Best Indie Tarot Decks (New Reviews in 2023)

Best Indie Tarot Decks

Are you looking for the Best Indie Tarot Deck? Then, you have come to the right place. Indie Tarot decks are the new cool kid on the block. These are made by small businesses and artists who do it for the love of tarot and art. They have the same meanings as the traditional deck; the design is illustrated.

We always go through a Tarot or Oracle deck, but sometimes we want different things. So, why not choose an indie deck rather than choosing standard decks? Tarot and Oracle are famous, but indie is not so unique from both decks.

These Indie tarot decks suit all USA, UK, Canadian, and Australian readers. The reader can get these decks at an affordable price in the online and offline marketplace. We mentioned Amazon to introduce you to get original, most popular, top-rated decks. Also, these six decks have good positive ratings from previous readers and buyers.

6 Best New Indie Tarot Decks Reviews

We have provided the details of some indie decks. Let’s have a look:

1. Forest of Enchantment Tarot-Phenomenal Deck with Beautiful Artworks:

Forest of Enchantment Tarot Forest of Enchantment Tarot No ratings yet $32.99 $26.77Amazon Prime

Lunaea Weatherstone and Merayalah Allwood created this Forest of Enchantment Tarot. This tarot guides us through trees, birds, witches, elves, fairies, and flower blossoms that will enchant and entice us into this beautiful world.

Your life and soul will never be one once you set foot on the enchanted wood. The magic is alive in the forest; wise forbid ancient trees, twinkling flowers, crystal caves, and thorns.

This deck helps you get insight into witches and wizards, fairies and elves, birds and beasts, earthly and other worlds, ghosts and shape-shifters, dance princesses, and sad old knights. Looking for adventure, ancient stories come to life. You can seek your destiny success in the enchantment forest and live smoothly after.

This card was published on October 8, 2018. Its card has 240 pages with a weight of 1.75 pounds. It has a dimension of 5.75*2.25*8.25 inches.


  • The cards are sturdy and easy to shuffle.
  • Its book provides all the informative information.
  • The artwork is pretty, and the card comes in a sturdy box.
  • Its illustrations are beautiful and deliver unique messages for the card.


  • Its card stock is flimsy.

2. The Muse Tarot-78-Card Deck & Instruction Book:

The Muse Tarot: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook The Muse Tarot: A 78-Card Deck & Guidebook No ratings yet $26.99 $23.36Amazon Prime

The Muse tarot card was created by the author Chris Anne, a creative designer and magic maker.

This card was created to show the path toward inspiration, magic, and exploration. This deck is one of the 78 card decks with a guidebook.

A guidebook contains all the symbols of the messages and instructions on interpreting the card. Overwhelmed by the wildlife’s wide-ranging alertness, The Muse tarot will light up your promenade towards inspiration and magic with its bright symbols and powerful mystery.

The suits are replicated as emotions (Cups), inspirations (Wands), voices (Swords), and elements (Pentacles) to convert messages from the source.

In the guidebook, all the pertinent information contains the meaning of the card, the poem, and the word asking for insight into what you are reading while holding the spark of your creativity.

This deck was published on April 7, 2020, weighing 13 ounces. It has dimensions of 3.19*2*5.19 inches.

  • The card stock is smooth.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.
  • Its guidebook contains all the messages of the symbol.
  • In addition, the guidebook provided all the instructions on how to interpret the cards.
  • The size of the card is large. Sometimes, shuffling might be difficult if you have a small palm.

3. White Sage Tarot-Really Beautiful & Creative Tarot Deck:

White Sage Tarot In A Tin White Sage Tarot In A Tin No ratings yet $18.95Amazon Prime

This card was created by Theresa Hutch, an artist, teacher, illustrator, and graphic designer.

This card inspired us by ancient healing traditions. The charming tarot deck court card features vibrant animals—the color of the juvenile chakra and natural ingredients everywhere.

The balance of 78 cards presents modern minimalist art that provides masculine and feminine energy in a soft pastel palette. White sage tarot helps people find clarity and flow as life goes on.

The card includes 78 small cards, comes in a tin, and has a 64-page booklet and chakra chart. Theresa creates character through her art and enjoys stories.

This deck was published on November 30, 2018, with 80 cards and 64 pages. It has a dimension of 2.7*1.3*4.2 inches.


  • The card’s colors are vibrant and smooth.
  • The card stock is reasonable and provides unique features in each other cards.
  • The cards come in a perfect size, and a tin box can be carried in anything’s purse or bag.
  • The cards are easy to use and shuffle well.


  • The back part of the card is a bit dull.

4 Gilded Tarot Royale Deck-Magnetic Closing Box:

Gilded Tarot Royale Deck Gilded Tarot Royale Deck 2,273 Reviews $24.99 $23.69Amazon Prime

The author Ciro Marchetti, an award-winning united kingdom artist, created this card. The deck has been made to bring new users and fans together to retain its powerful readability.

This is one of the best-selling tarot decks with a guidebook. This deck is updated and has beautifully illustrated art. The card is borderless, comes with rich color, and has a stylish design. Following the RWS style and enriched with medieval magicians, priests, emperors,s and knights, the Gilded Tarot Royale will inspire tarot readers for the next few years.

The card was published on April 08, 2020, and comes with a weight of 8.4 ounces. In addition, it has a dimension of 3.25*1.25*5 inches.


  • The cards come in excellent artwork.
  • Its guidebook provided all the informative information.
  • The cards are easy to shuffle.


  • The card stock and size of the box are not sturdy.

5. Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards-Powerful Deck of the Oracle Readers:

Mystical Shaman Oracle Mystical Shaman Oracle No ratings yet $39.99 $25.52Amazon Prime

Alberto Villoldo, Colette Baron-Reid, and Marcela Lobos created this card. This card helps you acquire the power to understand past, present, and future life.

Some legends say a sacred sign long ago before the language existed. Their countless manifestations offered hope, caution, enlightened opportunities, inspiration, courtesy, and shared knowledge.

The sacred symbols relate to the archaeological sites and the collective unconscious, the spiritual common ground shared by modern and ancient peoples.

In this deck, three authors have combined their wisdom and talents to present the kingdom of sacred symbols with the mysterious mute Oracle entrance. Consult with this oracle deck to seek strength and insight to help you understand the present, heal the past, and influence your future path.

This deck comes with 74 cards depicting sacred symbols. Always remember nature speaks with the character, not with the language. Each card has a dynamic snapshot and shows how the moment can transform from one place to another.

The symbols represent the forces and effects in the game and the party’s direction. After you meditate on the image and its contents, consult this guidebook’s text.

The deck was published on March 27, 2018, and comes with a weight of 1.68 pounds. It has a dimension of 5.69*2.34*7.88 inches.

  • The cards come in beautiful artwork.
  • The cards in the image are helpful and provide unique messages.
  • Smooth and sturdy.
  • Easy to shuffle.
  • The guidebook explains each letter of the cards.
  • Cards and guidebooks come in a sturdy box.
  • The guidebook and artwork are different in words.

6. Energy Oracle Cards-Psychologist Suggested Deck for spiritual Therapy:

Energy Oracle Cards Energy Oracle Cards No ratings yet $25.99 $20.81Amazon Prime

These Energy Oracle cards have been created by the author Sandra Anne Taylor. Energy Oracle Cards are designed to express your project’s current strength and the result you can draw.

The boundless power of your consciousness is a destructive force that moves through the universe and spreads the seeds of your destiny from afar. This card is easy to use, helps you understand what your consciousness is creating, and reveals hidden blocks that may delay your progress.

Their information will give you strength and inspiration, as it comes from heavenly messengers, a friend in the spirit world, and your higher relative. Everything you need is near you, so expand your insight, listen to the messages it brings, and take your life to new heights.

This card was published on November 15, 2013, comes with 216 pages with 53 cards, and weighs 14.6 ounces. It has a dimension of 3.94*1.94*5.44 inches.


  • The cards are sturdy and laminated.
  • In addition, the cards are easy to shuffle.
  • Its guidebook provides all the information and instructions on using the card.
  • The guidebooks are easy to use and understand.


  • There is a slight depiction in the images.


So, we hope you have the products you were searching for. Go for buying this best Indie Tarot deck. These are the best-selling products. They are easy to use, provide simple meaning, and are easy to understand.

Feel free to choose. Happy Shopping.

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