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On the surface, Tarot in Wonderland doesn’t look like much. It’s a tiny booklet with a simple, illustrated cover in the style of Alice in Wonderland. And it’s not intended for reading; you can’t even shuffle it in your deck of cards. If you’re looking for a Tarot book that will help you do readings, this isn’t it. Let’s check the Tarot in Wonderland Review.

Tarot in Wonderland is a beautifully illustrated book that is an ode to the traditional mystical art of tarot cards. Eugene Smith’s illustrations are not your average tarot deck illustrations. He has created scenes of fairytale scenes with tarot scenes, often with the same scenes with different scenes or scenes within scenes within scenes.

Tarot in Wonderland Meanings:

I’m sure you’ve seen the Beatles songs, “Tarot in Wonderland” and “Sgt. Pepper’s.” “Tarot in Wonderland” is the story of a young woman who can travel quite far in her imagination, which is represented by the tarot cards. While she is in the land of imagination, she sees many things that are different from the real world. The illustrations are wonderful!

Tarot in Wonderland is a new interpretation of the classic Tarot cards, created by Barbara Moore and Eugene Smith, two artists whose work is inspired by children’s stories. The first card of the deck shows Alice in Wonderland, and the rest of the pack is based on the characters and events in Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s book. This is a beautiful and unique deck and is perfect for people who like to interpret the cards in a different way than traditional readings.

Tarot in Wonderland
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Tarot in Wonderland
  • Moore, Barbara (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About Author

Barbara Moore (Author) & Eugene Smith (Illustrator)

Barabara hails from Northern California and has been acquainted with tarot for a very long time. She had first started learning the art of tarot in the 1990s. Since then, she has written many best-selling books about tarot, such as ‘Tarot for Beginners’ and dozen of other books. She has also created countless successful and user-friendly tarot kits, which are best-sellers which include ‘Mystical Manga Tarot’ and Shadowscapes Tarot. She now works with clients and conducts workshops all around the world.

Eugene Smith is a talented illustrator who was born and raised in California; he currently lives in Chicago, Illinois, with his wife and two lovely children. He first started his art journey through doodling in notebooks and scribbling on the wall, as at first, it was a hobby. Then he took it on a professional route and pursued a BFA in painting and drawing from the Academy of Arts University located in San Francisco. Since then, he has been working relentlessly in this field, designing and creating illustrations for books, editorials, tarot decks, cards, and sometimes educational graphic novels.

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Tarot in Wonderland Review:

This tarot deck is a journey through the wonderland of tarot, which reveals wisdom to its breeze. Nonetheless, this tarot is the tarot in which the characters from the favorite story of ‘Alice in Wonderland meet with each other.

Inspiration and motivation derived from the original Rider-Waite Tarot deck and based on the visuals and incredible and imaginative story from Lewis Carroll, the deck, mirrors your soul to another beautiful realm where dreams meet up with reality.

This deck explores intuition and enlightens the mind and spirit. To reach the height of imagination and approach the truths of life like in a fairy tale, this tarot will be helpful to the dreamers.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of the card on Amazon in the language of English. It was published on 8th April 2018 by Llewellyn Publications. Moreover, it weighs about 2.2 pounds and has a dimension of about 10.59 x 2.05 x 6.06 inches.

  • The deck has 78 illustrated cards.
  • A full-color accompanies this deck over the 300-page guidebook.
  • The deck comes in a magnetic closure box.

Users’ Experience:

  • This deck unhinges the curiosity of the readers and makes them enthusiastic about pursuing knowledge and wisdom.
  • The wisdom and magic brought together by the imaginary abilities of Lewis Carroll are very impressive, and the way it’s adapted in the form of a tarot deck is even more praise-worthy.
  • The luminous and magical way author Barabara Moore presents the wisdom and expression of an adventurous journey is also very attractive to the readers.
  • Eugene Smith’s finesse artwork is also stunning and captivates the concentration of the readers.
  • The companion guidebook being full-colour is the most attractive and genius part of the deck.
  • The guidebook itself is very self-explanatory and can give necessary information to the readers.
Pros: Cons:
  • The magnetic closure box is sturdy and protects the cards from harm, and also keeps them safe.
  • The art is beautiful and gorgeous with the direct inspiration and motivation from Alice in Wonderland story and its content, materials, and vibrant, bright colors.
  • The deck also has a lot of references directly from the Alice in Wonderland story and resonates with the original story.
  • The cardstock is thick and sturdy with a high-quality glossy print.
  • The companion book has separate instructions and layout pictures for each card and other necessary information and guidelines.
  • The deck and the book are straightforward and resilient with their messages and information.
  • The guidebook looks into the origins and backstories of the deck, describing the source of its inspiration.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The deck isn’t recommended for beginners as it doesn’t follow the traditional imagery of tarot decks.


To gain the knowledge and wisdom with fun and imagination, this deck offers the best of itself to immerse the reader’s intuition and steer their consciousness to the freer side of reality to break free their soul and spirit.

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