When we should go to a psychologist or psychiatrist?

psychologist help or psychiatrist help

I often face some questions that when we should go to a psychologist. For example when to go psychologist?, do I need psychotherapy?, who is clinical or counseling Psychologist? etc. Today I will share some information about this topics and will also try to answer these questions.

When will I go to a psychologist?

Actually, it’s not possible to tell when you will go to a psychologist. Anyone at any time can go to the psychologist if he wants to share his feelings and want someone to listen to his words. As a psychologist, we say that if anyone feels-

  • extensive sad
  • can’t sleep well
  • having a problem while working
  • personal relations are going bad
  • don’t feel alright or
  • too much tension is killing the peace.

At that time you can go to a psychologist.

What is the mental health condition in a recent world?

In a research of world health organization (WHO) shows, “One in four people in the world will be affected by psychological or neurological disorders where 450 million people are currently suffering from mental health problem”.

As a third world country, it has been seen that adult people of Indian sub-content suffer from some sort of mental disorder. In another research, it has been seen that about 18% of the people in Bangladesh under 18 suffering from mental disorder. This means a large number of people in Bangladesh need mental health treatment.

Outside of this, there are a large number of people whose mental health illness is not much acute. These people can also come and share their problems with a professional psychologist who will listen and try to solve the problem.

When I will understand that the people I know on myself is suffering and needs to go to the psychologist/psychiatrist?

Mental illness doesn’t come in one day. The thinking of people is changing gradually. We start thinking something which naturally affects our emotions. If I think myself as a very bad person, of course, my emotions will be sad and awful all the time, and the behaviors will also follow the same way. I may be excited and cannot focus anything or I may frustrate about everything or I may get too much anxiety.

If someone is thinking something which he never used to think before, he is doing some work which he never used to do before. If you experience the same you also need to go to a psychologist

In the above circumstance, you might need to take help from clinical or counseling or other mental health professional. So now you may think to whom I will go.

After identifying a severe psychological/emotional problem where you can go?

At this moment you can go for psychological treatment to a psychiatrist, whom we call the mental doctor. And they can give you medicine according to your problem. Besides they can also provide you with the other treatments like psychotherapy. You may also go to a clinical/counseling psychologist. You can know the activities between psychologist, psychiatrist, counselor and their fees here

What are the activities of clinical or counseling Psychologist with mental patients?

Clinical or counseling Psychologist never gives you medicines. Clinical or counseling psychologists are those people who work with counseling or psychotherapy through talking or discussion. Within a systematic procedure, they will try to identify the problem and provide a proper solution through counseling/psychotherapy.

If you feel to talk with a mental health professional or you see around you someone needs mental health help, don’t be late, go to the nearest mental health help center. After getting proper psychotherapy you can get back your golden days. These days in government and nongovernment hospitals these services are available. There have the psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, counseling psychologist, and so many others.

Hope you have enjoyed this. There might so many questions in your mind. If you have any question doesn’t forget to comments. We will take your question faithfully and confidentially. You can get more information “about common inquiries about psychological support” from click here.