19 Expert’s rules of buying best Tarot Cards-2021

Tarot cards are a set of 78 special cards used as a tool for those involved in divination. There are huge tarot cards in the online and offline market. So, what rules are accurate in buying tarot cards..!

Tarot has been used in certain cultures since the Middle Ages and is still widely used around the world today. Each tarot card has its own unique image, the stories it tells, and the symbolism involved.

We interviewed 19 experts to know about the best tarot cards for beginners and professional readers. We are going to show you their opinions and rules to select the best tarot cards deck. 

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1. Rajiv Ramachandran……….. Tarot Reader & Ricky Master:

There are no bad or good cards in the Tarot. In my experience all cards are good and there are some bad aspects of good cards and vice versa. There are no actual rules for buying tarot cards. So, in general, all cards are good and best if they go to your instinct.

Death Cards one of the cards is a fear of reading them that is sometimes very positive.

Lovers Oracle card is a great card to teach love. Most people like to get this card on their card. But it is not always good. Sometimes it talks about other choices. Choosing it among so many partners, it’s really confusing.

◾ Another card that people are afraid of is the tower card. But in fact, after all the events people have come to understand that this is a really good and right change for them.

Cards are not what we really think of, especially if we think of the big Arcana cards. The juvenile Arcana card means eight cups of real ship reading which means the person is about to leave a relationship or leave soon.

In this example, we think that something is bad, but perhaps that relationship is bad and better to leave. So this card is good. This clearly means leaving something for something better. You can’t get better without leaving the old one.

So your job is to stay in place to get new. Hope you are clear. In a word, Tarot is a journey and all the cards are important lessons (messages) that we each witness.

2. Francesca C………… Simon, Studies Tarot at Auditam Builders:

The real power of the tarot card lies in symbolism. The best deck to learn about Tarot, in terms of classic symbolism, is The Rider Tarot Deck. Tarot readers learn the explanatory meaning of each card.

Here is an example of a card known as “Kants of Paints” on a Rider-Waite deck. Tarot readers learn and memorize the standard meanings for each of the four suitcase cards on the Tarot deck.

The lawsuit, called Pentacles, presents financial and security issues. Thus, the Queen of Pentslix, who sits on a throne, represents a mature woman of authority who can provide upbringing, permanence, and even financial support.

However, many “art” decks do not include standard classic symbols in featured images.

For example, Sage Tarot does not use the standard symbolic suit of deck paints. He named his respective suite “Plates” and his tarot deck artwork shows different settings.

In cultures around the world over the centuries, the “lady of the house” was the queen of her own kingdom and her throne room was the kitchen, where she reigned. Here the domestic queen cooks food, which provides nourishment and a sense of security that her subjects – her family and friends – feel supported and even protected.

Of course,

In our modern world, a lot of men create magic to cook pots and bake sweet treasures. But in the symbol of the standard tarot, it is always the female personality, who presents the principle of femininity in the law of duality. Thus, the artist Sage Lee, instead of setting nature, kept the queen in the kitchen. So artists will provide explanations for their symbolism when using “art” decks.

However, if I misunderstand you and you are talking about which card is the best tarot card to read, I do not consider any card to be bad. The purpose of the Tarot split is to give you an indication of what might happen in the future.

So your instantaneous, “death” card should not be considered as a prediction that you will die. This should be interpreted as an indication that something is changing in your life or that there is a new possibility of rebirth or rebirth.

I personally do not use tarot to make predictions. I use cards as the key to self-development. Also, I have a B.O.T.A.

I Work with the makers of the Aditam deck, which I paint myself, decorating the cards with my own energy. The symbolism of this deck, slightly different from the Rider-Waite deck, has a deeply mysterious meaning. This link to the Paul Foster case book is an eye-opener!

Always be the walking question mark. Search! Experiment! Experience!

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3. Kara Soelular…………Tator Analyst, Blue Child and Future Writer:

These are the tarot cards I have .. Personally, I don’t think it has a “best”; This is how you feel with them and the relationship you will enjoy with them.

Also, move away from energy cards. You don’t want to fuck with dark energy. It will come back through the karmic energy and it will perform on your own power system. When you give the text, you should really ask to protect your guides from the dark spirits who can give false insights and readings, and a black tourmaline crystal is present.

With you, A defensive prayer is extremely necessary, and the lesson should be read in the highest light and should be beneficial to the person taking the lesson. I’m actually giving away free tarot card readings so far. You can PM me to read.

4. Chris Meadows,…….. Tarot Reader Specialist

If you are interested in interpreting them based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, you may want to choose one of the Rider-Weight-Smith variants or a deck that is part of the Rider-Weight-Smith symbolism.

I personally like Hanson-Roberts because it appeals to most of my symbols and art style. The advantage of this is that there are many books written about traditional symbolism and the card helps you explain the symbolism.

But there are many more decks with their own means of interpretation. So if you are looking for something to use personally, look at these until you find one you like. Objectively there is no “right” or “wrong” deck, only this works for you. And it can only determine what it is for itself.

5. Theres Castro……Tarot Podcaster, Article Mode, and Alt Health Magazine:

The best tarot decks are the ones that expand your thinking and your worldview, have a balance of “negative” and “positive” cards (you don’t want a deck of sugar-coats), and most importantly, resonate with what you do. By resonance, you feel a connection with it and you are willing to work with it and it allows you to help.

6. Josephine Holland……Tarot Reader Expert:

Below, we’ve consulted with a lot of professionals about the beautiful, top-rated tarot card decks we recommend for beginners.

◾ Influential. “It helped make the images that were accessible on each card really popular,” says Terry reader Erin Colfez. S-Spades (also known as Spadel and Death Card) speaking is the highest and most

7. Daniel McCann……Old Tarot Reader:

Many decks apply a subtle layer of colorless sub-texture. Some records are executed to include your heritage history based on the Rider Wet Smith version. Visit a store that lets you open and manage demo decks. Very soon you will find someone who talks to you.

For those who are very serious, it is more of a journey than an answer.

8. Shikha Sharma….., Tarot Researcher and Analyst:

I can’t say which cards are the best. It’s up to you which one is up to you. Yet you are not sure which one is right for you. Here is a shortlist of what I believe are four popular tarot decks.

They are:

9. Today Kim (Azkim)…..A Modern Thai Tarot Reader:

It depends. There are different types of decks. Each deck represents the individual of the deck.

I suggest that the deck match your personal and sweet style – modern, supernatural, etc. find

For me, I have started using the tar 78 door tarot since 2009 as an original tarot deck and using a few decks on different occasions.

10. Elizabeth White……Private Employer’s Medical Care Assistant:

I stopped using regular tarot cards long ago. Instead, I’ve got a few more interesting versions of Doreen Virtue like his Angel Tarot card. For those who are scared and intimidated by using tarot, they are a great option. There are almost heavenly blessings in using these cards that I don’t feel with ordinary tarot.

11. Klelig Tobin…….Certified Reiki Therapist:

You asked me what my favorite card is from my favorite deck and why.??

Great question but choosing the right one is very tough.

To me, I like a card when the art applies and the symbol is there.

 ◾ My favorite decks are:

RWS Centennial, Shadowscaps, Hush, Tarot of the Journey To The Orient, Mary-EL, Tarot Gold & Black, Crow because of their art and symbolism and,

◾ A few cards in my favorite version:

My favorite re-shadow scapes are Death Tarot Card Canvas Print or Back Patch, Tapestry Gothic Satanic Witch, and True Heart Intuitive Tarot has my favorite tower, Judgment, Temperance.

Hope that helped. Happy hunting! Peace is over

12. Kim Jones,……..  BD Tarat Student / Guided Reading:

The “best” cards in a reading are the ones that inspire you to change and live your best life. I know what you’re asking, and

◾  Here are some interesting things:

The magician; The sun; Tarot of the Divine; Ace no; Six, nine and ten cups; Nine to ten paint classes; These are things that make me smile when I see them….

13. Pippi MR Groving……Asatru, Tarot Reader:

The best deck is the one that speaks to you personally.

It can be pictures or colors or your symbols really like.

While the best deck may not be the best forever, you may discover that one more symbol or set of colors is better suited to you as you grow.

14. Sophoraza-Krasinski…….de Karabas, Gay Polish Buddhist, Mantico Breeder .. Balthazar, Marquis:

Tarot cards best value???

What’s good for you is bad for others, take a look at the different tarot decks and then research which one will “talk” to you.

25 years of experience as Divya Theory, Tarot Reader, Lenormand, Oracle Reader, and Alcat

Dear friend, if you are a beginner, it is better to go for Rider Waite Tarot Deck, but if you are experienced, you can go with any deck which is like

Crowley Thoth Tarot Deck Standard, Osho Jane Tarot Deck, Mystical Manga Tarot, The Hanson- Roberts Tarot Deck, etc …

15. Monica Benaya, Tarot Expert:

Get the best card – it depends entirely on what you need or desire: for a soul-mate relationship, it will be the sun – and with 10 cups – a family with your relatives nonetheless – the tower can also be a great card– if you get stuck in an unwanted situation. And all you need to do is destroy the walls.

16. Nora Puel,………. Tarot Practitioner (2017-Present):

My favorite Osho Jane Tarot is that it doesn’t follow conventional decks and it’s pretty easy to read. You should definitely try, especially if you are a beginner. It is the best tarot card with the best artwork.

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17. Maria Smith……Tarot Reader (Studied English literature at St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai):

There are countless deck options to choose from as well as talking about tarot cards. Each set is unique with its symbols and systems depending on the symbols derived from the wide range of human consciousness.

Choosing a deck of tarot cards for yourself is the most challenging of all the tasks, whether you are a beginner or an expert. The best way is to choose the one you are most attached to. Or if you are looking for something easier to explain, go for the classic rider-weight deck.

I personally like the Golden Thread card deck. These are a deck of great collages, skillfully a mix of medieval and Renaissance artwork. This deck has long been known as the digital deck and is now available in print form. You can easily buy a deck of gold cards online; It brings a peer book, And cards edged with gold.  

These cards are easy to explain and have a great informative explanation available on the internet to help you understand them. This deck is best suited for beginners, who do not want to go with the traditional rider-weight deck. It is also a delicious deck for experts because of its elegant artwork.

You can also read user reviews of these fortune-telling cards online first to be sure. This will give you a brief overview of how to deal with these cards. Not all available tarot card decks give you such an option.

18. Digiri Reynolds…….Original Insights on Tarot and Astrology (2018-present), Professional Tarot Card Reader and Astrologer:

I am a professional tarot card reader and over the last 16 years, I have practiced with over 600+ types of tarot card decks.

Of all the decks used in the last 16 years, this purchasing choice: Giant Rider-Wet Tarot Deck: The Complete 78-Card Deck. I’m Always Going Back!

For starters: Purchase Preference: Giant Rider-Wet Tarot Deck: Complete 78-Card Deck

To emphasize my love for these cards, so you know you love them too!

I love these cards so much, I can buy a new deck every two months and I put them on!

When I first bought this deck, it was $ 28, and when I had the billing amount and already had such a huge collection it took me a while to set aside any extra money for another deck!

Right now, the most recent search on Amazon shows it only goes for $24, yes!

19. Strain D. Jenifa…………  Author | Tarot Reader | Secret Researcher:

This is purely subject matter. Some tarot decks can call you, others, no matter how popular they may be, can do nothing to get you out, even if just a little bit. I think it’s better to read with the deck which I think is consistent. Note that this adjustment may actually be the unconscious part of the mind rather than the surface consciousness.


As an expert says ….. The best tarot card is not something that happens. All tarot cards have their own functions, specialty, type, shape, multiplication, explanation Tarot card best for every different work. Each tarot card expresses its specialty in a specific task. Rules for buying tarot cards will depend on your heart. All tarot cards are best if you talk about your instinct.


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