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BLACK Tourmaline Crystals:

Rock Paradise 1/2 lb Rough Black Tourmaline Crystals - Raw...
  • WHAT IS IT: This listing is for ½ pound of rough black tourmaline...
  • MOTHER NATURE: Please note that these crystals and healing stones are...

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Black Tourmaline’s dark hue serves as a protective energy barrier, guarding you against the encroaching bad energy that is too eager to get a foothold in your life. For a cheerful atmosphere at home, it’s a smart choice to have around a lovely stone like this. A feng shui map can help you determine where to put it.

Black Tourmaline Crystals- features and specifications

The developer of this item is Rock Paradise. “The measurements were 3.5″x2.4,” and 8 ounces were weighed by market forces.”Moreover, it features,”

  • There are 12 pounds of rough crystals in the package.
  • Because of their natural origin, the size and shape of stones differ.
  • Finest quality crystals are used which have not been polished.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • It is the biggest stone in size measuring an index finger.
  • To guarantee the customer receives a premium item, the vendor provides an authenticity certificate and quality assurance.
  • It is essential to note that the stones are of high quality and are already in excellent shape.
  • All of the stones in Black Tourmaline are precisely proportioned and conform to quality requirements.
  • Black tourmalines are frequently improved by the presence of metaphysical qualities known to be mica.
  • It’s simple to clean since there’s no dust and you don’t have to keep it.
  • As soon as you enter your house, your energy will strike you and you will be lighter, calmer, and less anxious.
  • The 12-pound bag of black tourmaline is mentioned on the multiple customer purchase form. The bag contents were crushed into pieces of the dust size. Although some sections were helpful, the vast majority were too tiny to serve any meaningful use.
  • There are several stones with lovely inclusions.
  • They exist in various sizes and shapes and thus it is natural to give them a pristine look.
  • Some buyers claim that there is a lack of quality.
  • The goods are properly packed in a container with sufficient safety to prevent harm.
  • It shields against adverse effects.
  • Several clients notice that when they arrive the goods are dirty, but when completed they clean well with a little washing and brightness.
  • It’s the most precious present of all.
  • Big and tiny, high-quality gemstones are available at a reasonable price.
  • Black tourmaline helps increase energy and removes barriers.
  • Tourmaline is a powerful weapon against negativity since it both repels and shields against it.
  • The ability to deflect electromagnetically is remarkable.
  • This means eliminating bad energy and restoring any depleted energy.
  • Black tourmaline is the most protective stone because of its capacity to guard against bad energy.
  • When they come, the figurines must be cleaned.

NATURAL Smoky Quartz Crystal:

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Smoky quartz is referred to as the finest healing stone for protection, since it may serve as a barrier against unwelcome negative energy. Meditating while holding this crystal in your palm may help you recognize and let go of stale, sticky habits and beliefs that are holding you back. Energetically speaking, eliminating this old energy may help create room for new and more positive energy to come in.

Smoky Quartz Gemstone- features and specifications

This product was designed by Just In Stones and produced by them. Weight: 2.39 ounces; size: 5.2*4.2*1.5 cm “Moreover, it features,”

  • It is 40-50 mm in diameter (1.6-2.0 inches), and is between 2-24 millimeters (0.8-1.3 inches).
  • Brownish-gray in color, it takes place in a range of hues.
  • The crystal is long-lasting and very durable.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Smoky quartz is ideal to disperse bad energy.
  • It’s a lovely crystal worth the money.
  • Smoky quartz is a lovely rainbow stone.
  • The brilliance and purity of these stones are much greater than that of the bigger stones.
  • By employing sandpaper a bigger piece of smoked quartz was reduced in size.
  • This stone is clear and beautiful, with two long faces and four short faces giving it a flat form rather than a circular one.
  • Easy cleaning and upkeep are some of the advantages of utilizing glassware.
  • Some purchasers claimed that the stone was not in the same condition as the advertising indicated.
  • Due to its inadequate size, the stone is not appropriate for exhibition.
  • They are lovely alone, with delicate yet genuine hues.
  • They’re excellent, particularly for the price.
  • Smoky quartz looks great with a lovely cut.
  • They have an attractive crystal dot and a few natural colors, which is a positive indication.
  • Smoky quartz is gorgeous and is available in various sizes.
  • They’re bright, a bit larger, and they have a colorful rainbow.
  • Daily usage of this stone helps to balance the chakra.
  • Smoky Quartz supports the chakra healing and improves the spirit and well-being of the user.
  • It counterbalances harmful vibrations and speeds up the purifying process on all levels.
  • It speeds up and preserves the capacity of the digestive system to eliminate radiation and electromagnetic pollution.
  • Smokey quartz reduces anxiety, despair, and negative effects.
  • Smoky Quartz helps you maintain stable emotions and eases tension and anxiousness.
  • It improves positive thinking and behavior and helps to reduce suicidal ideation.
  • It banned sleepwalks and revived dreams.
  • Concentration and communication help from Smokey Quartz.
  • The bottom is not cut correctly, which leads to the drop.

NATURAL Clear Quartz Rock Crystal Gemstone:

Carved Natural Clear Quartz Rock Crystal Gemstone Elephant...
  • Pakcage Content:1x Elephant Figurine,1x Exquisite Turquoise Pouch....
  • Natural Gemstone, Since it's hand carved , Please allow for slight...

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The most popular stone among enthusiasts is the transparent quartz crystal, and it’s easy to see why. Throughout history, people have used it to regulate their bodies and calm their minds, and since it is easy to see, it may be beneficial in a wide range of circumstances. As a result, it’s a good starting point for new crystal healers.

Clear Quartz Crystal- features and specifications

Justinstones developed this product. This product is 4 by 2.3 by a device of 0.02 inches weighing 2.4 ounces. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It contains elephants around 2 inches long and weighing about 50 grams.
  • As they are hand-carved, their form, size, and color are different.
  • This product is suitable for several uses, including home design, donation, and meditation.
  • They are extremely simple to use, compact, and practical.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • They love to suit their size well and to make them comfortable.
  • The dimensions of the bag are precise and equal in weight.
  • They are a beautiful, user-friendly item to carry.
  • These elephants come in velvet bags and are soft.
  • Several clients who bought elephants discovered that the legs of several elephants had been damaged.
  • The items are nicely packaged and arrive on time.
  • The advertisements are accurate, as seen.
  • Clear quartz may absorb a variety of bad energies.
  • They protect against electromagnetic and petrochemical pollutants.
  • Clear Quartz helps to maintain a healthy, balanced, and focused state of mind, emotion, and soul.
  • It works for both body and spirit as a deep and cleansing therapy.
  • They help us improve our focus and memory.
  • They also boost the immune system and help the body cure itself.
  • Clear quartz unites and harmonizes each chakra.
  • They are not sturdy and may break if not carefully managed.

MOONSTONE Crystal Healing Necklace:

Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Healing Necklace - For Crown...
  • THE CRYSTAL OF NEW BEGINNINGS – Known for helping to balance...
  • BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED DESIGN : Achieve ultimate balance in your life...

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Its pale blue color, which can be found in almost every country on the globe, makes it well-known. This stone is said to be related to feminine moon energy and to put it beside your bed as a reminder to relax and tap into your more sensitive and receptive side before night. It is a wonderful stone.

Moonstone Crystal- features and specifications

The moonstone was made by the wellness moonstone of Sugandha. It weighs 1.06 ounces and measures 1*0.5*0.5 inches. The initial launch will take place on 06 March 2019. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It has a nice bag that protects our pendant and keeps its shiny look.
  • It has a free book with all the information.
  • Its chain comes with a lobster lock which offers us a pleasant touch.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • They are lovely and an incredible present idea.
  • The stone is beautiful and sturdy, and it doesn’t come off.
  • Some customers have stated its white hue doesn’t have glittering particles, nor are there blue or black spots. The metal wrapping around the stone, however, is of high quality at a low price.
  • Some customers complained it was produced inexpensively.
  • When they came, they looked lovely with metal clasps holding the gems and their splendid collars inside the box wearing a felt bag apiece.
  • They are more magnificent and lovely than depicted.
  • It alleviates emotional instability and tension, stabilizes emotions, and provides peace.
  • Moonstone improves intuition, encourages inspiration, prosperity, and good fortune in business and love.
  • The pineal glass promotes and regulates hormonal cycles, which are good for PMS, conception, pregnancy, birth, and breasts.
  • Moonstone also helps males to open up the emotional self.
  • The crystal color doesn’t match the ad.

FASHIONZAADI Carnelian Gemstone Tree:

Carnelian Crystal - Good Luck Gems - Crystal Gifts - Crystal...
  • Carnelian gemstone tree: carnelian crystal money tree is made with...
  • Gem tree chakra: bonsai tree artificial is connected to the sacral...

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Carnelian is an excellent gemstone for individuals with creative skills. This approach may be used to eliminate those obstacles that leave us feeling uninspired, unproductive, and trapped. Looking at its orange hue is enough to stir up desire, drive, confidence, and elation.

Fashionzaadi Carnelian- features and specifications

The carnelian product was manufactured by Fashionazaadi. The device weighs 14.2 ounces and is 4.72*4.33*3.54 inches in size. The service was first iterated on July 03, 2018. “Moreover, it features,”

  • This is approximately a quartz foot long.
  • Its base consists of hardwood of 2.5-3.5 inches in diameter.
  • It weighs approximately 315 to 360 grams.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • This crystal has properly spaced branches that are beautifully proportioned.
  • Some customers complained the product was bland.
  • Although the product arrives in a compact box, before the goods are used, you need to straighten the branches.
  • Although it is beautiful, it is also weighty because of its size.
  • Each of these little gem trees is beautiful.
  • Others clients believe the tree is beautiful, but some feel that the wires are too long, making it difficult to balance.
  • A beautiful, wide, hefty crystal.
  • It is as exact as the maker has said and the money is worth it.
  • Although the tree appears attractive, it has a slight stem, as purchasers found out.
  • Carnelian increases courage and resolve.
  • It helps those who are scared to speak to others.
  • The crystals in these clusters help to reduce the excessive ego level.
  • Carnelian provides a balance of confidence and enables you to look more objectively at yourself and your achievements.
  • It’s a great product, but the box is extremely small.

CITRINE Necklace, November Birthstone Pendant:

Personalized Birthstone Necklace, Teardrop Shaped Gemstone...
122 Reviews
Personalized Birthstone Necklace, Teardrop Shaped Gemstone...
  • Oval name charms are 11mm x 7mm and engraved on ONE side
  • Available in 925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-filled (chains & oval...

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The stone citrine is associated with brightness, pleasure, and an active presence. It’s like having a buddy there to help you stay attentive and aware of the moment. Citrine is a fantastic manifestation stone that inspires people to have great dreams, keep a happy mindset, and always be grateful for the life they lead.

Personalized Citrine Necklace- features and specifications

This item is made by Danique Jewelry. It was initially made accessible to the public on 29 August 2017. “Moreover, it features,”

  • The strap is made of 24-carat gold.
  • It features a custom pendulum in a lizard and a name tag with beautiful citrine quartz.
  • It may be used with other gemstones as well.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Your attractiveness is as lovely as it was in the image.
  • They are aesthetically appealing, having a glossy and sharp look.
  • The stone has a vivid hue and glows.
  • They are beautifully made, beautiful, and they arrived immediately.
  • This chain is awesome and lovely.
  • One buyer said the service was bad.
  • Each necklace includes a colorful pendant and is composed of delicate beads.
  • The delivery was excellent and the item was packaged properly.
  • It helps to free yourself of negative influences and protects you against abuse from outside.
  • This magic enables you to obtain success and riches and helps you to materialize.
  • It improves both your mental well-being as well as interpersonal connections by making your emotions clearer and more balanced.
  • It will give you joy, satisfaction, and a pleasant attitude.
  • To assist you to overcome your limits and difficulties, Citrine enables you to demonstrate what you desire in your life.
  • The customer service was subdued, but the collar is still modest.

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Finale Thoughts

So, we hope that you have got and understood all the details on the Best Crystals for Intuition that we have provided in the article. Feel free to choose this product.

Happy Shopping.

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