Treatment for Postpsychotic Depression

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After having a psychotic disorder, people usually develop some kind of depression that can vary from slightly depressed to a severe one.

Why You Should Treat Yourself When You Suffer a Postpsychotic Depression?

Being in this state usually causes to not having the will to take care of yourself.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take care of yourself when you suffer from a postpsychotic depression:

1) People love you

You should remember that your loved ones, your relatives, your friends, and everybody that is close to you love you. Therefore even though they don’t show it, they really want to see you on your fits again.

2) Life is beautiful

It is not a cliché. Life is really beautiful with its great opportunities. As said in Forrest Gump’s movie – “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get…” so keep this sentence in your mind all times.

3) The sun shines

Tomorrow the sun will rise and shine again. Even if everything looks gloomy and unfortunate, you should always remember that the sun will shine again the next day. What it means is that every day can be your lucky day and you should look forward to it.

4) Look at the bright side

Monty Python used to sing “Always look at the bright side of life…” what it means is that you should always try to take out the best of every situation. You should try to benefit from everything that happens to you, even a postpsychotic depression. Take the time to relax and to set a plan of action.

5) Treat it as a wake-up call

You should your Psychosis and its accompanying depression as a wake-up call. It means that you should change your previous lifestyle in a way that will prevent another psychosis from happening. You should do whatever needed in order to prevent the next psychosis from happening.

Five Stages For Recovering From Postpsychotic Depression

People tend to think that the recovery from postpsychotic depression that usually comes as a result of some kind of psychosis should be long and tiring. This case shouldn’t be the usual case. If people strict to go through the next 5 stages of recovery, they can assure themselves an easier and shorter way of recovery from a postpsychotic depression:

1) Getting out of bed

One of the most common characteristics of people who suffer from postpsychotic depression is the unwillingness to get out of bed. If you really want to recover from that depression, you should force yourself to do so even though it seems like an impossible task.

2) Doing the opposite

When you suffer from depression, your body and mind tend to channel your actions into a minimum waste of energy as if you don’t want to do deeds that are not necessary for your survival. In order to fight back, you should not tempt yourself to accept these thoughts and force yourself to take action and not to give up.

3) Being occupied

In order to not thinking about your depression all day long, you should find a steady occupation that will help you with it.

This kind of occupation will also give you the reason to get up in the morning and to begin your daily routine. Any occupation is fine; it can be a job, a class, a club meeting, and a course, etc.

4) Making a company

It has been said that being alone is not good for the human being. In order to fight back your depression, you should search for a company.

It can be a boy or a girlfriend, a mate, people who suffer like you, colleagues, and family relatives, etc. If you won’t be alone most of the time, then you will have many other matters to focus on instead of only in your disorder.

5) Getting treatment

In order to get well, it is good advice to get proper treatment in order to defeat your postpsychotic depression. That treatment should be a combination of getting medicine and natural treatment such as therapy, exercise, diet, tending a support group, etc.

Natural Ways to Overcome Post Psychotic Depression In Addition To Anti Psychotic Medicine

Postpsychotic depression is one of the most common phenomena which arise after the psychotic depression. In this time you can experience various feelings like guilt, sadness, hopelessness, etc.

There have various pioneer theories for treating the disorder. If you want to overcome your depression naturally you could keep in mind the bellow factors.

1) Doing the contrary

Usually, when you suffer from a postpsychotic depression, there is a big chance that your mind will tell you to remain in bed and not to do even basic stuff such as paying your bills or going to work in the morning.

You have to contradict this inclination and try to force yourself by doing exactly the opposite of what your body tells you. It would be very difficult at first. Do not surrender and keep trying until you succeed.

2) Occupation

Being occupied is one of the best medicines for all kinds of diseases. So long as you are busy and has a regular occupation during the day, there is a big possibility that you won’t have the leisure to think about your illness or disorder. Being occupied can be from having a job to even attending an art class.

3) Exercise

It is well known that doing physical activity releases to the mind materials such as endorphins and therefore makes your body feel in a better mood and helps you ignore both internal and external pain.

It also helps you sleep better and deeper at night and therefore helps you wake up in an easy way in the morning.

4) Diet

Eating regular meals during your daily routine is crucial in order to control your diet and eating habit. You should also avoid eating snacks and food that are saturated with bad cholesterol and trance fat.

Try to eat fruits and vegetables between meals in order to fight your hunger.

5) Therapy

Therapy is a great way to fight depression.

Beside other of the therapy objectives, its best application is by confronting daily activities in a safe environment in a way that can help you monitor problematic behaviors that are causing you to be depressed and by consulting a professional psychotherapist you are able to find a solution how to behave better in the future.

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