Best Psychology Books on Human Behavior

Best Psychology Books on Human Behavior

When an individual or a group of humans respond to internal and external stimuli, it is termed Human Behavior. Basically, human behavior is the reflex action of all physical activities and observable emotions related to a single person or the whole human race. You are here to get the best psychology books on human behavior. I can assure you that you will get top-rated psychology books if you check the whole article.

Some people retain their behavior as they grow old, while others’ behaviors change as they go through different life stages. Certain factors like environment, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and values may affect an individual’s behavior. Social behavior, a subset of human behavior, may be influenced by ethics, social norms, authority, persuasion, and intimidation.

10 Best Psychology Books on Human Behavior

If you want to know more about human behavior and its psyche, then here is a list of some of the best psychology books on human behavior:

  1. Grown-Up’s Guide to Teenage Humans, by Josh Shipp

A survey conducted by Harvard researchers suggests that there is always a supportive adult behind every troubled teenager’s success. Being a troubled kid himself in his childhood Shipp understands this from his practical life experience. He got support from his foster parent, who never gave up on him, even when he got into trouble.

In this best psychology book on human behavior, Shipp shows us how to become a caring adult in a teenager’s life. He breaks down the phases in a teenager’s life from 6th to 12th grade and examines teenagers’ changes, goals, and mentality at each stage. He emphasizes that adults must be compassionate, trust, and encourage teenagers throughout their lives. This book will guide adults on how to forgive, communicate with teenagers, have conversations on awkward topics like a drug, sex, etc., and many more.

  1. Behaviology B&W, by Eddie Raffi

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorThe great discovery of human nature is that we remain static or immobile unless something starts bothering us. Suppose you are sitting on the sofa and you have made yourself comfortable. Unless you are hungry, sick, tired, or sleepy, someone knocks on the door or rings the telephone, you do not have to get up from that sofa. We perform motions based on our wants and fears for more enjoyment and less anxiety.

Our emotions or actions depend on our balance. If we are in harmony, then we do not perform any motion. But when that balance falls, we perform some activities to regain balance.  In this book, Raffi explains how problems make us lose balance and create wants in our life and how certain actions or motions can recover that imbalance. You can read this behavioral psychology book.

  1. The Power Subconscious Mind, by Joseph Murphy

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorMillions worldwide have achieved remarkable success from one of the best self-help audiobooks of all time, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind.

This book illustrates Dr. Murphy’s mind-focusing techniques and their principles. He says that if you strongly believe in something and picture it in your mind, you can easily remove the subconscious obstacles preventing you from achieving what you want.

Murphy shows that anyone can discover their inner self and mental powers through proper strategy and practice. As a result, this helps them build self-confidence, and harmonious relationships, succeed in their careers, conquer fear, and overcome bad habits. This initiates the process of becoming a better person. This book describes how the subconscious mind influences human behavior.

  1. The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorWe all think that sociopaths are violent criminals who do not have feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse. Research conducted by Martha Stout reveals that one in every 25 Americans suffers from the symptoms of a sociopath and goes undetected. They can be our colleagues, friend, or even a family member.

One way to recognize a sociopath is to have a sort of charisma that makes their character more interesting. They can attract more people than others. But they cannot love, they might show similar emotions from the outside, but they do not bother about someone’s sufferings from the inside. In this book, Stout teaches us about sociopaths and prepares us to be armed against them.

  1. The Happiness Advantage, by Shawn Achor

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorWe all have heard this old saying – If you work hard, you will succeed in life, and success will bring you happiness. So, all of us run after success to live a happy life.

But recent studies in positive psychology have found that it works the other way around. Success is not the key to all happiness; joy brings success to your life.

Our brain is more active, creative, and motivated when we stay positive. And this helps us to be productive in what we do. In this best psychology book on human behavior, Achor explains seven practical principles that will reprogram our brains and help us become more positive at work. This is an interesting psychology book that describes happiness in our life.

  1. Love of a Dog, by Patricia McConnell

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorPatricia McConnell is a well-known canine expert who explains the critical tools for a healthy relationship with a well-trained dog in this book.

Most dog lovers around us have these two common questions: Do dogs have emotions like us? Does my dog love me? Dr. McConnell shares dog stories from her experience and explains what is happening behind those puppy eyes.

We get an insight into the similarities and differences in dog and human brains and also how dogs share emotions with us. Consequently, this information will create a stronger bond between dogs and humans and help them have better-trained dogs.

  1. Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorMillions of people have been influenced by Sinek’s TED Talk, which talks about helping people become more inspired at work and inspiring others.

Sinek throws multiple questions to the audience – Why are some people and organizations more powerful and influential than others? Why do some successful people have the ability to repeat their success while others don’t? He takes references from legends like Martin Luther King Jr. and the Wright Brothers. He says people will never buy a service, product, or idea until they understand the ‘why’ behind it.

Start with Why is one of the best psychology books on human behavior, where Sinek describes that all the great leaders in this world think alike and have the same ideas. Sinek terms this idea ‘The Golden Circle.’ It provides the basic structure of any organization and inspires more people. This book can play a vital role for psychology majors.

  1. A History of a boy who was raised as a Dog, by Bruce D. Perry

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorDr. Perry is a renowned creative scientist and kind-hearted therapist. He has done vast research on the effects of trauma on children’s life.

In this book, he talks about children exposed to traumatic incidents and how their brains are affected. He also shares how these children learn to be courageous and humane and hope for a better life. This classic shows that t is possible to heal a wounded soul if we understand the science of mind and the power of love and affection.

  1. Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorMost of us have this misconception that people having a higher IQ are smart and can be successful in life, and those with a low IQ struggle all the time. This shows that our view of human intelligence is far too narrow.

Also, Goleman shows from his behavioral research that this IQ is only a part of what he calls “Emotional Intelligence.” This emotional intelligence includes self-awareness, self-control, perseverance, self-motivation, empathy, and social skills.

Emotional intelligence defines how individuals excel in life, flourish in relationships, and manage their professional lives. A lack of emotional intelligence can ruin someone’s life, especially children who suffer from irregularities like depression, eating disorders, etc. In this book, Goleman explains how parents and teachers can come forward to strengthen and nurture this emotional intelligence in children.

  1. Book on Body Language signs and symptoms, by Allan & Barbara Pease

Best Psychology Books on Human BehaviorThis international bestseller is one of the best psychology books on human behavior. The book describes the importance of non-verbal communication and teaches you to be confident in a personal conversation or a job interview.

We all know that people’s gestures indicate what their true intentions are. But most of us don’t learn how to read body language or understand how our gestures influence others. Drawing research from biology, psychology, and medical technologies. The authors of this book demonstrate what happens in the brain when we see some gestures and how to understand this body languages.

Human behavior is the potential capacity for physical, mental, and social activity. This is expressed throughout the stages of human life. It is very important to understand human behavior’s psyche to excel in personal and professional life. And all these books will help you to have a clear idea about the conceptions and misconceptions of human behavior.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the four goals of psychology?

  • Describe
    Psychology deals with human behavior and gathers information about how the brain works. Psychologists describe behavior so that they can study more about it. Describing behavior is the most important goal of psychology.
  • Explain
    once the behavior is described, psychologists now explain why and under what circumstances it will appear again. And to explain this behavior, they conduct some experiments.
  • Predict
    Based on past observations, psychologists aim to predict how behavior will appear in the future. They also expect others to show similar behavior if that behavior hurts others.
  • Control
    The last goal is to control the behavior. Psychologists lay down some measures so that this particular behavior can be controlled.
  1. How can I apply Psychology in my personal life?

You can follow the six steps.

  • Motivate yourself
  • Work on your leadership skills
  • Better communication
  • Understand what others say or think
  • Make decisions more accurately
  • Enhance your memory
  1. How can psychology benefit me?

When you study psychology, your problem-solving skills are improved, and it becomes easier for you to reach your personal goals. It also enables you to consider problems from different perspectives. Psychology helps you to find a better and most effective solution.

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