“psychotherapy ” is a category of new hope psychology. You will learn various factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of psychological disorders

Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist for Anxiety

Psychiatrists and Psychologists are both experts in dealing with anxiety. Sometimes only a psychologist or a psychiatrist can provide all the treatments for people with anxiety disorder. In most cases, both professionals are needed for combined medicine and psychotherapy to treat anxiety. Today we will discuss “Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist for Anxiety disorder.” What is Anxiety? […]

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Transitions Counseling Process & Benefits

Transition is usually considered as being synonymous with change. Transition tends to have a more organic quality (as distinct from a mechanical quality), reflecting in human terms a difference during a person’s life situation and journey through life. Transitions counseling is a psychological term. Transition can also mean something different from being transformed, although transformation

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Marriage and Family Therapist

Family and marriage therapy is also called marriage and family therapy, couple and family therapy, own circle of relatives structures therapy. Family counseling is a department of psychology that works with households and couples in intimate relationships to nurture alternate and development. What is Family Therapy? Family therapy is a particularly new treatment shape in

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School Psychologist Vs School Counselor

School Psychologist vs. School Counselor- What’s the difference between them? I find many people confused regarding these two words. Both relate to the same theme, but the difference is in their action. Today in this article, I will discuss the topic of school psychology and school counseling. I hope my writing will help you to

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How to Become a Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is a mental health expert. To become a psychotherapist, people need certain degrees, qualifications, experience, and regular practice. Psychology is a fascinating field of study. If you are interested in discovering the different mysteries behind the human mind, how it functions, how it behaves around various environmental factors, and many more, psychology is

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You are Mental Health Counselor Vs Clinical Psychologist

We often hear about these careers, and they provide an immense amount of help to various people. “How?” You may ask. Both of these careers focus on understanding human behavior and guiding them when they are experiencing mental illness at any given time. However, can we really say that we know what the difference between

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Raju Akon, Clinical & Counseling Psychologist, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Raju Akon is a counseling psychologist in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and an expert in clinical psychology, child psychology, and educational psychology to treat children and adults. He is also a Bangladesh Psychological Association (BPA) Life Member. He is passionate and helps clients to achieve personal and relational meaning in their personal and social lives. His systematic

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Holistic Psychiatry

Holistic Psychiatry is a more comprehensive sort of treatment. This type of psychiatry emphasizes balancing psychological state interventions with ancient, time-honored natural practices. Holistic Psychiatry can also be mentioned as Integrative Psychiatry. I think that creating individualized treatment plans by combining eastern and western medicine has the facility to reinforce your emotional health by harnessing

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Family Matters Counseling

This sector of psychology deals with family counseling. The department starts with family counseling evolution in terms of how developments in psychoanalysis, child guidance movement, marriage and group counseling, etc. This is followed by concepts of family life, in which there is a discussion about communication within families. Then we have to take up different

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New Beginnings Counseling

New Beginnings Counseling service is a special Christian rehab established in La Crosse, Wisconsin. They are dedicated to providing specialized treatment on mental health for people suffering from acute and chronic diseases. For example, drug or substance abuse, alcoholism, clinical depression, anxiety, phobia, OCD, and many other complex issues. New Beginnings counseling center provides individual,

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