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Drug free child ADHD treatment

Frequently, I face with a common question “what is the drug-free child ADHD treatment? Here, ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. “Attention problem”, “impulsivity”, and “hyperactivity” criteria and its severity indicate which is appropriate...

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How to Identify symptoms and causes of my ADHD child?

Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity are common phenomena for ADHD child. Children are naturally inquisitive and soft-minded. But when a child gets too overwhelmed and chaotic at the home/ school or sometimes they cannot concentrate...

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How to manage ADHD in Children?

Meaning of  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD) The term ADHD means Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder which is a brain disorder. There have other terms which indicate ADHD in Children like “attention deficit disorder”, “Hyperkinetic disorder”...