Children and their most common trouble thing

Civilization progress, so that children in public morals and the accomplishment of the starting point higher than their parents, let us put aside the shelf of the parents, to the child to learn, this is the result of the development of the times and trends, nothing embarrassed, in fact, or causing to children learning.

Prompted the core: Chinese parents earnestly hopeful, China’s child to bear the mental pressure is far greater than other countries, there are 13 kinds of trouble, reflected in the children who up to these troubles, this article lists, in order to the attention of the parents.

1. Family discard effects on children

Adults do not understand humility and often blame each other. In fact, both quarreling parents, or parents and the elderly and for children in terms of psychological thunder and lightning, rain and snow Cross, but suffer from their age is still small, powerless and had to hide in a corner quietly sobbing.

The harmonious family atmosphere for the children grows up, like plenty of sunlight and moisture. Parents’ relationship is the weather of the child, the child’s mind is still immature, bad weather is not only hinder the healthy growth of the child’s physical and mental, and often will leave a lifetime of psychological shadow. To build a warm, caring family, is the responsibility of the parents of children should.

2. Parents conduct towards children

A teacher just speaks the language of the United States, home to hear the adults squalling; morality education class just by his parents littering, Jian Qian does not pay public.

Civilization progress, so that children in public morals and the accomplishment of the starting point higher than their parents, let us put aside the shelf of the parents, to the child to learn, this is the result of the development of the times and trends, nothing embarrassed, in fact, or causing to children learning.

3. Parents do not accompany their own play

Childhood your child’s favorite family with games, unfortunately, not many such opportunities. The adults have their own world and entertainment in China, to accompany the children to play has long been considered dispensable.

More than spending time with children, and children with games, watching the children day by day change, grow up, is a wonderful thing. Children enter puberty or the age of bigger, this opportunity still happy to take advantage of a lot to enjoy the heaven-sent. Dads do not think the wife and kids would lose face, which is the dross of the feudal machismo, the higher the degree of civilization, the social and class, the more attention and their families get along.

4. Cannot be plead

The opportunity there is no complaint, and insist on defense, it was deemed to talk back to make the mistake of certainty of severe punishment.

This is a typical expression of the feudal patriarchal system, equality, democracy, and the spirit of the opposite of harm itself a remarkable achievement! Just think, if the child has been accustomed to adapt injustice, children in addition to seeking permission no idea, we love the children how to deal with their lives? Develop a rational and dare to express their views on children than to keep the adults face.

5. Parents bad habits or habits

Smoke filled, alcohol smoke blackening the sky, the sound of mahjong, the other side of the bad habits, bad character, many adults drink, mahjong lost but the last ones to suffer.

Bad habits, not only bring the family troubles, more importantly, great harm to their bodies. Those habits lasted for many years, or bite the bullet and quit, not powerless to change the habit, only you do not want to change!

6. Parents arranged

Clothes, schedule, or to make friends, choose to apply for interest classes cannot be themselves. Adult’s explanation will always be: a child to understand what this is hello.

Parents arranged a very common phenomenon in China, or parents worried about or is that the idea is correct and important, in fact, even if the child is small, is a human being, their interests and feel the need to respect They should have autonomy within a certain range, only to give themselves the opportunity to them to develop their personality, they are not without assertive. Make friends, we should give them the guidance of principle, but best not to specific interference, in fact, what kind of friend are what the benefits of learning bad friends may courageous mind living, can also enrich the child character, we adults do not is what a friend should have?

7. Languages 

Adults Koubuzeyan does not know that “good words a warm winter, verbal abuse, assault June cold if you are not a child, you can never understand the parents scold, belittle the taste.

Even if the face of their children, talk and do not have no choice, the younger the child, the more dependent on their parents’ evaluation, negative evaluation, poor emotional harm to the child’s great, in fact, the same word, different angles and the way that the angle of the goodwill and encouragement than to play a positive effect to the accused and to belittle the more.

8. Learning test

Learning to life, to learn of life, childhood freedom, and fun; do well afraid of their own pride, well on the exam “Tonight blizzard.

Parents desire the child honors is understandable, but the question is how can we really help on the children, In fact, most parents the child’s requirements and supervision, and did not play the effect, a thankless task. On this issue, “growth” in the next issue of the magazine devoted to the concrete and in-depth discussion, please read.

9. No privacy

Diary has seen schoolbag turned commonplace, in order to fully monitor our parent’s adults every circumvent, the case of a weak storm, also called: a higher level review.

To tell a story, a girl, the parents are afraid of her love detours, inseparable, the confiscation of the phone, school to school, the parents take turns to escort the child home are locked in a room, the girl has had a tremendous conflict with emotions, to give the adults a little “color” Look, The result is that when parents look after the most serious, the girl pregnant. Reporter interview, the girl said: “phone handed, I can lend students, I have the keys to the house, he went to my house downstairs, the phone and called me, I’ll leave the keys from the window to go, he came to my door, and then I went out to parents locked in my house did not affect them more so ‘detained’ me, I’m going to give them a little color to see, I am pregnant is their ‘color’ is ‘forced’ out. “This is the true story of reality, people very sad. Not to mention that in this way the child’s lack of respect for the thing itself, the care and monitoring is not only ineffective but also dangerous, so-called “plug flow, more than not.

Not monitor, how to do it? The most effective way is to establish the child’s attitude and values, in short, parents can teach children to choose, rather than monitoring, alternative, and force their children to choose.

10. Suspected of being wronged

Exam, essay got high marks suspected of being copied; broken vase, less money than his small brother and sister cried, that is dry; acting in good faith to do something good, screw up, or not done, be mistaken for the naughty severely criticized meal.

No investigation, no right to speak, even if the child is naughty, naive, and a “criminal record” before we find out the truth should doubt keeping everything, do not easily send a punitive expedition, the taste of being wrong can be painful, so The behavior of the children a great distrust and lack of respect for. Think about the taste of our friends or the leadership of doubt and innocent, we know that a child’s heart is troubled.

11. Parents dishonesty

Things that admit of promise or greatly reduced or indefinitely delayed, no matter how much hope and hope for how long.

Parents lose the trust of two significant negative effects:

First, the prestige of parents greatly reduced, and the prestige of the parents is the foundation of education.

Second, the parents of dishonesty set a negative example to the children, talking to you does not count. difficult to ask and expect children to what it says, as long as you can not fully monitor child exists the possibility of dishonesty at any time.

12. Parents are not respected by children

Built the model to be thrown away, and affixed to the wall paintings were tore, and the raising of small animals sent or eaten their own embarrassments, parents, enjoy talking about.

Parents are not respected, a big reason is that the offer owns children nor respected by their parents. Do not know how to maintain the parents of child self-esteem is the most failed parents.

13. Lack of tolerance and understanding about children

We are still very small, thinking ability and physical ability are not mature, often make mistakes, trouble far from our intention, but we cannot have tolerance and understanding.

Chinese general lack of attempts to spirit, and a big reason is that during childhood, failed attempts to be tolerant and encourage, so did not dare try. Unintentional fault tolerance recommends that parents and friends children, encourage children to try the idea in mind, though not necessarily success, but our children will gain the opportunity to grow.

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