Tarot Cards Vs Playing Cards: Best Reviews-2021

Tarot Card and a playing card, You have heard its name several times. These two cards are very familiar to all of us. We use them in our daily life for different purposes. Each card has its respective significance. We use them for playing games or divination purposes. These two cards are almost the same, just a bit different in number.

Both have the same roots. They both are at first used for playing games. Now, with the change of time, two decks are used differently.

The use of decks for divination, cartomancy appeared in the 16th century, where tarot decks are still used for this purpose, whereas playing cards are used for divination sometimes but mainly used for card games.

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The Difference in Types:

Tarot card, there are mainly 78 cards divided into two groups; Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. In major arcana, there are 22 cards, and in minor arcana, there are 56 cards divided into four suits: Wands, cups, swords, and disks. These suits come with 14 cards each, Ace-10, King, Queen, Knight, and Jack, whereas Playing cards are almost like the Minor Arcana tarot card. Just the difference is minor arcana has 56 cards.

But the playing cards have 52 cards, and the four suits are called Wands as a club, Cups as Hearts, Sword as Spades and Disks or Pentacles as Diamonds divided into 13 cards each, Ace-10, king, Queen, and Knight.

Both the cards have king, Queen, and Knight in common. Modern playing cards also have jokers, which are rarely used like in the tarot card of major arcana ‘The Fool.’ No historical evidence found them.

Difference Among the Suits:

Among the four suits, Ace of wands is the first suit in Tarot in playing cards as Ace of clubs. In the Greek elements, Wands and clubs are represented as earth- things concrete and earthbound. But, in Wikipedia, it is seen that wands and clubs are connected to the material fire, which makes no sense at all. It must be a modern transformation of the metaphorical thinking of the past appropriate to one system or another. There is nothing in the greek about the fire of the element to support this connection.

Ace of pentacles in tarot and Ace of diamonds in playing cards are considered as the second suit. This card in greek refers to Air. Air is generally about thinking, communication, and mental processes. Ideas are gems, of course, and without them, there is little chance of great fortune if not inherited.

In Wikipedia, this Greek element is compatible with the earth, which in our view is somewhat meaningful due to its involvement with the world of money. But, it is the understanding of the modern world as well as wealth.

In the past, the latter was closely associated with agriculture, working with the soil. The former was associated with aristocracy and power because farmers were less likely to become rich. To them, the meaning was something almost imaginary, meaning more mind than an object.

Ace of Cups in Tarot and Ace of heart in the playing card is considered the third suit.

Cups and Hearts represent the element water, which is of emotion. It doesn’t usually put the element first, although a greek philosopher said emphatically: Panta rei, everything is floating. Like the elements of water, Hearts and clubs are all about emotions and influence.

Last but not least, Ace of Sword in Tarot and Ace of Spades in a playing card is considered the four no. suits.

In Tarot, this card is considered the highest or last of the four, and in a playing card, this card is considered second to Hearts.

Swords and spades are attached to the greek element fire, which stands for activity and pure power. It is the main element of the four that is always mentioned first because, in the 21st march, which was the beginning of the year in the ancient calendar, it is associated with the martial equinox.

This is also the moment when the Sun enters Aries in the Zodiac, the main fire sign. Thus, the first in one order is the last in the other, but in both cases, it implies importance. But, in Wikipedia, this suit refers to the greek element air, which compares the sword to the principle of justice. But the law is made by power, and the power is nearly close to element fie. So, as it is considered as Air but, the reality is fire as the sword prefers reality.

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