Best Tarot Reading for Beginners Book: Review

Best Tarot Reading for Beginners Book

Want to know how your Tarot Card reading is going to go? Or, perhaps you want to put your Tarot Reading for Beginners deck to the test. This article reviews the best Tarot Reading for Beginners Book with the advantages, disadvantages, previous users’ experiences, and product specifications. To help one explore and find their place in the world of Tarot, this book can help them have a safe and sound journey.

In this book, you will find a wealth of information that will help you perform accurate readings, and it is explained in an easy-to-understand manner. You can read this book on your own or use it as the basis for a group reading.

About Author:

Wendy Robbins & Melissa Walton

Wendy Robbins is a 28-year-old author in the world of Tarot, and this is her first-ever written book on Tarot, a best seller on Amazon. At age 20, she felt her passion for Tarot and started her tarot reading and healing journey.

She drove straight into self-discovery with the help of Tarot and now focuses on other people to do so too. She has also learned about psychology and enneagram. After this, she found her interests in New Age Spirituality, Tarot Reading, Palmistry, Numerology, and Astrology. Now she thrives on helping people on their way to self-realization, self-discovery, and healings through her writing.

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Best Tarot Reading for Beginners Book: Review

This book can be just the guidance to help the new ones know about their way around the tarot universe.

It can give you everything you need in one place as it features a collection of new and updated information and other knowledge a tarot reader may need. Even if someone is new to the world of tarot reading and has no prior experience or knowledge about reading Tarot or any interpretation of meanings or symbolisms, this guidebook can help them overcome their problems. It will also give you tips and advice to improve further and develop your skills and techniques and help you become an expert professional later.

This book is based on the 78-card deck Rider-Waite tarot to explain and give precise descriptions of Tarot reading by giving information on these cards. It can help you learn and explore the world of Tarot and exciting decks in an interactive and fun way.

Features and Specifications:

It is available in the version of paperback and Kindle audiobook editions on Amazon in English. It weighs about 15.8 ounces in its paperback version and is about 3599 KB in file size in the Kindle edition. Moreover, its paperback version has a dimension of about 6 x 0.64 x 9 inches.

  • It is a total of 254 pages in print length.
  • This book helps beginners and newcomers to navigate their way around the rules and introductions to Tarot.
  • It has effective results for its readers, and many professionals recommend it.

Users’ Experience:

  • The customers highly liked the detailed and informative quality of the book.
  • The information is also precise, helpful, and on point.
  • The books give the newbies a welcoming and warm environment to enter the learning world of Tarot.
  • The words of the author are very genuine and heartfelt.
  • The book focuses on rational and raw learning points and avoids artificial parts.
  • Not only does it focus on the surface-level readings and meanings, but it also explores the deep meanings and symbolisms of the tarot cards.
  • The book avoids tedious and out-of-date information and delivers relevant and updated information.
  • This book will also teach you to be comfortable and have fun engaging with tarot spreads and readings.
  • Learn about the interactive way to interpret meanings that will help you solve and answer the problems and questions of daily life regarding work, love life, and family.
  • The book ensures the success and progress of its readers, and the effects can be felt within one month of consulting this book.
  • The book has a very focused concentration and can be devoid of creativity and newness.


As a beginner in Tarot, this is a great book to start. The book goes through the history of the cards, how to do a spread, different spreads, the elemental cards, and more. It also goes into the meaning of each card. You can use a book like this to educate yourself on the Tarot and then find a psychic that you can meet with to get a more accurate reading for your future.

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