Tarot Illuminati Kit Card- Review (PROs & CONs)

The Tarot Illuminati Kit is a set of tarot cards designed to give guidance and insight into the workings of the Illuminati.

The authors created the deck, who claims to have been granted occult knowledge of the tarot and the Illuminati.

The authors state that the deck is a source of psychic protection for its readers, who will be granted psychic protection when reading the cards and following the directions.

Illuminati Tarot Card Meanings:

The Illuminati Tarot card is a tarot card that represents the concept of secret societies or occult group’s family trees.

The Illuminati Tarot card offers the knowledge of what the Illuminati is all about. It is also a very powerful card meaning that it should be used sparingly.

In the Illuminati, Tarot spread, The Illuminati Tarot card is usually consulted for reading about the personal problems and/or issues that a person is facing.

The cards in this deck are based on the myth that the Illuminati are a group of people who are, in fact, the forces behind the world’s problems.

We have provided the details on the Tarot Illuminati kit in the article. Check them out below.

Tarot Illuminati Kit
1,155 Reviews
Tarot Illuminati Kit
  • Used Book in Good Condition
  • Huggens, Kim (Author)

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About Author:

This deck author Kim Huggens has been studying tarot cards since he was nine years old and is the co-author of SolInvictus: The God Tarot and the matching deck Pistis Sophia: The Goddess Tarot.

Eric S. Dunne is a contracted project artist. He often travels, following in the footsteps of legendary kings and queens, riding camels across the dunes of Persia, and riding heavy horses across gold mines.

Tarot Illuminati Tarot Review

Deep search for enlightenment develops us, overcomes challenges, and reaches our full potential. With a combination of artistic beauty, symbolic depth, and intuitive pragmatism, The Tarot Illuminati warms the soul and liberates the mind. This stimulating tool of self-discovery, rich in ornate, spontaneous, beautiful images, will illuminate your higher purpose and path to true perfection.

The deck includes a box kit measuring 5 ¼ into 8 ¼ and 160 pages booklet with color illustrations. The deck is available in five languages, German, Italian, France, English, and Spanish.

Tarot Illuminati Tarot – Features and Specifications:

This deck was published by the Llewellyn publication on May 08, 2013. The deck of the language is English and viable in five languages. It weighs 1.38 pounds and has 8.17*5.38*2 dimensions of inches.

  • The deck includes a 160 pages guidebook providing all the easy step instructions to learn and read tarot.
  • The deck features; it warms the soul and frees the mind.
  • The box that contains the card and book is of high quality and is very sturdy with a magnetic closure at the side and the same height and width as the book.
  • The deck included very straightforward messages and upfront.
  • The cards are sturdy and beautiful, and the book is well written.
  • Its included book gives a wonderful explanation of the cards.
  • The deck included a book is of full color, and its pages are thick, glossy, and far from cheap.
  • The deck included in the book is a total reprint and does not have the foil effect like the original version.
  • This deck of its art and detailed book are amazing, and its very straightforward messages card imagery is of high quality and mystical.
  • The deck of the cards has beautiful gilt edges, but they did make the cards stick together.

User’s Experience:

  • The deck included cardstock is heavy, and gilded edges give this deck a vibrant feel.
  • The deck of its artwork is stunning and is designed in RWS tradition, and its picture is more expressive.
  • Some user’s claimed that the cards are a little hard to shuffle, but it’s worth it.
  • Some user’s claimed that the box has a wrinkle right down the middle of the face.
  • The deck of the cards is beautiful to look at, like a collage done in photoshop.
  • Some users claimed that their cards stick to each other in clumps of 3-5 cards, making smooth shuffling nearly impossible. This happens because of the gilt edges.
  • The deck is based on the RWS system, and its cards are very thick, and images are borderless.
  • The back of the card has the same design as the box cover, but instead of a picture, the center has a kind of crunch window effect with a floral motif and is reversible.
  • Its card edges are gilded, and the card dimensions are 4.75*2.75” and the height of the deck stacked is 1.25” its finish is glossy but not high gloss.
Pros: Cons:
  • The deck of the image is vivid and has beautiful illustrations.
  • The deck illuminates our path to a higher purpose and true fulfillment.
  • This deck included a160 page booklet with color illustrations that provided all the information on this relevant deck.
  • The deck illustrations are superb, and it is based on the RWS and is easy to understand.
  • This deck included cards, and the book comes in a stylish and includes a sturdy box with a magnetic closure.
  • You can also learn from the tarot Illuminati app.
  • The deck of the cards is thick, which doesn’t riffle to shuffle.


The Illuminati tarot card meanings are not based on the Illuminati religion but the occultism and philosophy of the Illuminati. So, we hope that you have understood the details of the tarot Illuminati Kit that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this deck.

Happy Shopping.

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