6 Best Crystals for Crown Chakra in 2023

Best Crystals for Crown Chakra

The crystal sphere of the Crown Chakra is said to be responsible for human interactions, morals and ethics, self-preservation and balance, and the sense of self. It is believed to be the source of our spiritual and higher awareness. The article has provided the 6 Best Crystals for Crown, Throat, and Eye Chakra.

Crystals help us clear our minds and bring luck, so we think of them when we think of them. However, there is more to crystals than that. Crystals can also be very helpful for crown chakra health.

Four main crystals can help crown chakra health.

The first is black tourmaline, which creates balance and harmony in the crown chakra. Another type of crystal is quartz, which enhances the wisdom and guidance of the crown chakra.

The third is smoky quartz, which helps create clarity and balance in the crown chakra. Finally, amethyst is a third chakra crystal that helps to create balance and harmony in the crown chakra.

6 Best Crystals for Crown, Throat, Eye Chakra

Have an inspection of them below.

1. ROCKCLOUD The Crown Chakra Orgone Pyramid Amethyst Crystal:

Rockcloud The Crown Chakra Orgone Pyramid Amethyst Crystal...
  • Orgone Pyramid: The greatest effect of Orgone Pyramid is to convert...
  • The Crown Chakra Healing: The thousand-petal lotus flower inside the...

This is a Rockcloud Crown chakra orgone pyramid Amethyst. It is a well-known crystal used to open and activate your crown chakra so you can synchronize your energy with the universe.

Amethyst can help you to calm your chaotic mind and connect with your soul to the other world. This stone serves as a reminder that you are connected to the Divine realm, enhancing your spiritual abilities and elevating you to the next stage of psychic development.

Amethyst Crystal for Crown Chakra- features and specifications:

Rockclouds produced this product, and it comes with a weight of 3.17 ounces and has 3.5*3.2*2.4 dimensions inches. It features,

  • It measures approximately 1.97″ (50mm) wide x 1.97″ (50mm) high; 80-90g in weight.
  • It includes a black gift box for storing the product.
  • Appropriate for collection, gift-giving, and office and home décor.
  • It increases the brightness and harmony in the owner’s living or workspace.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • They are a great stone and perfect for gifts.
  • It makes a great window ornament.
  • It is very pretty and makes a nice addition to the decor.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is small in size but nice.
  • The organic resin and inorganic metal in this Crystal Pyramid interact to transfer and purify energy.
  • It can attract positive energy.
  • Having it in our home can help us relax and de-stress.
  • It can also shield us from harmful EM radiation.
  • Placing human biological fields near electronic equipment helps coordination.
  • The crystal is small in size but of nice quality.

2. MOONSTONE Crystal Healing Necklace:

Sugandha Wellness Rainbow Moonstone Healing Crystal Necklace...
  • Stone Of New Beginnings : Known for helping to balance feminine...
  • Elegant Gift : Made with love & care, this unique pendant is a perfect...

This is a Moonstone Crystal Healing Necklace used for the crown chakra. It brings hope, luck, and abundance. It relieves emotional stress and enhances inspiration, psychic talents, and confidence.

Moonstone is a gentle healer of the crown chakra and other chakras that works best when illuminated by the moon. Moonstone can help you develop your psychic abilities that an unbalanced crown chakra may hamper with its mystical and metaphysical properties.

Moonstone for Crown Chakra- features and specifications:

Sugandha Wellness manufactured this product that first came out on March 06, 2019, weighs 1.06 ounces, and has 1*0.5*0.5 dimensions of inches. It features,

  • It provides an eco-friendly bag that protects your crystal pendant’s shine and color.
  • Includes a free e-book guide with information on crystal origin, meaning, and care.
  • Moonstones are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Rainbow Moonstone is stunning and also a great gift idea.
  • They arrived in beautiful felt bags inside a box with long chain necklaces and amazing metal holding the crystals in place.
  • The crystals are stunning and a great gift idea for anyone. It’s durable and doesn’t come off the chain.
  • Some buyers claimed that the crystal they received was not a moonstone. An all-black and white stone, but this stone was nice though. After putting the necklace on, the metal loop connecting the stone to the chain vanished.
  • The photos show the stone is not pretty and has no sparkle or speckles. This necklace’s chain and clasp are like a quarter machine.
  • Rainbow Moonstone is aligned with the Goddess. Protection from negative energies, entities, or destructive forces.
  • Some buyers claimed the chain is cheap, but the stone binding is nice.
  • Moonstone calms those away from home at night, banishes nightmares, and promotes sleep.
  • It is also treated to sleepwalking while meditating with this.
  • Moonstone carries the energy of a strong yet gentle feminine Goddess.
  • It strengthens intuition and promotes self-awareness.
  • It raises vibrations, assists in entering deeper states of meditation, and quiets mind chatter.
  • Raw moonstones have a subtle rainbow flash, so look carefully.
  • Our rainbow moonstone is natural and may have minor flaws or inclusions like black spots.

3. UNIHOM 1 lb Bulk Rough Clear Quartz Crystal:

This is Unihom 1lb bulk rough clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz attracts positive energies and promotes overall health. Its clarity can awaken, unblock, and enhance all 7 chakras and their beneficial energy.

Clear quartz also doubles or triples the healing energies of other crystals, assisting in awakening your abilities and chakras. By healing your crown chakra, you’ll gain spiritual and mental clarity. Its empowering presence allows you to increase your focus and energies and master the crown chakra’s abilities.

Clear Quartz Crystal- features and specifications:

Unihom contrived this product, and it first came out on October 28, 2020. It comes with a weight of 1.07 pounds and has 5.98*4.53*1.57 dimensions inches. It features,

  • This clear quartz is 1 pound, and its size ranges from 1 to 2 inches, with an average of 1.25”.
  • Each piece of quartz is irregular, unpolished, and rough, and the quantity of the stone varies according to the size and weight of the stone.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The stone contains energy and is perfect for the price.
  • Some buyers claimed they are very dull pink in appearance, unlike the listing.
  • Some buyers claimed that the stone had dust on them, but when you soak them in water and clean them off, they are really beautiful and receive shiny polish.
  • They are beautiful raw crystals shipped quickly.
  • These stones are great for wire wrapping, crystal grid work, or other crystal work.
  • Some buyers claimed that their stone came with a lot of dust and crumbles, which worried them if any of it was tiger’s eye dust, but washed them all right away and tossed the packaging; otherwise, a lovely assortment.
  • They are very nice, with great shapes and sizes for hand shaping and polishing.
  • Some of them are glass rather than rocks, but it’s a good buy for a fun grab bag.
  • They are beautiful stones, some cracked, but cut them if you have the tools.
  • This stone assists you in recognizing the divine ones and your profound connection to the divine realm.
  • The clear quartz crystal absorbs all negative psychic energies emanating from other people and the universe.
  • This can assist you in focusing on the important things in life.
  • The stone comes with lots of dust and needs to be washed when received.

NATURAL Lepidolite Crystal Healing Necklace:

Sugandha Wellness Lepidolite Healing Crystal Necklace -...
  • Lepidolite : Soothe your soul and embrace inner peace with this...
  • Elegant Gift : Made with love & care, this unique pendant is a perfect...

This is a natural Lepidolite healing Necklace. Lepidolite has a soft vibration that deeply resonates with the crown chakra. Instead, it works through your subconscious to open and activate your crown chakra. For this reason, it is a great stone for astral travel.

Lepidolite is an excellent crystal for relieving anxiety and stress as it contains lithium and mica. It is a Libra birthstone that works with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

Lepidolite Healing Necklace- features and specifications

This product was fabricated by Sugandha wellness. It comes with a weight of 0.88 ounces and has a dimension of 1*0.5*0.5 inches which first came out on September 14, 2019. It features,

  • Lepidolite Crystal approximately 1.5″-2.4″ in length, 3/4″ – 1″ in width on an elegant & adjustable Silver Plated Chain (24″).
  • It includes a Black Velvet Drawstring Bag for storing the product.
  • Due to the unique nature of each crystal, natural color and size variations may occur.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • They are beautiful and come in nice sizes.
  • Some buyers claimed that the stone is unique and securely set in place. However, they had to replace the chain anyway because the metal ring in front and behind the clasp overlapped and snagged hair.
  • This piece of jewelry is lovely and is of such high quality.
  • The item arrived well packaged and quickly.
  • The product is too lovely and perfect for a gift. Also, great product and price!
  • Some buyers claimed that stone is nice in the sun. Disappointed in the chain’s quality. Upon arrival, it needed repair.
  • The thick chain and large stone make it more suitable for a man or a hanging pendulum.
  • The lepidolite crystal healing qualities help bring awareness, making you think before acting.
  • The Lepidolite crystal shows us the way to a deeper sense of self and our true desires.
  • This stone encourages you to think about your best options for long-term happiness rather than impulsively acting without thought.
  • They are very thick stones.

RAW Selenite Crystal Healing Necklace:

Raw Selenite Crystal Healing Necklace - for Crown Chakra |...
  • Crystal Of Peace : Experience deep cleansing, purification and...
  • Elegant Gift : Made with love & care, this unique pendant is a perfect...

This is a Raw Selenite Crystal healing necklace. Selenite is a popular cleansing stone nowadays. This is due to its strong ability to remove negative energies and clear blockages, especially in the crown chakra.

Positive energies can enter your chakras and auric fields by clearing negative ones. By clearing the aura of negative energy build-up in the physical and etheric bodies, Selenite brings mental clarity. Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras are all influenced by Selenite.

Selenite Crystal- features and specifications:

This product was formed by Sugnadha wellness. It weighs 1.06 ounces and has 1*0.5*0.5 dimensions, and it first came out on July 18, 2019. It features,

  • The appearance of the stone is usually white, colorless, or gray but can also be red, brown, or yellow in shades.
  • Vitreous to pearly luster, particularly on cleavage surfaces.
  • Crystals range in transparency from transparent to translucent.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • This necklace is great for protection against negativity.
  • This is a big tumbled selenite pendant that comes at a great price.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is a nice necklace but is a large chunk and heavy so make sure to put a strong chain.
  • Some buyers claimed that it’s awful and misrepresents the product. This item came unwrapped in a Ziploc bag. No velvet jewelry bag was shown. The pendant is a bad wire-wrapped selenite chunk.
  • The stone is wrapped in sterling silver, which is a malleable metal.
  • The stone is stunning in person, and the wire wrap is delicate, revealing most of the stone while remaining secure.
  • Some buyers claimed that the chain was a little chunky and clunky but low price.
  • Excellent craftsmanship. The stone is nice, and the chain is sturdy. This piece gets a lot of praise.
  • This necklace was opened and replaced by a black obsidian one.
  • Selenite is a protective stone that can heal your body with healing energies.
  • It removes blockages in energy fields and unstable energies from the body.
  • Aura cleansing removes all toxins from your physical body.
  • Selenite attracts wealth, prosperity, and abundance.
  • This crystal can help you focus on the projects that need your attention the most.
  • Selenite is a water-soluble mineral; it should be kept completely dry at all times.

LOVELIOME White Howlite Turquoise Polished Stones:

Loveliome White Howlite Turquoise Polished Stones, Natural...
  • 1 Pcs Oval crystals and healing stones, it is hand carved,vary...
  • About 80g/piece;Approx:2.3x1.5x0.7"(60mmx40mmx20mm).Nice size to fit...

This is a Loveliome white howlite Turquoise polished stone. This brilliant crystal heals your crown chakra by calming your emotions.

Emotions play a vital role in crown chakra healing, often overlooked. When you try to activate or open yourself to the spiritual realm, you may experience strong emotional reactions or changes in temperament.

However, howlite should help you ease through such powerful releases and absorb any negative energies that may come.

Howlite Turquoise Stone- features and specifications:

Loveliome contrived this product and weighed 2.39 ounces and dimensions 3*2*1 inches. It features,

  • It is hand-carved. Therefore the size and colors may vary slightly.
  • They are smooth, polished, and thumb in size.
  • Around 80g each piece; approximately 2.3×1.5×0.7″ (60mmx40mmx20mm).
  • They come in a nice size to fit easily as a pocket stone, are comfortable to hold in hands for daily carry, and have a beautiful appearance suitable for home decoration.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The stone is large, smooth, and has gold flecks in it.
  • Very nice piece of Rose crystal. It is exactly as pictured in “Amazon’s” listing and nicely tumbled at a great price.
  • It’s the perfect size for any hand; it’s smooth and nice on both sides.
  • Some buyers claimed that they did not like their Amazon ad.
  • Some buyers claimed that red stone has visible brushstrokes. Bloodstone-like polished rock.
  • Some buyers claimed that not all stones are created equal; this is quite small. It extends from the palm to the image’s first joint of the middle finger.
  • The stone is as described. Arrived quickly. The only downside is that you can’t “pick” your stone, and the colors/look vary greatly.
  • Some buyers claimed that the stone is perfect on one side, with just the right amount of grey, red, and black, but the other has a white fungus growing right underneath the surface. On the same side is what appears to be a crack. It could’ve been a lovely gift, but disappointed.
  • The howlite can give you enlightenment and wisdom.
  • This may also help you connect to the higher realms and remove the veils that obscure the truths of life.
  • Howlite can also be used during meditation to help focus the mind.
  • It may also promote mental peace and eliminate distractions.
  • It’ll help you stop taking yourself too seriously.
  • The stones are available in different sizes and don’t match the photo.

Finale Thoughts:

So, we hope you have all the details on the Best crystal for Crown chakra we have provided in the article. All of the above crown chakra crystals help bring feelings of serenity, joy, and deep peace into your life. Feel free to buy them. They are going to be worth your purchase.

Happy Shopping.

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