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The book is a journal to help you in tracking and learning how to use the Tarot card meanings and messages for yourself. The book covers the different ways to read the cards, some common spreads, and many other important topics to help in the understanding of the different meanings of the cards. This write-up will show the Tarot Spreads Journal Review.

Tarot Spreads Journal Meaning:

There are so many types of spreads that could be used that it can be difficult to keep track of. Most spread books give a brief description of each spread, but they often do not give a full explanation of what the spread is about, nor do they explain what each card means.

With this journal you will be able to record your readings, it will contain a full description of the spread, and it will provide graphics that show what the spread means.

Tarot Spreads Journal: A Guided Journal for Tracking Your...
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Tarot Spreads Journal: A Guided Journal for Tracking Your...
  • by Tarot, Empowered (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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About the Author:

Empowered by Tarot creates a journal, notes, and other materials to help us with our tarot training. They are made with a lot of consideration and affection.

Tarot Spreads Journal Review

The tarot is a deck of cards that has been used in different regions of Europe since the middle of the 15th century to play games including Italian tarocchini, French tarot, and Austrian Königrufen, all of which have been still played to this day.

It requires a lot of skill to become a competent Tarot reader. Keeping a journal for our interpretations is an excellent approach to learn much more about the symbolism of the tarot cards and to spot trends that will help us strengthen our sensitivity.

This Tarot Spreads Journal is ideal for the beginner tarot interpreter who wishes to learn more about:

  • Experimenting with various spreads and seeing which ones perform best in diverse circumstances.
  • When fresh information or customer feedback becomes accessible, the ability to revisit previous interpretations in an attempt to great predictions.
  • Taking note of the symbols that appear over an amount of time and during particular sessions.

This deck was independently published on November 16, 2020. The paperback format owns 126 pages as a whole and it is written in English. The item weight is 8.8 ounces and dimensions are 7 x 0.29 x 10 inches.

Past Users’ Experiences:

  • This one was chosen by some users since it did not restrict the player to a three-card layout.
  • The main negative is that there isn’t enough room to jot everything down for a more in-depth understanding.
Pros: Cons:
  • It does not have a limited layout.
  • It guides beginners and experienced tarot card readers as well.
  • This deck offers flexibility.
  • It has a mesmerizing designed cover that attracts readers.
  • There is some lack of insights.

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The intellect is a weird thing since we frequently store knowledge that we never realize we possess. The information we collect from a tarot card can assist us in unlocking most of the facts and communication which we have lost or took in unknowingly. This will help us respond to situations without making us feel that our knowledge is becoming conscience. This deck will help us go through all the difficulties while reading a tarot card.

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