5 Best Crystals for Headaches & Migraines-2023

Best Crystals for Headaches & Migraines

If you suffer from headaches or migraines, you most likely know the intense pain and discomfort that can come with them. While many different factors can contribute to headaches, there are many ways to deal with them. But what are the best crystals for treating headaches?

It’s no secret that headaches are a part of your life, and their main cause is stress. This is why it is very hard to determine the best way to relieve your headaches without any help. You don’t have to suffer from chronic headaches any longer. Try this amazing natural crystals remedy of the day and watch as your headaches melt away completely.

The article has provided 5 products on the Best Crystals for Headaches. Have a look at them below for additional details.

1. XIANNVXI Tree of Life Wire Wrapped Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace:

XIANNVXI Amethyst Necklace for Women Crystal Crescent Moon...
  • Crescent Moon Healing Crystal Necklace, dainty tree of life wrapped...
  • Amethyst Spiritual Healing Crystal Necklaces, Amethyst in 7 chakra...

This is a XIANNVXI Tree of life wire-wrapped crescent moon pendant necklace. A Reiki healing crystal stone necklace is natural gemstone quartz jewelry for women.

Amethyst is a stone associated with tranquillity and spirituality. It is believed that the iron content, which gives it its purple hue, has a beneficial effect on the brain. It eliminates negative energy and energy blockages that may be the source of pain. As a result, it is frequently regarded as one of the go-to healing crystals for headaches.

Amethyst Moon Pendant Necklace- features and specifications:

XIANNVXI manufactured this product. It weighed 0.53 ounces and was first available on June 01, 2020. It features,

  • They are hard, purple in color, and have a glassy luster.
  • Its chain comes with 24inches.
  • Each Crescent Moon Pendant is handmade from natural stone, so the color may vary slightly from the picture.
  • A crystal necklace is calming and works better.
  • Wearing it for a long time heals your soul.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • The necklace is too gorgeous, and the chain is stainless steel.
  • The clear quartz crystal is beautiful.
  • The pendant is too pretty, and it glows.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is a beautiful pendant, but the chain is very thin.
  • It is a beautiful crystal, but the chain is weak.
  • The chain is a little thin, but it is of decent quality.
  • Very pretty moon pendant, well constructed and heavier.
  • The pendant is nicely made and very pretty.
  • It is a beautiful solid stone, well-made and larger than it appeared in the pictures.
  • The stone itself is substantial, beautiful, and full of energy.
  • It is very high quality, unique, durable, and has a heavy stone, thick chain, and the tree of life wire is well assembled.
  • It can be used as an expression of emotion and a symbol of admiration.
  • Amethyst in the seven chakras corresponding to the brow wheel can stimulate brain cell activity, assisting in thinking and concentration.
  • It is referred to as an amulet, which typically dispels demons and improves individual luck.
  • It heals the brain and enhances the strength of the central nervous and circulatory systems.
  • Amethyst assists in the relief of fatigue and exhaustion.
  • It provides relief from headaches.
  • It assists in relaxation and stress relief.
  • Its chain, which includes a pendant, is thin.

2. ZENKEEPER 1Lb Authentic Raw Citrine Crystal Stone Rough Gemstones Fountain Rocks:

Zenkeeper 1Lb Authentic Raw Citrine Crystal Stone Rough...
  • HAND-SELECTED HIGHEST QUALITY: We select each stone by hand, with...
  • USE: Place Wherever a citrine is placed, it helps to attract money, so...

This Zenkeeper 1Lb authentic raw citrine crystal stone rough gemstones fountain rocks for tumbling, cabbing, polishing, wire wrapping, Wicca & reiki crystal healing.

Citrine is a quartz variety. Because it is the color of the sun and contains some of its energy, it is known to be an energizer, boosting positivity in all aspects of our lives.

This crystal effectively relieves headaches caused by neck and upper back tension. Tensed muscles in that area frequently strain the forehead, resulting in forehead pain.

Citrine Crystal Stone- features and specifications:

Zenkeeper manufactured this product. It weighs 1.16 pounds and has a dimension of 4.06*4.06*2.36 inches. It was first available on September 27, 2020. Moreover, it features,

  • It is a rough stone, citrine color, and 1 pound in size.
  • The stone comes in between the size 1”-2.5”.
  • They provide free guarantees and friendly customer service.
  • They can be used for home or office decor or can be used to make jewelry.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Some buyers claimed that the rock that comes is filthy and the dirt doesn’t come off, and they covered deep white cracks due to this color doesn’t visible.
  • They are beautiful stones, so colorful and big.
  • The stone is genuine and of great value for the price.
  • The product exactly matches the advertised and arrives quickly.
  • They are bigger and more clear than other quartz.
  • They arrived nicely in a package, including a storage pouch.
  • It comes in good size and includes a gift of ½ inch-polished black tourmaline gift.
  • It is gorgeous for decor ideas and is larger.
  • The Pisces are generous in size and colorful, and each one is different in size and character.
  • Some buyers claimed that here some are attractive, and some are less in color.
  • Citrine Boosts creativity and protest from anti-negative energies.
  • It encourages sharing and promotes happiness and joy.
  • It also enables a positive attitude and self-esteem.
  • Citrine builds inner strength and power.
  • It improves concentration and aids in overcoming fears.
  • Citrine facilitates communication and emotional balance.
  • It can reduce the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • Citrine helps heal eye problems energetically, energizes blood circulation, and balances the thyroid.
  • The stones that come are attractive, and some are less colorful.

3. ROCKCLOUD 1lb Ametrine Tumbled Chips Crushed Stone:

Rockcloud 1 lb Ametrine Tumbled Chips Crushed Stone Healing...
  • Style: 1 lb Ametrine Crushed Stone Healing Reiki Jewelry Making Home...
  • Size Details(Approx): 5mm-18mm; Weight(Approx): One lb(460 Grams)/Pack

This is a Rockcloud 1lb Ametrine tumbled chips crushed stone for Reiki healing crystal, jewelry making, and home decoration.

Ametrine is a powerful crystal that comes with the combination of Amethyst and Citrine, which serves as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds. It harmonizes masculine and feminine energy and aids in interpersonal harmony.

Ametrine harmonizes feminine and masculine energies, relieving tension and creating a more balanced mind. While Ametrine is not typically used to treat headaches directly, it is beneficial for clearing the mind and identifying the source of the tension causing the headache.

Ametrine Tumbled Chips- features and specifications:

Rockcloud manufactured this product. It first came out on April 23, 2019. It comes with a weight of 1 pound and has 5.71*4.61*1.34 dimensions inches. Moreover, it features,

  • Ametrine is a two-stone quartz variety with a unique combination of amethyst and citrine within a single crystal, as its name implies.
  • It comes with a 1lb quantity and is perfect for making home decor, jewelry, or reiki healing.
  • It comes in approximately 5mm-18mm and weighs 1lb 460grams/pack.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • They are all worth the price and have a nice mixture of flashy labradorite and the good color of chip stones.
  • Some buyers claimed that they come with great prices and look but not real crystals. The crystal melted from the heat, and it stuck.
  • Some buyers’ claimed that they are just dyed to look like turquoise and also claimed they don’t look like the pictures.
  • They come in dull grey color, with the slightest hint of purple and sharp and jagged edges.
  • They are great looking, just like the pictures.
  • These are very small in size, and the quality looks good.
  • They come with a mixture of colorful stones.
  • Ametrine relaxes the mind by removing stress.
  • It helps to balance emotion and calm.
  • Ametrine dispels discrimination by increasing agreement and acceptance.
  • It inspires creativity and empowers self-management.
  • Enhances concentration, clarity, and coordination of perception and action.
  • Ametrine encourages change and transformation.
  • Ametrine supports the immune system and the autonomic nervous system.
  • Eradicating exhaustion physically, mentally, and emotionally. Allergies and digestive issues are relieved.
  • Possess tremendous strength and vital energy that can be used to enhance meditation and aid in mind, body, and spirit healing.
  • It is an incredibly protective and stabilizing stone beneficial for grounding and balancing spiritual energy.
  • It enhances intuitive abilities, connects the human mind to universal consciousness, and facilitates the development of a connection with Spirit.
  • They are dyed stone and small in size.

4. AMAZON Collection Genuine Stud Earrings:

925 Sterling Silver 6mm Cushion Cut May Birthstone Created...
  • 925 STERLING SILVER - These 6mm cushion cut gemstone stud earrings are...
  • GEMSTONES - Emerald is the birthstone of May. The natural properties...

This is an Amazon collection of sterling silver, genuine stud earrings. Emerald is more of a preventative than a curative substance. It is most effective at assisting us in maintaining a calm state of mind in the long run.

As a result, it’s best to keep it with you at all times. Emerald stones promote hope, growth, and renewal. You can increase your capacity for love and compassion with genuine emeralds while also attracting prosperity.

Additionally, this stone promotes mental clarity, emotional support, and relationship harmony.

Emerald Stud Earrings- features and specifications:

The Amazon collection manufactured this product. It was first available on June 03, 2015. It weighs 0.35 ounces and has a dimension of 5*5*0.7 inches. Moreover, it features,

  • It is a classic and versatile stud gemstone earring.
  • Green in color, ranging from bluish green to slightly yellowish-green.
  • It has highly polished sterling silver with a four-prong setting and butterfly backs.
  • Its stone weight is 1.5 carats, and cushion-cut stone shape.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • Emerald is a really nice stone, but some buyers claimed that after a few months, the stone piece detached.
  • The stone has the prettiest shade of blue and comes in the perfect size, perfect amount.
  • The earring is quite nice and sparkles.
  • These are the cutest little earrings, and the blue color looks stunning.
  • They are simple and elegant; the earrings are exactly as pictured.
  • They are a pure gift, simple and generous.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is beautiful but uncomfortable to wear in the box.
  • Some buyers claimed that the product is poorly made and the packaging is not good.
  • They are beautifully cut and come in the right size.
  • Emeralds promote good health, wealth, and happiness while reducing snake bites.
  • It also increases analytical and intellectual power.
  • It protects from troubles and increases mental and physical strength and eyesight.
  • Emeralds are said to relieve stress and improve circulation.
  • It is beneficial and works for the body and mind.
  • The product doesn’t come well packaged.

5. AMBERAGE Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet for Adults:

AMBERAGE Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet for Adults...
  • 100% Made Of Natural Baltic Amber.
  • You will get a certificate of Authenticity with each bracelet;

This is an AMBERAGE natural Baltic Amber bracelet for adults. It is hand-made from Raw, unpolished, and certified Amber beads. This stone is referred to as a good luck stone.

Amber is a type of tree resin that has been preserved in the fossil record. Due to its natural characteristics, it is ideal for emotional blockages. If your headache is caused by familial or partner stress, experiment with amber to see if its natural healing properties can’t help overcome your emotional blocks.

Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet- features and specifications:

AMBERAGE manufactured this product. It was first available on November 22, 2018. It weighs 0.21 ounces and has 4.72*3.94*0.2 dimensions of inches. Moreover, it features,

  • It is round in shape and comes with a bead size of 6,5-8mm.
  • Its color is an Amber rainbow, and its style is a raw-unpolished rainbow.
  • The bracelet is both for men and women.
  • The average weight of the bracelet is 5-7 grams.

Previous Buyers’ Experience:

  • An Amber bracelet is a bright color bracelet that looks like dark amber.
  • They greatly work to reduce back pain and, aside from lifestyle changes.
  • They are very nice and work perfectly with a beautiful look.
  • Amber bracelet, when wearing, relieves wrist and finger pain.
  • It is a great bracelet that looks so natural.
  • Some buyers claimed that the bracelet stretched after wearing it for about six months.
  • The bracelet is lightweight plus easy to wear.
  • The Amber bracelet is honey in color, which feels warmer and richer than expected.
  • Amber bracelets work well and are comfortable to use.
  • It relieves inflammation and implements lifestyle changes.
  • The amber stone can absorb negative energy and vibrations from the body, making it a natural purifier.
  • It also treats heart problems, arthritis, headaches, and pain.
  • It helps to remove pain from joints and strain injuries.
  • Protection, inner peace, and comfort are all aided by the earthy energy of this precious stone.
  • It is used to treat back pain and migraines.
  • The beads of the bracelet are not durable.

Finale Thoughts:

So, we hope you have all the details on the best crystals for headaches we have provided in the article.

Above all, products work well to relieve headaches, pain, and migraines. If you are suffering from headaches, go and buy any products that will work and remove your pain.

Feel free to choose any of the products.

Happy Shopping!

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