Tarot Card Reading Experience (Bad/Good)-2021

After learning about the Tarot card, many people want to use it to see the results. How did they feel about the Tarot card when they used it…..We are going to show you a few tarot card reading experiences of the readers.

Amombi Emanuel, Manager…..(Tarot Expert)

A recent experience of mine I just wanted to share…

Shows me the deeper meaning of the stars.

I had to have an endoscopy on Saturday. For those of you who are lucky enough not to know what it is, when they stick a tube with a small camera at the end of your throat and see what your interiors look like…

I had never had a treatment before and was a little worried about what to expect, So before few days, I started reading using this spread:

These are the cards I received:

I will ignore the other, though. I’m just talking about the stars here:

◽ I looked at the star girl and saw the naked girl and thought it was related to my fear of being weak– doing something with me, not being in control, not knowing exactly what would happen.

◽ I recently linked the Star card to the idea of a mother whispering to her child, “Shh, everything will be fine,” resulting from this card.

In particular, I felt much more comfortable about the process and knew that I should allow myself to be weakened and put in the skilled hands of nurses and doctors who always do this kind of work.


During the day, things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. You have a choice– you can pick up either local anesthesia, basically, throat spray so you don’t feel the tube; Or, you may have light nonsense. Basically, you don’t remember anything. Assured by the Star Card, I like to spray the throat.

Unfortunately, I could feel the tube. I could not swallow; I could hardly breathe. Moreover,  I felt like I was holding my breath. I’m terrified. I was coughing and shivering, and I can honestly say, at that point– which only lasted a few minutes– I thought I was going to die.

The nurses were talented. One was holding my hand. They frequently touch my head and suggest me to breathe, repeatedly saying, “Deep breathing, deep breathing…” Without these, I don’t think I could control myself. I managed to breathe through the last minute or so. They gave me wheels, gave me rest, said nice things, took care of me. At last, they provided me a cup of tea with a delicious biscuit.

After that, I tried to relate my experience to the star. Of course, not everything was “OK.” This has probably been my most traumatic experience. Still, Starr was there at the activities of the nurses and my husband, who was waiting outside and also took care of me when he was shaking my head.

It occurred to me that the Star was not this kind of “everything will be pink and bright” card, which is probably what I thought it was.

Think about it – in the darkness of the night, in the darkness; the stars come out in our darkness. When we need a star, but in times of crisis, above from its vantage point in the sky, the star can see the bigger picture. Although we may be in a state of shock, unable to find a way out, Starr knows that we will get out– probably wounded, but he is OK and has a chance to heal. When a teenage girl is heartbroken, Tara becomes a mother, hits her on the head, and says everything will be fine, although not now, the mother knows that another love will come.

▶ The star is our guiding light… but the important thing is that when we totally lost our way, then it works as a guiding light to get the right path.

My guess is this is why it follows the tower.

I know many people will read my experience “well, duh … of course, the stars mean”. But I just got it, and it’s great.

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Ryan Burnett…..(Tarot card reader)

I think I can treat myself as an amateur to read them.

▶ I’ve always been fascinated by them because I’ve heard about the lucky ones for the first time and all the neatly charming staff as this neat boy. I’m currently working on a project I started in a high school, writing a 26-movement piece based on Major Arcana.

▶ I have been planning to buy a deck for a long time and have finally been able to save money and put the deck in front of me at the right time this past summer. Because of my curve-related interest, I am really listed in the store catalog.

  • I wanted a deck, “Crow Tarot: Crow’s Wisdom,” but sadly, it didn’t leave the stock.
  • However, I chose a deck of “Elemental Tarot” from Lo Scarabeo.
N:B: Primary Tarot: Elemental Tarot Cards by Lo Scarabio: Amazon Link Here. (And I actually realized that the worst thing I could find in the local store withing $175! The best Amazon receipt was $235.70! And really, I love this deal).

I did a few readings for friends and ran a booth at an event where I am Club I VP to raise money for the local animal shelter. It’s pretty fun, though I really don’t know what I’m doing most of the time.

I use these a bit as part of my regular spiritual practice, though not too much, and the way a few of my other friends do-no, I already know the cards only act as catalysts for me but just need to be put together like a puzzle. I don’t usually have lots of dramatic puffy and drunken organs as I reveal spooky horrible death cards or anything else.

(Incidentally, the death card represents a change, “You should avoid cars, will bed, and ax-driven lunatics for seven weeks and seven days, not OMG!”)

  • These are neat, and I like the aesthetics of my deck. It’s both modern and my kind of Mysticism.
  • Also, the four elements play a lot in my spiritual beliefs, so having a deck based on those is a plus.
  • Even though most part of the deck, I like them because they are aesthetically pleasing.


Experts say some great things happen to them while using very interesting tarot cards. And this they have enjoyed with ease.

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