Best Forensic Psychology Ph.D. Program

In order to secure a bright future, students will want to seek out the best possible forensic psychology Ph.D. program. There are numerous schools that provide Ph.D. degrees, so it’s important to get to know their programs and their features a little bit more in-depth.

California School of Forensic Studies

The California School of Forensic Studies (CSFS) provides two branches for their forensic psychology Ph.D. program: clinical licensure and psychology, policy and law. This is the best forensic psychology colleges in the USA.

The five-year clinical licensure doctorate program prepares students to take the clinical licensure exam; students are closely mentored on the justice system, legal research, psychological issues relevant to forensic populations and more.

The psychology, policy and law program is a four-year research-based course that focuses on the dynamic interface between psychology and the law.

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Introduction to Forensic Psychology” is an important book for the beginner to advance psychology professionals. Curt R. Bartol and Anne M. Bartol demonstrate and explain how psychological knowledge and research findings can be applied in civil and criminal justice. So, I think this is an asset for psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals. I have also this book. I like to read forensic psychology though I am a counseling psychologist. I check the amazon and noticed they are providing 72% discounts for this book that’s a great worth. Check this link to see the details.

Carlos Albizu University, Miami

The Carlos Albizu University Ph.D. program provides training to students seeking their doctorate in forensic psychology, with a special emphasis on training minorities.

The areas of study include behavioral science and the law, forensic psychology (criminal law), forensic psychology (family and juvenile law), police and correctional psychology and forensic assessment.

This forensic psychology Ph.D. program specifically trains students in the application of psycho-diagnostic assessment, case law, legal standards and providing expert testimony.

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University of Arizona

The University of Arizona offers a high-quality forensic psychology Ph.D. program that focuses on students seeking academic, research and policy careers.

Those who are admitted into the program will choose from branches like forensic science and practice, violent and criminal behavior or law and legal processes effects. They are providing the best forensic psychology Ph.D. programs.

Students can obtain a Ph.D. separately or with a Juris Degree. Secondary areas of psychology include clinical, social or evolutionary psychology.

Individuals can learn more about the program available by visiting

City University of New York

The Ph.D. program offered by the City University of New York (CUNY) focuses on a degree through the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

The two tracks available include clinical forensic and experimental forensic psychology. Clinical forensics are best for students who seek careers in clinical and applied settings while the experimental option is best for students who are planning a more academic career, with special emphasis on evaluation research and policy development.

Only about 15 students each year are accepted into this highly sought-after program.

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Drexel University Forensic Psychology Ph.D. Program

The Drexel University Ph.D. program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and features a special interest in forensic psychology, health psychology, neuropsychology, and behavioral-cognitive therapy.

During the fifth year of training, students will complete a year-long internship. Those who are seeking the joint Juris Degree are able to obtain it at DrexelUniversity.

This is a 7-year course with a cost of about $960 per credit hour, but doctoral students receive full tuition waivers. More information is available at

Although this is not a full list of Ph.D. programs in forensic psychology, it’s a great start for students who are looking for excellent-quality schools. Also, you can check for forensic psychology master’s programs online. But I will suggest you take the degree practically in any institution. They will teach you everything authentically with proper guidelines and facilities.


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