Rider Waite Review

As a Hermetic Tarot practitioner and Rider-Waite enthusiast, I’ve always been curious about the differences between the two cards and how they compare. My desire to better understand the differences led me to research the Hermetic Tarot, a deck created by a practicing Hermetic Qabalist. I’m sharing this intro paragraph to help anyone interested in […]

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Why should you believe in the Moonchild Tarot? Or, why shouldn’t you? The truth is, it’s not as simple as saying one deck is better than another. Though, for many people, there is a clear favorite between Rider Waite and the Moonchild. The Moonchild Tarot and Rider Waite are the two most popular occult tarot

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The Waite-Smith deck symbolizes the more pious and conservative thinking of the 19th Century, emphasizing gentility and chivalry and its Christian and Celtic imagery and themes. By contrast, the Robin Wood deck, with its pagan and witchcraft themes and emphasis on feminine and feminist sensibilities, represents the more liberal and progressive thinking of the 20th

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Albano Waite Tarot Vs. Rider Waite

Are you getting confused between the Albano Waite Tarot and Rider Waite decks? In the article, we have provided details about the difference between these two decks. Albano Waite tarot and Rider Waite are the same decks with the exact figures, pictures, and symbols. Now, you must be thinking about what the differences are. Several

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