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Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist for Anxiety

Psychiatrists and Psychologists are both experts in dealing with anxiety. Sometimes only a psychologist or a psychiatrist can provide all the treatments for people with anxiety disorder. In most cases, both professionals are needed for combined medicine and psychotherapy to treat anxiety. Today we will discuss “Psychiatrist Vs. Psychologist for Anxiety disorder.” What is Anxiety? …

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Therapist vs Psychiatrist vs Psychologist

Today we all are leading busy & stressful life. We are supposed to play different social roles individually. From professional to personal life, we are overloaded with multitasking. This multitask puts stress and pressure on our psychology of us. Moreover, multitasking makes us confront different psychological issues. That’s why nowadays, we need to go to …

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psychologist help or psychiatrist help

I often face some questions about when we should go to a psychologist. For example, when going to a psychologist?, do I need psychotherapy? Who is a clinical or counseling Psychologist? Etc. It’s not always easy to know when to seek professional help for our mental health. We may feel like we should be able …

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