment to moment, which does not mean dark or shadow psychology to manipulate others. These cards are also called a divine mirror. We have broken down the meaning of every term uses in tarot cards. Let’s check easy tarot card meanings.

Major Arcana

The Major Arcana is the core foundation of 22 card sets of the tarot decks. They are sequenced according to 0-21. Before the 17th century, they are simply used for gaming and gambling. Michael Dummett Defines Major Arcana had a general meaning like allegorical or esoteric. The significance value started after the 18th century when Antoine Court De Gebelin published Le Monde Primitif. All deck contains the archetypal significance values. The Major Arcana cards describe spirituality and the innocent wonder of the fool and fulfillment of the world. Also, these cards mean human spirituality by the evaluation through enlightenment and individuation.

As we go through the perspective of a fool, so we can observe a similarity between our own stages and the cards. Each card represents a specific meaning and lesson to meditate on because the bases of all cards are tarot. Also, some reading can be conducted with Major Arcana. Major Arcana tarot cards meanings list are:

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The World Meaning

Upright: contentment, agreement, conclusion, Reversed: incompletion, no conclusion

Judgment Meaning

Upright: replication, arithmetic, growing, Reversed: lack of self-awareness, doubt, self-loathing

The Sun Meaning

Upright: happiness, achievement, festivity, positivity, Reversed: un-constructiveness, sadness, sorrow

The Moon Meaning

Upright: insentient, delusions, instinct, Reversed: misperception, dread, misunderstanding

The Star Meaning

Upright: hope, confidence, transformation, Reversed: dishonesty, opposition, uncertainty

The Tower Meaning

Upright: unexpected disturbance, cracked egotism, tragedy, Reversed: adversity circumvented, behind adversity, fear of sorrow

The Devil Meaning

Upright: compulsion, greed, spirit, Reversed: liberty, announcement, reinstating control

Temperance Meaning

Upright: middle track, tolerance, outcome sense, Reversed: excesses, additional, lack of stability

Death Meaning

Upright: end of the sequence, early stages, alteration, transformation, Reversed: fear of revolution, holding on, sluggishness, decline

The Hanged Man Meaning

Upright: detriment, issue, sacrifice, Reversed: obstructionist, pointless loss, fear of detriment

Justice Meaning

Upright: reason and consequence, clearness, fact, Reversed: deceit, unaccountability, injustice

The Wheel of Fortune Meaning

Upright: alteration, series, unavoidable fortune, Reversed: no resistor, clingy to control, evil luck

The Hermit Meaning

Upright: observation, search for veracity, central leadership, Reversed: isolation, separation, misplaced your system

Strength Meaning

Upright: inner gift, courageousness, empathy, attention, Reversed: self-doubt, softness, uncertainty

The Chariot Meaning

Upright: course, resistor, determination, Reversed: lack of resistor, lack of path, hostility

The Lovers Meaning

Upright: companies, dichotomy, merger, Reversed: loss of equilibrium, partiality, conflict

The Hierophant Meaning

Upright: custom, traditionalism, ethics, morality, Reversed: revolt, subversiveness, new tactics

The Emperor Meaning

Upright: expert, assembly, regulator, fatherhood, Reversed: oppression, inflexibility, emotionlessness

The Empress Meaning

Upright: maternity, fruitfulness, fauna, Reversed: requirement, suffocating, blankness, inquisitiveness

The High Priestess Meaning

Upright: instinctive, comatose, inner speech, Reversed: lack of focus, lost inner speech, suppressed feelings

The Magician Meaning

Upright: determination, wish, formation, appearance, Reversed: deception, delusions, out of hint

The Fool Meaning

Upright: blamelessness, new starting, free soul, Reversed: irresponsibility, taken benefit of, insensitivity

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Suit of Wands

The Suit of Wands is a part of Minor Arcana. Like many other tarot cards, these cards contain 40 cards. The suit of wands is related to the fire which means passion, inspiration, and willpower. The wands fill with primal energy for their operators so that a cycle can start. As they can bring their energy to a specific point so they are related to action, motivation, and making plans. Moreover, their worst situation is recklessness and lack of direction. As you go forward with the journey of wind so you can go within this theme more than once. The suit of Wands tarot cards meanings list are:

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Seven of Wands Meaning

Upright: determination, self-justifying, upholding control, Reversed: hand over, demolished self-assurance, overcome

Four of Wands Meaning

Upright: communal, household, festivity, Reversed: lack of sustenance, briefness, home wars

Ace of Wands Meaning

Upright: formation, determination, stimulus, wish, Reversed: lack of liveliness, lack of desire, monotony

Ten of Wands Meaning

Upright: achievement, accountability, problem, Reversed: incapability to represent, overstretched, burnt out

Nine of Wands Meaning

Upright: flexibility, gravel, last viewpoint, Reversed: tiredness, exhaustion, inquisitive drives

Eight of Wands Meaning

Upright: speedy action, drive, quick choices, Reversed: fright, waiting, strike

Six of Wands Meaning

Upright: conquest, achievement, community reward, Reversed: additional pride, lack of gratitude, castigation

Five of Wands Meaning

Upright: rivalry, competition, fight, Reversed: evading conflict, regarding variances

Three of Wands Meaning

Upright: Go forward, development, rapid growth, Reversed: complications, delays, hindrance

Two of Wands Meaning

Upright: planning, making choices, exit home, Reversed: fear of alteration, playing innocent, evil development

Page of Wands Meaning

Upright: examination, enthusiasm, liberty, Reversed: lack of path, deferment, creating struggle

Queen of Wands Meaning

Upright: bravery, willpower, happiness, Reversed: self-centeredness, protectiveness, uncertainties

King of Wands Meaning

Upright: big image, front-runner, overwhelming challenges, Reversed: unwary, haughty, unattainable prospects

Knight of Wands Meaning

Upright: achievement, escapade, courage, Reversed: annoyance, suddenness, irresponsibility

Suit of Cups

The Suit of Cups is used in tarot card divination. Alternatively, it is also called Suit of Goblets which means the Clergy. Like other tarot cards deck, it contains fourteen cards which are a part of Minor Arcana. The suit of cups means emotions, the unconscious, creativity, and intuition. They define the relationships, whether romantic or non-romantic, one’s internal imagination or world. They are connected with the element of water which can imagine through this suit. Their worst is unrestrained emotions, imagination, and a detachment from one’s internal voice. The Suit of Cups tarot cards meanings list are:

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King of Cups Meaning

Upright: sympathy, switch, equilibrium, Reversed: emotionlessness, sulkiness, immoral advice

Queen of Cups Meaning

Upright: sympathy, calm, relief, Reversed: endurance, uncertainty, necessity

Knight of Cups Meaning

Upright: following the emotion, romantic, idealistic, Reversed: sullenness, dissatisfaction

Page of Cups Meaning

Upright: happy astonishment, visionary, compassion, Reversed: open childishness, uncertainty, dissatisfaction

Ten of Cups Meaning

Upright: inner pleasure, contentment, dreams imminent exact, Reversed: devastated dreams, fragmented family, innate conflict

Nine of Cups Meaning

Upright: gratification, open stability, indulgence, Reversed: lack of inner happiness, complacency, unhappiness

Eight of Cups Meaning

Upright: walking away, disappointment, sendoff behind, Reversed: evasion, fear of alteration, fear of injury

Seven of Cups Meaning

Upright: searching for a resolution, selections, fantasizing, Reversed: lack of persistence, change, misperception

Six of Cups Meaning

Upright: knowledge, happy reminiscences, curative, Reversed: touching forward, departure home, individuality

Five of Cups Meaning

Upright: damage, sorrow, self-pity, Reversed: receipt, moving on, discovery peace

Four of Cups Meaning

Upright: indifference, inspection, disjunction, Reversed: sudden consciousness, picking contentment, receipt

Three of Cups Meaning

Upright: bond, municipal, contentment, Reversed: excess, talk, separation

Two of Cups Meaning

Upright: agreement, company, joining, Reversed: inequity, broken message, tautness

Ace of Cups Meaning

Upright: new spirits, holiness, instinct, Reversed: loss of feeling, congested creativity, bareness

Suit of Swords

It is one of the four suits of Minor Arcana. This is a Latin suit card where have fourteen cards. It represents the second estate which is also known as Nobles. The suit of swords means intelligence, judgment, fact, desire, conflict, and statement. The suit of swords related to the element of air. In readings, these cards focus on the aptitude and control of understanding, which are two-edged. This power can be used for good or evil work. Also, it can help and harm others. If there have any imbalance then it can cause conflicts. Their worst can be offensive, punitive, and lack compassion. The Suit of Swords tarot cards meanings list are:

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King of Swords Meaning

Upright: head over mood, punishment, reality, Reversed: controlling, painful, faintness

Knight of Swords Meaning

Upright: achievement, precipitateness, defending politics, Reversed: no route, disrespect for significances, randomness

Queen of Swords Meaning

Upright: difficulty, insight, clear-mindedness, Reversed: cold-hearted, painful, resentment

Page of Swords Meaning

Upright: inquisitiveness, agitation, mental liveliness, Reversed: dishonesty, handling, all talk

Ten of Swords Meaning

Upright: disappointment, failure, overthrow, Reversed: can’t get inferior, only upwards, unavoidable end

Nine of Swords Meaning

Upright: worry, impossibility, suffering, Reversed: hope, reaching out, despair

Eight of Swords Meaning

Upright: custody, set-up, self-victimization, Reversed: self-acceptance, new perception, self-determination

Seven of Swords Meaning

Upright: dishonesty, deception, strategies, and tactic, Reversed: coming spotless, reconsidering method, dishonesty

Six of Swords Meaning

Upright: change, sendoff behind, going forward, Reversed: expressive baggage, vague issues, resisting change

Five of Swords Meaning

Upright: unrestrained ambition, win at all expenses, unfairness, Reversed: lasting antipathy, wish to resolve, clemency

Three of Swords Meaning

Upright: sorrow, grief, pain, Reversed: retrieval, compassion, going forward

Four of Swords Meaning

Upright: break, refurbishment, inspection, Reversed: agitation, exhaustion, pressure

Two of Swords Meaning

Upright: problematic adoptions, indecisiveness, impasse, Reversed: minor of two problems, no correct choice, mistake

Ace of Swords Meaning

Upright: advance, simplicity, sharp awareness, Reversed: misperception, cruelty, confusion

Suit of Pentacles

The suit of pentacles is worldly and substantial. It is also called a suit of the coin which is a part of Minor Arcana. These cards contain fourteen cards. It defines the economic aspects which are connected with safety, constancy, nature, wellbeing, and wealth. The pentacles are associated with the element of earth. If you notice the pentacles in a reading, then you will concern with your upcoming future, occupation, kindness, your home, professional savings, and your spirits of sensuality. The worsts side of the pentacles are insatiability, suspicion, greed, and uncontrolled drive. The Suit of Pentacles tarot cards meanings list are:

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King of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: profusion, wealth, safety, Reversed: gluttony, tolerance, sensualness

Queen of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: realism, creature luxuries, economic safety, Reversed: self-centeredness, suspicion, suffocating

Knight of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: competence, hard work, accountability, Reversed: idleness, obsessivity, effort without reward

Page of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: determination, wish, assiduousness, Reversed: lack of promise, gluttony, idleness

Ten of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: inheritance, conclusion, tradition, Reversed: momentary success, lack of constancy, lack of properties

Nine of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: fruits of work, plunders, indulgence, Reversed: reckless expenditure, living beyond means, false achievement

Eight of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: traineeship, desire, high morals, Reversed: lack of desire, insipid, no incentive

Seven of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: hard work, persistence, assiduousness, Reversed: work without outcomes, interruptions, lack of plunders

Six of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: assistance, kindness, distribution, Reversed: threads attached, miserliness, power, and control

Five of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: essential, deficiency, uncertainty, Reversed: retrieval, assistance, development

Four of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: preservation, parsimony, safety, Reversed: gluttony, miserliness, selfishness

Three of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: cooperation, teamwork, structure, Reversed: lack of cooperation, confusion, the group struggle

Two of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: harmonizing decisions, significances, familiarizing to change, Reversed: loss of stability, confused, overcome

Ace of Pentacles Meaning

Upright: chance, wealth, new gamble, Reversed: lost chance, wasted coincidental, loss investment

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