ADHD Supplements: L-theanine, Zinc, Fish Oil, Ginseng,Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)

You probably already know that diet can play a significant role in improving ADD. What you may not realize is that ADHD supplements can help, too. There are vitamins and minerals that can improve concentration, help stabilize mood, allow you to sleep better, and provide other benefits that make it easier to deal with ADD.

Best of all, they are a natural way to improve your ADD if you prefer non-medication options. This guide will get you started with the basics you should know to select your supplements for ADHD.

ADHD Supplements to Consider


L-theanine is an amino acid that your body produces naturally.  It raises levels of a brain chemical called gamma-Aminobutyric acid, also known as GABA. GABA helps to relieve anxiety, improve mood, stabilize blood pressure, and relieve pain. In people who have ADD / ADHD, relieving anxiety and improving mood helps improve sleep quality as well.

According to an abstract published by the National Institute of Health, a daily dose of 400 mg of L-theanine is a safe, effective way to improve some aspects of sleep quality in cases of ADHD. This makes L-theanine our top recommended ADHD supplement to consider.


Studies in children with ADD suggest that they have decreased levels of the mineral zinc in their bodies. The same is true for adults with ADD. When your body has the correct levels of zinc, you are less likely to be hyperactive and impulsive. Combined with other supplements and professional treatment, zinc helps to relieve these common ADD symptoms. Zinc may also help to increase your ability to focus.

It is found naturally in meats and whole grains, but taking supplements is an easy, safe way to make sure you get enough to improve your ADD. The typical dose in supplements is 50 mg. Zinc is second on our list of recommended ADHD supplements.

Fish Oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids. There are some findings suggesting that these fatty acids contribute to better mental focus and cognitive functions. Fish oil supplements help to improve inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and over behavior in people with ADD.

An added bonus is that omega-3 fatty acids break down in the body more quickly in ADD patients, which increases the level of effectiveness. In some studies conducted in children, fatty acids have shown to be more effective than Ritalin, making it an excellent alternative to medication.

Other ADHD Supplements Worth Considering


Ginseng has been used in eastern medicine for thousands of years. This Asian herb is what is known as a cognitive activator. Ginseng acts as a stimulant and improves impulsiveness and distractibility. The best part of taking ginseng is that it does not have side effects like medications or stimulants such as caffeine do.

Studies have shown ginseng is beneficial to children and adults who have ADD and improves them on ADD rating scales. There is both Asian and American ginseng; if one does not seem to make a significant improvement, try the other.

Vitamin B-3 (Niacin)

This vitamin enhances your body’s circulatory system. It may help to carry vitamins and minerals such as zinc and vitamin C to your brain and support brain function. The better your brain functions, the less likely you are to have symptoms such as hyperactivity, poor concentration, and impulsiveness.

Niacin also promotes relaxation by calming the nervous system, helping reduce moodiness and restlessness. Vitamin B-3 is found naturally in broccoli, beef, tomatoes, and other foods, but taking a supplement ensures that you get the right amount to benefit your ADD symptoms.

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