Three of Coins Tarot Card Meaning & Explanation

Three of Coins is a card in the suit of coins used in European (Spanish & Italian) tarot cards. Commonly known as Three of Pentacles, this card is a part of what tarot card readers call Minor Arcana. The tarot is heavily used for divinatory purposes and for spirituality.

The “Three of Coins” theory goes like this: All of the cards are of equal value in a normal four-card poker hand. In a “Three of Coins” hand, the highest card is worth more than a pair, or marked more than a pair, or marked a pair of a different rank.

The importance of this rule was never explored until a few years ago when a man named Benny Binion was accused of cheating at poker. He was accused of cheating because he had a better hand of “Three of Coins” than the other players, but he certainly wasn’t cheating. The cards had been marked by a dealer, who Benny had instructed to do so.

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Three of Coins Keywords

Upright Keywords:

Learning, studying, hard work, teamwork, collaboration, implementation, shared goals, apprenticeship, determination, commitment, dedication, attention to detail, recognition, motivation, achievements, building on success, reward, hard work paying off, quality, growth, effort, pooling energy, focused work, mastery, functioning, coordination, contribution, combining effort.

Reversed Keywords:

Disharmony, misalignment, working alone, lack of teamwork, lack of cohesion, conflict, ego, competition, apathy, poor motivation, unwillingness to learn, avoiding learning from mistakes, lack of growth, lack of commitment, mistakes, no dedication, poor quality work, poor work ethic, no goals, lack of effort, lack of collaboration.

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Three of Coins Description

The card depicts a young Stoneman working on the archway of a cathedral with his tools, and on both his sides, two architects stand holding the plans of the design. The itinerary of the card shows soaring ceilings and detailed engravings on the wall which indicates that both of the parties are profoundly skilled in their craftsmanship.

The picture and silhouette of the image are lively and lifelike. The Stoneman in the picture seems to be discussing the progress in the work so far with the architects. Here, although he’s a Stoneman and they’re the architect with the design, they value the work ethics and professional knowledge of the Stoneman. His specialist knowledge and opinion are very important to the work.

The body language of the three figures says a lot about the picture. It insinuates that the young Stoneman is also an essential contributor to the cathedral’s completion along with the architects.

The architects also have a relaxed figure which suggests that they believe in the joint effort and the Stoneman to finish the work, so all their contributions are on the same page.

Different depictions of the card interpret the role of the men in different ways. Some tarot readers suggest that the young man is an apprentice, and beside him are a priest of the cathedral and a nobleman of some sort. But all the depictions show distinct discussion about their work and profound, enthusiastic teamwork.

General Interpretation of Three of Coins (Upright & Reversed)

Upright Position:

The picture of the card suggests that the architects needed the Stoneman for his labour and the Stoneman couldn’t finish the work without the knowledge of craftsmanship of the architects. It can be said that both parties rely on each other for the completion of the cathedral.

As they came together as a team for the work, they could conquer something bigger than themselves. So this card depicts the importance of collaborating to achieve big results by creating synergies and utilizing the power and energy of a team.

Reversed Position:

The Three of Coins card in the reversed position depicts that you might be in a state of quarrel and mismatched opinions with your teammates. That disharmony is affecting your work and hindering its completion.

It also indicates a certain disrespect for others’ values, opinions and ideas. If the situation resonates with the tarot readers, they should renegotiate the timeline and resources and reorganize their teamwork and goals to finish their work successfully.

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Love & Relationship Meaning- Three of Coins

Upright Meaning:

In case of already being in a relationship, this card suggests that you’re putting in the effort and collaboration needed with your partner to make things work.

In case of having issues in a relationship, you might be looking forward to seeking the help of a counsellor or a guide. You and your partner are growing and learning about each other and the process of which will take time and effort, but you’re on the right way.

If your relationship is relatively new, this card suggests that you’re learning about your partner and figuring the process of sharing your lives with each other.

In case you’re single, there’s a chance of you meeting someone through your work or studies.

Reversed Meaning:

The reversed meanings give you a warning about a third party intruding or causing friction in your relationship. This may also indicate a lack of commitment or growth and highly signifies your partner’s lack of effort and worry.

Career, Finance and Money Meaning- Three of Coins

Upright Meaning:

This indicates a great work ethic, dedication and commitment to your work and career. You may also be very successful in teamwork and collaboration with others in your workplace,e which proves beneficial to you.

You work hard and pay the utmost attention to detail which is praise-worthy. The card also indicates the completion of a project or the possibility of receiving recognition or reward for your work.

Reversed Meaning:

Three of Coins is not that great of an omen when it comes to financial matters. This card indicates that you’ve lost your motivation and will to work hard, and as a result, the quality of your work and degenerated, and you no longer feel any dedication or commitment to your work. This meaning also includes the lack of effort, the refusal to accept active criticism and the habit of giving up. Lack of growth and the problems with collaborating with others may also add to the meaning.

Health & Spirituality Meaning- Three of Coins

Upright Meaning:

If you’ve been making an effort to improve your health and lifestyle, this card suggests that all your hard work will eventually begin to pay off nicely for you.

Reversed Meaning:

In health issues, the card suggests that you must put in some form of effort if you want to see results. The card indicates you to be proactive so that you can achieve your health and lifestyle goals.

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Three of Coins- Yes or No

In case of depicting as the answers ‘yes’ or ‘no’, this card is ‘yesses’ for the readers, especially when it comes to education and career. When asked with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, this card suggests a positive tone and pushes the reader through the endeavours they seek.

Questions like- learning to trade, searching for a mentor so that you can go to the next level or considering a different career path.

Numerology, Symbolism & Astrology of Three of Coins


Three of Coins or Three of Pentacles actually depict and indicate the number 3 in many ways. First of all, the card depicts three people and the connection with the work among the trio.

The archway in the centre also includes connected disc-shaped pentacles that embody the partnership and integration among the men. This symbolism is because the number 3 is considered holy in many religions, and it’s also the number of completion.


The card is often connected to structures, foundations and frameworks for its imagery.


The description of the Three of Coins card easily fit onto the aspect of the Earth sign. However, as portrayed in the various version of the card, some will associate the solid pillars with detailed craftsmanship and connect them with the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Capricorns are diligent and hardworking and masters of perseverance.

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Three of Coins & Some Important Card Combination

Three of Pentacles have a very strong interpretation about teamwork, focused effort, growth and learning. The meaning and interpretations of the card can change depending on the surrounding cards, and that’s why it’s important to know how meanings change of Three of Pentacles when paired with other cards of the suit.

  • Three of Coins & Temperance:

Temperance’s card suggests at someone who can be your ‘partner in crime’ and finding balance alongside them. At the same time, the Three of Coins is all about getting the job done.

The combination of these two suggests that your time has come to shake hands with someone else to accomplish the greater good.

A goal that is too big and too hard for you to fulfil, you might want to seek a suitable partner who’ll be of help.

  • Three of Coins & The Lovers:

This pair gives you the news that a new romance awaits, not far away from you. Matched with the lover’s card, Three of Coins indicate that your mate is near you, especially in your workplace.

Although it is frowned upon to mix business with pleasure in society, this combination of cards suggests that in this case, it mightn’t be such a bad idea to take this chance.

  • Three of Coins & The World:

This combination suggests the obvious with a twist. Travelling the world is one possibility but maybe not for pleasure but for a job opportunity overseas.

The cards also hint at the possibility of finding a new place in your field, which will help you shine, and this pair suggests you take the leap of faith.

  • Three of Coins and Three of Wands:

This card is the indicator that you need not wait for setting your future plans in motion. This pair dedicated to the number 3 gives off one clear message to stop contemplating the past and get moving to prepare for what is yet to come in the future.

  • Three of Coins & Eight of Swords:

This pair indicates your dire need for a boost for motivation. It suggests that your confidence is running low, or perhaps you simply lack direction or simply don’t feel the heart to do the job. As Three of Coins indicate cooperation, the reader should look for a mentor to guide them through this time.


To know about the benefits of teamwork, collaboration, alignment and the effects of its support, the Three of Coins card can provide it with all. This card is important as our daily lives and activities are relevant to it. Knowing about the meanings, interpretation, and this card came to be can only add depth to one’s existing knowledge about tarot.

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