Archangel Power Tarot Cards Review

The Archangel Power Tarot Cards are a spectacular deck designed to help you experience reading exactly as it was meant to be shared.

The Archangel Power Tarot by Doreen Virtue is often described as one of the most potent Tarot decks, and it’s hard to argue. The artwork is stunning, and the design shows a reverence for the work of Archangels. The book is well designed, and the cards represent various issues.

The deck contains archangelic images, symbols, and messages to bring divine messages, healing, and transformation. The cards have a heavy focus on spiritual growth and meditation. The cards are printed on high-quality card stock and are packaged in an organza bag.

Archangel Power Tarot Cards Meanings:

Archangel Power Tarot Cards tells a tale of revenge. You begin by learning about your archenemy, the Empress. The Empress represents female strength and power, and like any good woman, she’s got your back. Next, you learn of your nemesis, the Devil, and finally, you know of your archenemy, the Empress. In this story, we understand our fear is the only nemesis we can truly defeat.

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook
  • Valentine, Radleigh (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

How to Use Aarchangel Oracle Cards?

I am a tarot card reader and find Angel cards susceptible and insightful. The Archangel Oracle Cards help with issues such as releasing fears, taking charge, asking for guidance, and much more. They can be used for divination, chakra balancing, and to help manifest your desires.

Read through your Angel cards using the provided questions from the guidebook, or use the cards to prompt your questions. I recommend reading the guidebook first, then the cards, and then looking up answers online.

About the Author:

Radleigh Valentine is a globally recognized spiritual teacher and author. Radleigh’s sessions are a riot of humor and knowledge. He can convey complex ideas in a lighthearted and endearing manner.

He has spoken at over 70 gatherings in ten countries since 2012, such as more than a dozen Hay House “I Can Do It” seminars. Radleigh is a regular speaker at the yearly Hay House World Summit and the Angel World Summit in London.

He is also the Engelkongress in Southern Europe. Magical Things with Radleigh Valentine is a show on radio that combines humor and profound presentations for listeners. Every week, his top-rated clip show, Ask Rad!, is broadcast simultaneously on various Social Media Platforms.

Archangel Power Tarot Cards: A 78-Card Deck and Guidebook

The Archangel Power Tarot Cards were intended to help you achieve your goals. After all, the angels can still provide you with amazing solutions and direction. However, you may not be able to put these teachings into practice if you do not feel confident, equipped, gutsy, inspired, or educated. You’ll obtain the insights and confidence to continue ahead confidently with this deck.

This 78-card deck and companion handbook were made for susceptible people who need support to put their holy messages into practice. They keep the charm of conventional tarot with beautiful symbolism.

  • This can be used to respond to queries on any subject.
  • The foundation of your circumstance, the struggle, the history, the current, the immediate future, and the probable situation are all revealed in this ten-card spread.

Hay House Inc. published this tarot deck on June 19, 2018. The item weighs 1.12 pounds, and its dimensions are 3.94 x 2.1 x 5.44 inches. It is written in the English language.

Previous Users’ Experience:

  • This deck is well-designed and well-illustrated.
  • It also provides precise, particular interpretations and, if desired, can be combined with cards from other Angel decks and oracle cards to provide more profound significance.
  • The hues gently stimulate perception, assisting the reader in carrying the story of any tarot card spread.
  • The Major Arcana cards are made up of 22 ranked cards with meanings that are comparable to those developed by Arthur Edward Waite.
  • One of fifteen archangels watches over each card in the Major Arcana. Some of these angels are tasked with overseeing multiple cards.
  • Only three archangels in this deck are referenced in the Bible, with the others appearing in spurious sources.
  • Some users say the cards are made of high-quality material with a shiny texture and golden gilded borders on all sides.
  • The cards are amazing to look at.
  • The booklet leads us to helpful guidance with broader options.
  • The cards have a shiny outlook which makes them unique.
  • The archangels’ outfits are not the known elements of the archangels.
  • Lack of opportunity to research.

It’s not enough to get solutions; you also need the guts, drive, and capacity to act decisively based on them. Now you may obtain correct signals in a friendly manner and respond to them with certainty! With the guidance of the archangels who advise you in the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, you’ll feel encouraged to make great lifestyle changes.


In conclusion, these cards are fun and priced accordingly to make people aware of the Tarot Card deck. The Archangel Power Tarot Cards come from decks by well-known psychic and tarot reader John Holland. The deck is affordable and comes with two white silk bags to store your cards in.

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