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Best 6 New Tarot Decks (Latest Released-2021)

Are you looking for the Best new Tarot decks? There are many decks in the market. You might be searching for a new one but couldn’t get it. In recent days, huge authors are publishing various tarot decks. As there are many, you might easily be confused about which are really best and modern.

We have listed 6 of the latest and unique Tarot decks. You will be able to know their specific pros and cons from this article. Such as 1. The Priestess of Light Oracle, 2. The Good Karma Tarot, 3. Your Tarot Toolkit, 4. Tarot mastery for beginners, 5. Supernatural Tarot deck, and guidebook and the last but not least 6. Forest Fae Messages. All these Tarot are new releases. We hope it will be helpful for you and will find those cards interesting.

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 6 Best New Release Tarot Decks

You may not need to follow specific rules to buy these new tarot decks if you read the specification from this content. Just have a look below.

1. The Priestess of the Light Oracle:

Preview Product Rating Price
Thoth Tarot Deck 1,620 Reviews $22.95

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This deck was created by two authors Sandra Anne Taylor and Kimberly Webber. The deck was published on April 6, 2021. The two renowned artists and teachers combine forces to provide a unique oracle, with Kimberly webbers, channeled art featuring spectacular spiritual creatures, divine orthodox femininity archeology, and sacred geometry.

Best-selling author Sandra Ann Taylor connects to the divine power of Kimberly’s paintings to create an oracle guide to keep up with knowledge of the natural and powerful world.

This guidebook is amazingly helpful, and its card comes with a weight of 13.6 ounces and has a dimension of 3.88*1.38*5.5 inches.

The unique illumination effects come from its rare minerals, crystals, and precious metals layered in its original oil paintings, which are described as “modern magical realities inherent in antiquity.”

The acclaimed Oracle creator Sandra Ann Taylor combines energy between spirit and art to create this 53-card deck that is a tool for significant change in your inner state, the external experience that attracts you, and the world at large.


  • The books are provided with instruction and come with good quality.
  • The cards are sturdy and easy to shuffle.


  • There is a slight depiction of the card design.

2. The Good Karma Tarot- New Colorful and Beautiful Book Set:

Preview Product Rating Price
The Good Karma Tarot: A beginner’s guide to reading the... 73 Reviews $24.95 $23.10

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This deck The good karma tarot is a beginner’s guide to read and easily interpret the card meanings. This deck was created by the two authors, Kerry ward and Amy Blackwell.

The deck was published on April 6, 2021. This deck is simple, practical, inclusive, and super-positive cosmopolitans.

TarotBella guidebook is a specially commissioned tarot deck for those who are nervous about trying to tarot themselves. Ever feel like you don’t know which path to take, which decision to make, or what you want in life? This Good Karma tarot is designed especially for personal guidance and self-development to help you understand your

Inspirations, strength, talent, and inner intelligence in your journey through life. This guidebook comes with 128 pages with a weight of 1.32 pounds and has a dimension of 6*1.5* 8.25  inches.

If you are looking for a yes or no answer or want a deeper analysis of where you are now or what the future holds, just go for this deck, this tarot will guide you through the decision-making process. Its cards are sturdy and easy to shuffle. All its cards are provided with a special meaning.

  • The deck is easy to read and perfect for beginners.
  • The book is provided with the proper instruction.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • The cards are thin and come in vibrant color.
  • The cards don’t have any cons yet.

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3. Your Tarot Toolkit-New Tarot for Creating Meaningful Readings:

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This deck, “Your Tarot Toolkit,” was created by the author Tom Benjamin. This deck is for building clear, precise, confident readings and comes with 315 pages with a weight of 1.73 pounds. It has a dimension of 8*0.71*10 inches.

This deck was published on April 21, 2021.

It is designed for intermediate and advanced readers. Your Tarot Toolkit is designed to help you explain with more clarity and confidence. With focusing exclusively on the art of divination, this book goes beyond memorizing meanings to discover how the cards work in the world around you.

Learn to connect your tarot cards for gaining your experience and measure the effectiveness of your reading in a purposeful, precise way.

Using multiple experiments and activities, dive deeper into all the tools so that you can use them to create strong, satisfying answers to life’s burning questions.


  • The deck provides all the informative information.
  • The book provided all the instructions for reading and practicing the Tarot.
  • The deck is perfect for building a career.


  • The card doesn’t have any cons yet.

4. Tarot Mastery for beginners- A Modern Guide for Self-development  and Care Through New Psychic Menignful Techniques to get Love & All in your Life:

Preview Product Rating Price
Tarot Mastery for Beginners: The Modern Guide for... 9 Reviews $19.95 $17.46

Last update on 2021-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Tarot Mastery for Beginners is a modern guidebook for self-development and care through real card meanings and spreads. This card was created by the authors Amanda chamberlain and Erika Mary.

This is a complete guidebook for beginners that teaches you the history behind the tarot cards and the symbolism represented on the decks.

This deck was released on April 29, 2021.

Tarot for newborns to develop this language based on the basic concepts surrounding the tarot includes the origins and evolution of the Tarot as a divinatory art.

  • A catholic overview of the major, minor, and court arcana.
  • Tips for choosing the first deck and getting asked with your answers.
  • Beginner tips and exercises on how to interpreting the cards
  • Instructions for the basic three-card spread and the 10 cards Celtic cross spread and two of the most widely used spread in divination Tarot.
  • A bit-by-bit process for conducting Tarot readings.
  • Provided all the advice on how to read the cards for yourself and in love.
  • Key meanings of each card in the standard Tarot deck.
  • Modern tarot reading.
  • Tarot with playing cards.
  • The psychic reading.
  • How to Get Rid of Tarot cards safely.
  • Pros and cons of tarot card reading.
  • Frequently asked questions and much more.


  • The deck is perfect for beginners.
  • The deck is easy to read and understand.
  • The book provided all the instructions on how to interpret the card.
  • Cards are easy to shuffle.


  • The deck doesn’t have any cons yet.

5. Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook-Artwork and Heavy Stock:

Preview Product Rating Price
Supernatural Tarot Deck and Guidebook 489 Reviews $24.99 $22.49

Last update on 2021-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This supernatural Tarot deck comes with a guidebook and was created by the author Minerva Siegel.

The card stock is heavy and comes with a 128 pages guidebook. It weighs 1 pound and has a dimension of 3.88*2*5.75 inches.

This deck was recently published on April 27, 2021.

Connect to join and explore the response with this collectible prodigy Tarot deck and a guidebook featuring Sam and the dean Winchester, their friends, their enemies, and all the angels, ghosts, and monsters in the hit TV series.

This deck is a beautifully illustrated card deck that includes all the 78 card deck characters from sam and dean to Bobby singer to Castiel to Crowley.

The deck contains a guidebook that helps to guide and explain each meaning of the card and also simple spreads for easy readings.


  • The card stock is heavy and comes with a matte finish.
  • Beautiful artwork and provided symbols of all the meanings.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.


  • The cards provided some characters that are hard to recognize.

6. Forest Fae Messages-40 Magickal Cards Spark Joy and Inspiration.:

Preview Product Rating Price
Forest Fae Messages: Curious messages of enchantment 42 Reviews $12.95

Last update on 2021-06-20 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This tarot deck was created by the author Nadia Turner who is an Australian illustrator and artist.

The card was published on April 01, 2021.

This card is new comes with a weight of 4 ounces. It has a dimension of 4.25*1*2.25 inches.

This card helps to enter the forest, search for wonders and enchantments and listen to the curious messages of the forest fire.

This set of 40 magical cards invites you to delight your imagination and give birth to joy and inspiration. When you wake up and feel the weight, these cards will help you find a way to the hedge, a gate, or a wall, to cross this earth and that boundary on the way to the forest and escape the magic.

> To use this card, you need to sit quietly and take a deep breath.

> Change the deck to think of any questions, or simply ask for a guide.

> Choose a card and see what messages include for you.

> Perhaps you may find your answer clear, or they may ask more questions before answering the path of the actual path.


  • The card is easy to use and understand.
  • Provided all the information of each card’s meanings.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • Provide all the pieces of information on how to interpret the cards.


  • The card doesn’t have any cons yet.


So. you have got the new products which you were looking for. We hope that you have known and understand each of the deck details. These are the best new Tarot decks which come with unique features in every card. Most of the decks don’t have any cons. They are perfect for beginners and easy to read and understand.

You can have anyone according to your choice.

Feel free to buy this new release deck. Happy Shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.  What are the Tarot cards?

Tarot is a set of cards with a 78 card deck divided into two groups; the major arcana and the minor arcana, used as a tool for divination or playing game purposes.

Tarot has been used in certain cultures since the middle ages and is still widely used around the world today. Each tarot card has its unique image, the stories it tells, and the symbolism involved.

People book tarot cards if they are facing any difficulties in their life or for some help to answer any problem. The reading goal is in the hope that they will help you understand and bring more clarity to the high card you choose to connect to.

Q. How does the Tarot work?

Tarot has a mysterious aura around them and has been used for fun, prediction, and self-implementation for centuries. With the origin of the early renaissance, many repetitions and PR makeovers have been seen in the tarot.

The standard that has become the tarot deck is the Smith Rider Waite deck, based on many decks today, illustrated in 1910 by Pamela Colman Smith.

The Tarot deck comes with a 78 card, with a similar structure to a regular playing card deck. What sets the tarot deck apart from playing cards is that it includes 22 major arcana cards representing changes in the evolution of the soul. Its 56 minor arcana represent universal feelings, action, and human experiences. We can gain a new perspective on where we are now by asking a question.

Tarot does work especially when we move from a place of self-examination, growth, and healing.

You may believe that energy, the universe, and guides bring us specific cards, or you may believe randomly and somehow find value in it.

Clear and pull the cards any way you want.

Get your questions asked creatively. No opinion when approaching Tarot. The tarot is what you make of it, so the most important part is to be interested in opening the messages that contain the cards and let them help you verify your life healthily and productively.

Q. How can you use Tarot cards in your life?

It takes a lot of thought and deep understanding to unravel the deep truths of your tarot card. You need to reconcile your own opinions and interpretations and dig deeper into your thoughts and experiences to make them relevant to you.

You need to connect explanations with your past, daily life, and yourself and understand how they can be applied. Don’t take the meaning of your card literally; it’s very important.

If you have questions about a particular lesson, it’s best to ask your reader for clarity. Take precautions and misconceptions use them as guidance.

And finally, remember that the outcome you are looking for in life will always depend on your hand. Tarot cards are a helpful tool to help people understand what they sometimes don’t realize. It takes openness and a lot of thinking to benefit from this experience and make you more aware of your situation and your truth.

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