The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck- 100% Top Reviews in 2021

Are you a beginner and looking for the wild unknown animal spirit deck and guidebook? This is a newer deck from all of the unknown decks and is perfect for beginners with a guidebook. This deck attributes a gorgeous illustration of animals. Check out below, we have provided more details in the article.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck Meaning

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck consists of 78 gorgeously drawn cards. The deck is divided into four suits: animals of the earth, animals of the sky, animals of the water, and animals of the spirit realm. Each suit contains 22 cards: 10 “minor” arcanas (with pips) and 12 “major” arcanas (with titles). The deck’s suits are the same as those of a standard playing deck.

Although the Animal Spirit Deck was designed to be read in conjunction with a tarot deck, or even on its own, it has its own special meanings, too. Each of the animal cards represents different energy, and each has its own characteristics. If you flip any card in the deck, and you get a bad energy reading, it simply means that it’s time to make a change in your life.

When you hear the phrase animal spirit deck, you may be unsure whether you should be picturing a Rider-Waite type deck with animal companions or whether the animals should be in the artwork.

The good news is that you can take your pick. The Wild Unknown’s deck has a distinct feel. Still, it also follows the same archetypal patterns as standard decks, giving you the choice of interpreting the cards as you would a standard deck or as a way of getting a closer connection to the animal kingdom.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook with official keepsake box set Review:

This wild unknown animal spirit deck is an oracle deck that inspired people by real and mythological animals. This deck helps researchers at all levels to expand their self-discovery practice.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook (Official...
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This deck was fabricated by the author Kim krans, an artist, author, and creator of the many bestsellers’ unknown deck. Some of her bestseller decks include; The wild unknown tarot, The wild unknown animal spirit, The wild unknown journal, and The wild unknown archetypes deck and guidebook.

The deck comes with 63 full-color cards that apprehend the sketch picture of both real and mythological animals. It is divided into five suits Earth, water, Fire, Air, and the Ether. All the creatures present in the deck roam around the jungles, swim in the river, wing up through the sky, and live in the desert. The ether suits contain seven spirit cards and represent seven chakras’ astral bodies.

All the details are emotionally stimulating and hand-drawn by Kim krans.

It is a deck of artwork that explores the mystery and fauna of the natural world. His powerful animal archeology helps to get insight into relationships, personalities, behaviors and can be used alone or with the spirit deck to add an extra depth layer.

Wild unknown 208 pages hand-lettered, illustrated guidebook provide all the function and explanation of each card, details on how to spread, concepts on the power of animals spirit deck, how all the animal’s works and helps to light up our oppositions, complex nature, and the mystery who we actually are. The deck observes the secret wisdom of our living nature that lives in and beyond the world and reveals how we all are connected to its complex and astonishing web of life.

The deck is packaged with a large keepsake box with a lifting ribbon. It was published on March 27, 2018, by HarperOne. This deck was formed in the English language. It weighs 1.59 pounds and has a dimension of 5.1*2.6*7.8 inches.

The deck provides:

  • The deck is hand-drawn and draw out by Kim Krans.
  • It comes with a 63 illustrated card that represents full sketch pictures of animals.
  • The deck includes 208 pages guidebook that provides all the lessons on card explanations, spreads. Theory on all the animal’s work.
  • A perfect deck for beginners to enlarge the self-discovery practice.
Pros: Cons:
  • Each card provided an associate meaning.
  • The deck comes with beautiful artwork and is easy to shuffle.
  • The booklet provided all the informative information.
  • The card stock has a good sturdy box that is lifting with ribbon.
  • The cards don’t sit properly on top of the cards.

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So, we hope that you have got all the details that we have provided in the article. Feel free to buy this deck. This gonna worth your buying.

Happy Shopping.

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