Are Tarot Cards Accurate? Expert’s Opinion

There is a lot of debate over Tarot cards when it comes to accuracy. Some people believe that tarot cards are great tools to predict the future, while others consider them a waste of time and a scam. So, the question is: are tarot cards accurate? Although tarot cards do not directly answer this question, they contain a lot of information that tries to point out to a person their future.

A tarot card is a card that is illustrated. Whether or not this is correct depends on who believes the tarot card. Because it is through this belief that people read tarot cards out of curiosity about their future. And according to those who read it, it is accurate and able to predict the future. Through the people’s belief, tarot cards have been prevalent year after year, and their effect is much greater in different places.

How do I know if a tarot card is accurate?

Those who read Tarot cards will be able to tell whether the Tarot card is correct or not, even those who read the Tarot card and later act accordingly, and as a result, whatever the situation, good or bad, is related to the Tarot card, then the Tarot card is correct.

Do all those who read tarot cards read correctly?

Of course not…. Because it would be wrong to assume that everyone knows about the Tarot card or that its practice is present in every Tarot reader. However, those who read it as a profession read it knowing its true meaning. Those who read without understanding its meaning are not real readers.

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Here I am referring to my 4 friends who are experts and tarot readers. We will know their opinion about are tarot accurate and What it can predict the future.

AVISHAI MICAIAH, Tarot Reader, Creator and Curator of AudioTarot.

A mileage board can predict future miles.

This is a picture of a completely acceptable collection of symbols that will tell your future.

Using these ancient glyphs, if you and I are going 60 miles per road in a car, and we see this sign, I can accurately predict that if you don’t change, you’ll hit Canyonville in 2 minutes, Eugene a little more hours. One and a half, and finally Portland in about 3 hours and 25 minutes.

Are you sure you want to finish in Portland?

I don’t know. I can’t tell you that. You can pull or take a U-turn. You can stop at Canyonville and fall in love with Seven Feathers Casino Resort and spend the rest of your life playing Pok ?; this is your life and your choice. We all have free will.

Do you think this is correct when you read the Tarot?

Similarly, when I read tarot, it is a partnership between the client and me. Together with you, we are explaining the signs of your life in an attempt to predict where you are going. Indeed, these signs and symbols may not always be as obvious as street signs, but they are ancient, and your subconscious mind is very fluent in them.

Deeply you often know which way you are going. As tarot readers and sympathizers, we help bring the bucket down the well. The insight and precision we drew together were inside you all the time.

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LINDSAY PLOTT, MHR Human Relations, University of Oklahoma (2013)

The tarot card places energy around the given situation. They may tell you possible results, but those results are not written in stone. Tarot helps us reflect, imagine, come to terms with, and make the most of confusing life events. When used appropriately, we grow, we become more aware of the meaning of cruelty, and we become more empathetic, better prepared to deal with challenging situations.

In short


Tarot can predict the future – to a certain extent. However, the tarot is best used as a tool for human development and self-reflection, rather than just for oneself and one’s own prophecy. Too much focus on prophecy denies our ability to make choices, change ourselves, and free will.

SWAATII, Tarot Consultant

  1. Tarot card A journey from birth to departure.
  2. Thus when I read tarot for a person, based on which the card is drawn, I know exactly where the person stands in life … about that area of his life … and for how long.
  3. We can add more questions to this topic to dig deeper into what we are talking about. Thus if a client asks a question about his future and such cards are drawn out – based on the order of the cards + connected to the frequency of his current vibration, I will be able to make a good prediction for his future as a reader.
  4. The great thing is that it can be done for fields – relationships, property sales, purchases, health, finance, travel, foreign trips, foreign rehabilitation, and much more … on the cards;)
  5. Thus the prophecy is not only accurate but in most cases,

Truly life-saving

BHAVIKA VYAS, M.Sc. MNIT Jaipur, Tarot Reader, and Awarded Chemistry Teacher.


They can, but they are not there to predict the future.

These were designed to know a person’s soul journey or life lessons (spiritual). Somehow we have connected them to the material world (job/money/family/emotions/relationships/ emotional conflicts), and they work well with it too!

Basically, they work on the principle of energy. Cards are drawn based on strength. They can help you choose a path.

For example, if a person is given the option b /w, the card can instruct him to choose the best.

  • You have a business idea but want to know the best time to implement them. Cards can predict the best possible time of an event in your life.
  • No yes / no type questions.
  • You are dating someone but not so sure about continuing. Come and get a guide. Cards can help you.

Special Note: Some energy can be changed by free will (small arcana), but the soul’s text cannot be changed (fixed for this lifetime).

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Are all types of tarot cards accurate?

Tarot card drawings are based on individual situations. In such a situation, the card is read. So different cards for different situations are accurate from their place. And the key is to read the tarot cards correctly.

Did anyone who read Tarot cards really get any feedback?

As far as can be said, many have received positive feedback through tarot cards. So from the idea of people, it has been transformed into the belief that the tarot card is correct, and it works to give advance predictions about future good or bad situations to come.


It is not an easy task to read a tarot card or to use it to predict the future. However, those who read Tarot correctly. They can tell how accurate the tarot card is. The Tarot card will not tell you the exact future, but it can only predict what will happen in the future.

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