ADHD Child | An Ultimate Guide For Success

Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity are common phenomena for ADHD child. Children are naturally inquisitive and soft-minded. But when a child gets too overwhelmed and chaotic at the home/ school or sometimes they cannot concentrate for a moment, it becomes a cause for concern for the parents.

The child’s hyperactivity, as well as additional restlessness, is considered to be an illness. This disease is called Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or Hyperkinetic disorder” “Hyperkinesias” and “minimal brain dysfunction”.

General symptoms of ADHD Child

If there is a problem, there are several symptoms of behavior. Parents and school teachers can identify these problems first.

Usually, symptoms of this disease are seen before the age of six-seven years. There is too much vague possibility to identify the children for Attention deficient hyperactive disorder (ADHD), see if they have the following symptoms. An adult ADHD may also have these symptoms.

  • Too much hyperactivity, not being able to keep close attention to anything.
  • Extra pausing, almost all running races.
  • Act emotionally without thinking much.

Cause of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

There are various types of specific reasons for this disease. Although it is not known directly to any particular cause, it is said that such behavior of the child is due to the abnormalities of certain chemicals (neurotransmitters) in the prefrontal part of the brain.

There is also evidence that there is an association with heredity with the disease. Those children, who grew up in poverty or grew up in child-rearing or residential schools, are more likely to face this problem than others.

Some studies have recently found that due to the lack of zinc (mineral content) and synthetic color in food may be cause for ADHD.

adhd child report
US children ever diagnosed with ADHD (CDC)

The problem of the child may also be due to the mother’s smoking or drug abuse during pregnancy. International studies show that around 1.7 percent to 5 percent of the world’s disease is ADHD. Girls’ number is three times higher than boys.

Although most of the signs and symptoms are common in various cases, there may be no symptoms in some cases due to lack of attention, excessive pains, abusive tendencies, etc.

Children are affected mostly by this disease. Someone can suddenly do some unusual things, as it was seen; the child is very careless but not too difficult to manage their behavior. At the same time, they can give a good amount of attention to the study.

What are the activities of an Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Child?

Usually, they cannot stay at a place for a long. Frequently they go here and there, running races, handcuffs, jump in high places, and jump over the table repeatedly in his own house or another’s house; even at school, His answer is ready before any questions can be asked. In this situation, self-management techniques might be a good treatment for ADHD children.

Someone or other people might be always complaining. He does not concentrate on study, even in sports.  Without starting a game arrange another game. He always is in a hurry. If the elders are doing any work he interrupts. He tried to do many things at the same time.

Inattention levels are always so much that they cannot follow any normal directions. He does not have any attention in home games, homework, and classes. He cannot arrange his personal things in the house and fail to keep those toys in the same place after playing. As well as he loses his paper, pencil or book in school.

Do not listen carefully to any words. The child cannot do the things that require a little arrangement which is too easy to solve. A sudden or irrelevant word or scene can move his mind from playing.

One thing that needs special attention is that general impulsivity is not considered the criteria of ADHD child. A child’s spontaneity is his usual tendency if the above signs are seen for at least six months for a seven-year-old child and his abusive behavior in at least two places in his home, school or other places, and if due to his Inattention, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity.

He complains from his school, family or social environment. It will also be investigated whether these symptoms are due to any other physical or mental problem. See more about ADHD child

Try to understand how the child is behaving according to his age. Just as a two-year-old child will sit quietly in a chair, it does not expect anyone. But if a six-year-old child does not sit in a particular place and runs from the classroom, it is unusual.

If the child is a move here and there at home, but he or he stays calmly at his school or relative’s home, then he cannot be called an ADHD child. It is important to remember that the specialist can diagnose this disease. Don’t treat your child as ADHD by listening from a relative or neighbor.

What can you do when you see these symptoms within your child?

If the child has symptoms of this disease, then you need to bring your child to the nearest hospital or psychiatrist without fear. There is a special type of training that changes symptoms of ADHD like:

Besides there have training for parents like social skill training, special dietary and school authorities’ cooperation. In many cases, according to growing age, the symptoms of this disease decreased within adolescence. But sometimes it stays in adulthood and causes some mental illness. It is, therefore necessary to treat the disease.


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