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Coping with stress in the workplace can be difficult if you don’t love what you are doing. Some people, no matter how hectic their schedule can get, still manage to crack a smile, tell a joke or hum a tune at the end of the day because they love what they are doing.

But if you have a dragon of a boss, nosy officemates and tasks that you have absolutely no interest in, you will find it more and more of a strain to go to work every day.

Coping with stress in the workplace is more than just doing momentary activities that can help ease up tension and anxiety. You also have to make sure that you are building a positive atmosphere in your work environment.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the first thing you can do when coping with stress in the workplace is to ensure that this is really the place you want to be and this is really the job you want to do.

9 Techniques for stress management in the workplace:

1. Build a good relationship with your co-workers and your boss

You don’t have to be Ms./Mr. Congeniality. You just have to be a pleasant enough co-worker that focuses on the positive things about the work and not spending an unnecessary amount of time talking about the lives of other people.

Getting into arguments that involve your personal lives with your co-workers can be disrupting not only to your peace of mind but also to your workflow.

Don’t be compelled to please everyone but make sure you put your best foot forward. Just do what you have to do in a positive way and you won’t have to deal with backstabbing co-workers or a cranky boss.

If you make mistakes, acknowledge that some things are inevitable, do your best to rectify the blunder and let it go. Create a positive atmosphere by greeting your co-workers pleasantly in the morning.

2. Clear your workplace

Have you ever tried going to work one morning only to find your workstation cluttered with stacks of papers, writing materials and stale cups of coffee? Your mind immediately perceives a chaotic view, thereby increasing stress.

When coping with stress, try clearing up your work before going home the night before. This way, when you go to work the next morning, a well-organized station will greet you.

3. Take a break

If your eyes are starting to see double and you feel like you are going to faint any time soon because of the hundred or so tasks you have to do for the day, you might want to take a short break. A 10-minute break every hour or so helps immensely.

Go to the pantry and get yourself a cup of coffee or drink a glass of cold water to freshen up. Re-touch your make-up or meditate. Find a quiet corner and breathe in and out deeply.

You will be surprised at how well this is going to make you feel. Most of us do our daily tasks without giving thought to proper breathing. When our cells are deprived of oxygen, we tend to feel tired and burned out easily. A breath of fresh air can actually revive you.

4. Lean back on your seat and massage your face and work your way to your scalp

This can help release the tension and strain on your head. Use your fingers to gently pull your facial muscles upward. Close your eyes and tap your fingers on your eyelids for a few minutes. Knead your forehead using a circular motion and then massage your scalp.

If your hair is up in a pony, remove your ponytail and brush your hair gently. Use your fingers to disentangle hair and improve blood circulation in your scalp.

5. Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself

Most people are out of their heads when they make mistakes. Stop beating yourself up. Everybody makes mistakes. Don’t waste your time agonizing over the things that happened in the past. What you should do is try your best to do good in the future. Don’t let your mind stray on the negative.

Being an efficient worker does not mean being a “perfect” worker. If you look at the workplace as some sort of battlefield, you won’t be able to enjoy your time there. Recognize your contributions and revel in your accomplishments. Focusing on success brings more success in your life.

6. Get some pep talk

Whenever I get stressed out or I feel like my skills are inadequate and I am not good enough to be where I am in the workforce, I always talk to someone who can lift my spirits up. My boyfriend would tell me “Lighten up. Don’t take things too seriously”.

An outsider can see things a lot more logically than you do.

7. Learn how to say “no”

You will be surprised at how much load it can take off your shoulders if you learn how to say no. Most employees think that they are not in a position to say no as this can reflect badly on your performance rating. But when the work tasks become impossible to meet or become too much for one person to bear, you should speak up and ask for help.

You can actually increase your chances of doing well in your job by taking on tasks that are within your power to take on. Attempting to shoulder large tasks on your own is not only stressful but will also reflect badly on you in case the outcome doesn’t turn outright.

8. Avoid social networking

Much has been said about the ability of social networks to cut down productivity. It is not uncommon for employees to spend more than a few minutes of their time checking their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Check your e-mail but avoid using your workplace computer to check your social network accounts. Reserve that for your leisure time at home. This way, you have more time to complete your tasks.

9. Organize your stuff at night

Prepare your bag, your computer and your office attire the night before so you won’t be hard-pressed for the time when going to work in the morning.

Coping with stress is not a hard thing if you know how to maximize efficiency, organize your clutter, prioritize things and interact with people amicably.

More often than not, the stress in the workplace is man-made so you have to make sure that you are staying away from the things that might cause more stress.

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