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11 signs and symptoms of adult ADD

Do you think you have adult ADD? Diagnosis is important as attention deficit negatively affects many areas of your life. Here are 11 signs that you may have ADD or attention deficit disorder as an adult.

If you had attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a child, chances are you also have it as an adult. About half of the children who had ADHD still have it in adulthood. Around 4% of adults have ADD or some form of attention deficit disorder, and many of them go undiagnosed.

Symptoms of adult add:

Now I will inform you of the most important and common signs and symptoms of adults with add. These symptoms checklist may vary from person to person. But I am mentioning the criteria according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM–5).

1. Difficulty organizing your life

Adulthood comes with a lot of extra responsibility: bills, jobs, committed relationships, and children. Adults with ADD find it difficult to juggle all their responsibilities, and an inability to prioritize or organize leaves them feeling overwhelmed.

2. Restlessness

A hallmark of childhood ADD is an abundance of energy, often not channeled into the right areas. People with adult ADD normally feel edgy or restless. If you were hyperactive as a child and had ADD, you likely grew up to be calmer – but your restlessness is still a sign of adult ADD.

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3. Poor listening skills

Do you have trouble concentrating during long business meetings? Forget to pick up the milk no matter how many times your wife reminds you? Problems with attention lead to poor listening skills, which means those with adult ADD are prone to have listening-related misunderstandings.

4. Relationship trouble

While the beginning stages of the relationship are exhilarating, often adults with ADHD struggle with the transition into a more committed relationship. Their tendency to be easily distracted makes their significant others think they’re inattentive or self-centered, causing relationship trouble.

5. Chronic lateness

Adults with ADD are late for two reasons: they underestimate how long a task will take, and they’re likely to get distracted on the way to an event.

When you’re late for the fiftieth time in a row, likely, your friend isn’t going to want to hear any more excuses.

If you find yourself doing several unimportant tasks that make you late or you are constantly starting a new project at inconvenient times, you may have adult ADD.

6. Procrastination is your forte

Unfortunately, anxiety often helps adults with ADD focus. Instead of getting a task done promptly, they procrastinate until the deadline is upon them. Living in a state of extreme anxiety is not healthy, and the inability to start tasks wears on their relationships at work and home.

7. Extreme risk-taking

People with ADD often seek out activities that are stimulating. Activities like gambling, driving fast cars, skydiving, and even extramarital affairs can all appeal to adults with ADD. The key is to channel that energy into less potentially risky endeavors.

8. Constantly losing things

Being easily distracted and lacking organizational skills leads to constantly losing things. If you find yourself constantly searching for your keys, phone, and wallet, you may want to designate an area in your home where you always put those items.

9. Prone to the angry outburst

ADD often leads to problems controlling emotions, so those who have adult ADD are prone to angry outbursts over minor issues.

Often people with ADD feel like they have absolutely no control over their negative emotions, and their anger leaves as quickly as it came. However, this doesn’t stop the damage it does to others in the relationship.

10. Impulsive behavior

Everyone has moments when they act on impulse, but if you find yourself regularly making big decisions without giving any thought to the consequences, you may have ADD.

Quitting your job suddenly, blurting out whatever’s on your mind, or having unprotected sex are all indications of the impulsiveness that characterizes adult ADD.

11. Easily distracted

Being easily distracted causes a lot of other problems. It can mean that you can’t concentrate on work, you’re often late, and you have trouble finishing tasks. If you find your mind constantly wondering, you may have adult ADD.

My suggestion is that people who suspect that they or their children have ADHD should look for qualified and professional help. With the right information, a considerable difference can be made.

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