Best Crystals for Pregnancy, Fertility & Birth

Best Crystals for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a significant life-changing event, and you don’t want it to affect your health. If a crystal can give you a boost in energy and vitality during pregnancy, it will be an excellent addition to your baby’s room. But how do you know which crystals will be best for you? We have provided the 6 Best Crystals for Pregnancy in the article.

Get an early start on your pregnancy with a baby-to-be, a baby shower gift may help you sleep better through the night, and a special crystal may help you settle your baby much quicker.

Best Crystals for Pregnancy, Fertility & Birth

Check out the information below and choose them according to your needs.

1. MOONSTONE Crystal Healing Necklace:

Sugandha Wellness Rainbow Moonstone Healing Crystal Necklace...
  • Stone Of New Beginnings : Known for helping to balance feminine...
  • Elegant Gift : Made with love & care, this unique pendant is a perfect...

Moonstone is one of the most beneficial crystals to have when trying to conceive or while pregnant. Moonstone is charged with the Moon’s energy, which is all about female cycles and yin energy. It aligns your monthly cycle with lunar patterns while maintaining a calm and collected demeanor as you begin your conception journey.

Moonstone Crystal- features and specifications

This moonstone was manufactured by Sugandha wellness moonstone. It appears with a weight of 1.06 ounces and has dimensions of 1*0.5*0.5 inches. Its first launch was on March 06, 2019. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It included a friendly bag that covers our pendant and maintains its shining appearance.
  • It includes a free book that provides all the information.
  • Its chain arrives with a lobster lock that gives us a soft touch.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • They are beautiful and are a fantastic gift idea.
  • The stone is gorgeous and strong and doesn’t come off.
  • Some buyers claimed that its white shade has no sparkling particles, and there are no blue or black specks. However, the metal wrapping around the stone is of excellent quality for a bargain price.
  • Some buyers claimed that it is cheaply made.
  • When they arrived, they looked beautiful with metal clasps keeping the crystals in place, along with their magnificent necklaces inside the box, each wearing a felt bag. They are gorgeous and more beautiful than shown.
  • Moonstone’s soothing energy assists you in remaining focused and balanced during times of difficulty.
  • It enables you to concentrate on the good elements of pregnancy—the wonder of life.
  • Moonstone is a stone that embodies femininity and vitality.
  • Pregnant women have a hormonal and sensory overload

2. SIMURG Raw Unakite Stone:

Simurg Raw Unakite Stone 1lb Rough Unakite Rocks for...
  • Quantity : 1 lb / Average Size: 1" to 2",approximate 6 - 10 pieces
  • Unique: Because there are natural unakite stone,so each and every...

For expectant mothers, unakite is regarded as the “Stone of Pregnancy” and is highly recommended. Its salmon pink and green springtime colors evoke the youth, energy, and love that are at the peak of their capabilities. It also improves your heart chakra so that you can better receive the new love that is coming your way.

Unakite Stone- features and specifications

This Unakite is manufactured by Simurg. It arrives with a weight of 1.17 pounds and has dimensions of 4.06*4.02*2.36 inches. It first came out on October 26, 2020. “Moreover, it features,”

  • Unakite is green epidote, white to gray quartz, and pink feldspar granitic rock with random black veins.
  • This hardstone, which is frequently found as cabochon gems, carvings, beads, or rough, is more common in jewelry.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • Some buyers claimed that they didn’t look like the stone as they described.
  • This pretty stone arrives with a variety of purple, blues, clear and white.
  • This crystal is pretty rainbow unakite and delivered on time.
  • They are fair size, about six pieces, and have considerable color when seen in a lighted space.
  • The stones are genuine and arrived safely since they were packed properly.
  • The color was excellent on all of them, so they can be used for tumbling or just left as-is for a more organic-looking decoration.
  • Pregnancy is an excellent time to be healthy, and Unakite can help you with that.
  • You can always count on it to be your cheerleader while you are dealing with complex challenges.
  • Unakite crystals to stay motivated to go to medical visits, eat properly, and care for yourself physically and mentally.
  • It supports the reproductive system and promotes healthy pregnancies while also promoting the unborn’s health.
  • Unakite promotes weight gain when necessary and stimulates skin and hair development.
  • Quite unlike the photos they provide.

3. Carnelian Stone Money Tree for Chakra Balancing Gemstone:

Carnelian Crystal - Good Luck Gems - Crystal Gifts - Crystal...
  • Carnelian gemstone tree: carnelian crystal money tree is made with...
  • Gem tree chakra: bonsai tree artificial is connected to the sacral...

Carnelian has a sensual aura. This stone is ideal for couples attempting to conceive. Carnelian is sensual. Conversely, greater practice increases your chances of winning. Allow Carnelian energy to open and flow via your Sacral chakra. Even if you’ve previously given birth, Carnelian may help keep your second chakra strong and healthy. Its preventive qualities help guard against bad emotions and thoughts during pregnancy.

Fashionzaadi Carnelian- features and specifications

This carnelian product was produced by Fashionazaadi. This unit is 14.2 ounces in weight and has dimensions of 4.72*4.33*3.54 inches. The initial iteration of the service was introduced on July 03, 2018. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It’s about a foot long and composed of quartz.
  • Its base is composed of hardwood measuring between 2.5 and 3.5 inches in diameter.
  • It is about 315 to 360 grams in weight.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • This crystal has branches that are well-spaced and are proportioned nicely.
  • Some buyers claimed that the product seems drab and dull.
  • Even though the product comes in a small box, you need to straighten the branches before utilizing the merchandise.
  • Although it is lovely, it is also quite heavy for its size.
  • Every one of these little gem trees is just magnificent.
  • A few customers think the tree is lovely, but some feel the cables are excessively lengthy, which makes balancing it difficult.
  • A gorgeous, large, heavy crystal.
  • It is as accurate as the manufacturer stated and is worth the money.
  • Even while the tree looks appealing, it has a weak stem, as buyers have discovered.
  • Carnelian promotes bravery and determination.
  • It gives support to individuals who are afraid to talk in front of others.
  • The crystals in these clusters assist in reducing the level of excessive ego.
  • Carnelian brings balance to overconfidence and helps you to see yourself and your accomplishments more objectively.
  • It’s a fine product. However, the package is very tiny.

4. ROSE Quartz Heart Crystal Healing Stone:

1” Rose Quartz Heart Crystal, Healing Stone for Heart...
  • HEART CHAKRA HEALING CRYSTAL: Rose quartz is one of the most common...
  • HEALING CRYSTAL FOR A HEALTHY & HAPPY MIND: This beautiful 1”rose...

When a woman becomes pregnant, the power dynamics in the household may shift. Simple chores become complex for a pregnant lady. This identity shift may be painful for the entire family, including children. Despite the tremendous change caused by Rose Quartz, love and relationships are still strong. Rose Quartz may also be utilized to connect with the fetus. These crystals may help you build your connection with your unborn kid, so they feel your love even before you meet.

Rose Quartz- features and specifications

This crystal was created out of elements from the Luso cultural heritage. Also, it was made accessible to the public on September 6, 2012. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It is 2.05″ long, 1.81″ wide, and 0.55″ thick, and it weighs 0.63 ounces.
  • The most frequent colors used in business are white, gray, lilac, yellow, brown, black, pink, green, and red.
  • A particular frequency is used to prepare the world’s largest weather-resistant mineral.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • The material is both strong and vivid in its color scheme. The heart was skillfully sculpted.
  • This special circumstance calls for special tools, such as a little medication bag, which has the perfect size and color.
  • This is a beautiful gift to offer your loved ones that won’t cost you anything.
  • Extremely precise according to the specifications. A flat, light, and inconspicuous rose of perfection: excellent for the pocket.
  • The heart’s shape sets it apart from the rest of the parts.
  • Due to its rose quartz content, it frequently appears pink. That’s depressing. It’s a fine cut.
  • Rose Heart Quartz Crystal is associated with the things you cherish: love, compassion, and joy.
  • This stone will assist you in calming down and accepting yourself, making your life more colorful and exciting.
  • The heart chakra is often treated with rose quartz to purify your thoughts and soothe your body, which may be quite effective.
  • To alleviate all the problems and tension in your life, put a quartz crystal on your pot daily.
  • The soft-touch quality and beautiful color of the Luos Rose Heart Quartz show excellent workmanship.
  • There are some stones bigger than the stated size.

5. LAPIS Lazuli Healing Crystal Wands:

Lapis lazuli Healing Crystal Wands Obelisk Tower
  • Specificaiton: 2" to 2.5" tall,Come with 1 pcs Lapis lazuli;Without...
  • Raw crystals are selected by hand to be highly polised with exquisite...

Your life will change forever once that child is born! Managing a new family member involves racing to doctors’ appointments, managing sleepless nights, and other challenges. Your intuition is heightened. Work with Lapis to improve your intuition when pregnant. Lapis can help parents open their Third Eye. While it is difficult to predict what will happen when your child is delivered, you can prepare by developing your instincts and intuition.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal- features and specifications

This product was made by Luckeeper. The package is 1.76 ounces and 4.69*2.2*0.91 inches in size. “Moreover, it features,”

  • It measures between 2″ and 2.5″ and is presented in a ribbon gift box.
  • They are constructed of the finest crystal, they are buffed, and they are taller than average.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • This beautiful necklace with an amethyst cane and a matching chain is very nice.
  • The box and the crystal came within a few days, and they are both stunning.
  • Some buyers believe this is subpar lapis lazuli.
  • This crystal is costly since it includes an enormous quantity of calcite.
  • While they are smaller than they seem in the picture, they’re nevertheless pleased.
  • It brings a vivid and striking touch of color and charm to any area of décor.
  • The product is well made and packaged in a little box with a bow.
  • It’s a top-of-the-line jewel that absorbs only positive energy.
  • It has been honed to a brilliant shine.
  • A therapeutic present for someone who has a talent for using healing stones.
  • It addresses hearing loss and a host of other ear and nasal canal problems.
  • The most notable effect of Lapis Lazuli is the rise in blood flow and heart rate.
  • It is said to cure vertigo, hypertension, and insomnia.
  • The crystal gets heated after only a few minutes of handling it.

6. BLOODSTONE Worry Stones:

Loveliome Africa Bloodstone Oval Polished Worry Stones,...
  • 1 Pcs Oval crystals and healing stones, it is hand carved,vary...
  • About 80g/piece;Approx:2.3x1.5x0.7"(60mmx40mmx20mm).Nice size to fit...

Pregnancy and childbirth place a lot of strain on the body. Marks and bloating may be a nuisance. Preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and clotting all need frequent medical visits. Bloodstone helps you stay strong physically and emotionally in challenging situations. The bloodstone can heal you whether you’re weary and drained or the planet is crumbling. Always keep it with you.

Loveliome Bloodstone Worry Stone- features and specifications

Loveliome has invented this item. “Moreover, it features,”

  • This model weighs 2.68 ounces and measures 3.42*3.11*0.63 inches in length, breadth, and height.
  • The attractive, smooth-finished rocks are used to soothe nerves and relieve tension.
  • Small variations in the stone size and color may occur owing to the irregular surfaces.
  • They weigh around 0.8 kg and are about 60mm x 40mm x 20mm.
  • The design is very user-friendly and fits snugly in hand.

Previous Buyers’ Experience

  • They are lovely stones, both big and very smooth with gold inclusions.
  • Several customers claim that these versions are less bright than the originals, but they are still a pleasant, little stone that is comfortable to hold.
  • It was the right size for any hand, sleek and elegant on both sides.
  • Some buyers were unhappy with the colors. They were expecting green and red but instead got dull green and gray shades with no red coloration.
  • The stone is perfectly polished and well-cut.
  • It came quickly; however, the color is a little off.
  • The size is less than expected, according to several customers.
  • The delivery and quality of the stone were as expected.
  • Every aspect of the stone is without blemish, and the hues are vivid.
  • It’s useful for both spiritual and physical wellness as well as meditation.
  • These bloodstones concern stones, which are shaped like ovals, and provide good fortune and security.
  • Bloodstone, a strong stone, encourages love and the renewal of friendship.
  • Clearing the mind before meditation is aided by the use of bloodstone.
  • It helps in sharpening intuition, increasing psychic skills, and releasing bad emotions.
  • It facilitates an elevation in energy vibrations while also purifying the chakras.
  • The crystal does not look as bright or vivid as it does in the picture.

Finale Thoughts:

So, we hope that you have got and understood all the details on the Best crystals for Pregnancy that we have provided in the article.

Feel free to purchase them. They will be worth your purchase.

Happy Shopping.

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